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Review on Nominex by Kehinde Oluwakemi

Nominex Exchange Was Designed To Provide More Income For It User While Trading.

The reason why we trade is to earn more income, that is just what Nominex has provided for traders and investors. It allow all to earn more income in every aspect of Trading on it Platform. Although I have not use the exchange before just come across it on Revain Platform and research to know about it, then I come to know and see that when one trade, deposit, share post on social network, Refer friends and relatives the person will receive rewards even tournament aspect also bring income for traders on the platform not to talk of cashbacks

Nominex is a digital currency Trading Platform newly created and launched in August 2019, registered in Estonia for convenient Trading experience with low fees and various tools. Is an entertrading Platform that allow buying and selling of cryptocurrencies using visa and MasterCard with more than 50 trading pairs at a very competitive

Interestingly, users can withdrawal 3BTC daily without KYC mandatory. It is compatible with mobile device Platform whereby users will be able to trade on the go. Nominex provides services in almost 10 languages that provides opportunity for traders and investors around the world to communicate easily and trade conveniently

Nominex Exchange has it own token (NMX) that is using on the platform for payment and as reward for users, although is not tradeable for now. Good to know that Nominex token NMX can be use to pay fees on the platform shows that traders can trade for free because users receive NMX as bonus, giveaway even rewards which can be use to pay trading

Lastly, I will like to talk about Security, Nominex built with the latest technologies and best Security practices that was use to design modern day technology system, it has a secure storage that store almost 95% of users funds in multi-signature offline wallets and also works on Google servers which is more reliable and Secured. 

In conclusion, Nominex was designed to provide more income for the users while Trading, combine with excellent Security despite the fact that is a new Exchange platform worth recommendation

Pros & cons

  • It has good Trading volume as a new created Exchange
  • It works with google servers, store users funds in multi-signature offline wallets and build with the latest technology that practice best Security.
  • It has low Trading fee which can also be free with the help of NMX token.
  • It is a multilingual digital Exchange platform
  • It allow users to withdraw 3BTC daily without KYC compulsory.
  • It allow users to trade on the go with mobile compatibility.
  • It allow buying and selling using fiat Currency.
  • It allow users to earn on every aspect of Trading on the platform.
  • The coins available for trading is not enough, need to add more.
  • Not support bank transfer
  • The website is too slow.