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Revainrating 1.5 out of 5  
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Description of Novaexchange

Nova Exchange is a exchange, that operates out of Sweden, which is located within the European Union. Customers can trade in over 300 different digital assets. The site does not trade and support Fiat currencies. Replenishment and removal of cryptocurrency is carried out according to the standard algorithm: you are given a wallet to which you must transfer the desired number of coins. Commission for the input and output of cryptocurrency is not charged, and fees for trading are 0.2% of the amount of the order.


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Type of review

Nova Exchange is a combined trade established and shipped in Sweden. Considerable considerations were that the main Swedish Exchange I was planning to go to was when I was a crypto broker. Sadly, I was not ready to use the trade because it stopped trading and eventually closed. Nova Exchange is a stunning digital currency exchange where you can find disagreeable exchange sources. As such, we will not offer this setting for beginners in the crypto world. The customer’s research on this trade is…

  • Allows coin owners to count and receive free exchanges.
  • Fiat does not accept currency, only Cryptocurrency.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

You have to believe that an ant will be replaced once.

Nova Exchange is first and foremost a service that is hard to forget as a reliable source of purchase and sale. At that moment, only one Gates closed the digital exchange. The organization said on its website that the website was now working due to a lack of help, surveillance and economic (investment) pictures. The trade is over and the telegram has openly announced that it will be operational from 2020 onwards. Trade came from Europe, Sweden, to be specific to this place. Recently, I did a…

  • The amount of trade is great.
  • Transaction fees are less than 1%.
  • Used for a long time.
  • Websites still belong to creators, but are not allowed because the website is empty.
  • There are professional reports that the agency has relocated and will not return.
  • There is no charge on the website because all the merchants have taken back their property.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

The exchange ant be trusted it was once hacked

Nova exchange came into the crypto market in the year 2016, as a centralized exchange. This exchange was founded in Sweden. This exchange went off as off the time I wanted to use the exchange. The exchange went off and announced publicly on telegram that it will go off, which was since 2020. This exchange mode if security is not strong, I came to realize that the exchange was hacked sometime ago, I advice the exchange if coming back should come with a better method of storing users funds. It…

  • None
  • The exchange has been once hacked
  • Still on hibernation mode

Fundamental qualities of a trade, is to give a decent and helpful exchanging stage for its clients fundamental qualities of a trade, is to give a decent and helpful exchanging stage for its clients. A trade is generally viewed as great , when merchants can exchange on it, without confronting such a lot of troubles. trade was an incorporated trade that was made to help exchanging more than 400 advanced resources. Like most concentrated trade, nova has a focal power administering it. The…

  • This trade has quit working for a significant length of time presently, so there's nothing sure I can say about this trade, since I can exchange nor suggest exchanging on it.
  • Nova has quit working for some time now.
  • Not a solid incorporated trade.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

This exchange officially shut down

Hello I wish to share this thoughts and experience I have acquired today's exchange after a lot of enquiries and testing. The nova exchange is one of the great 3 exchange that are available in sweden. The exchange is said to be partially owned by BTCX, The platform has a very good layout, a light background design, which it's very easy to use and allows free navigation without any complication. The exchange has allowed a lot of trading activities and has been outstanding over the years. One of…

  • The exchange also very beautiful user interface with the lighting and easy to navigate and surf around you website
  • It gives coins owners and opportunity to list they are coming on this exchange for free
  • They are transparent and keep a very good social connection with their users.
  • This change is no longer active as they announce their shutdown are currently out of service

Revainrating 4 out of 5

The Exchange Platform Excites Me

TThe world we live in seems to be a very big one where most of the people in it seems to tell lies, leaving it as a dishonest place to live in. This has also made it quite difficult to find an honest person, making these honest people worthy of respect, honor and recognition. I would be doing just that to an exchange platform that I find to be honest in their activities. This exchange platform is known as NovaExchange. The NovaExchange platform is an exchange platform that seems to have existed

  • I gave the exchange platform a "4 star" not because of the fact that I love the service but because of their honesty
  • The platform doesn't function

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Nova exchange

Nova exchange developers had an intention of creating a genuine trading platform for traders with the massive adoption of some great trading tools on their platform but they were not able to stick to the goals for long before shutting down due to poor management. The exchange might have failed but Nova exchange will still be remembered for its act of sincerity to traders and as one of the exchange that shut down without holding a dime out of traders funds,the exchange made it's closure…

  • Didn't hold a dime out of traders funds
  • They made their closure official and allowed traders to withdraw all their assets
  • It is unaccessible
  • Trade volume of $0

Since the very beginning, Nova Exchange has been a service with difficult procedures to be considered as a reliable source of trading. Currently, this Exchange has closed its digital Gates. The company has announced through their web page that they are working anymore as the page failed in support, management, and financial activities (capital). It was equally announced that this company could have reached a greater top of the team would have worked more in the promotion of their services…

  • This project is no longer available. It was closed. The access is currently denied.
  • The web pages still belong to their creators but the access is not granted as the site is empty.
  • There is an official announcement that says the company has moved away and won't come back.
  • There are no values on the site as all traders withdrew their assets.

main characteristics of an exchange, is to provide a good and convenient trading platform for its users main characteristics of an exchange, is to provide a good and convenient trading platform for its users. An exchange is mostly regarded as good , when traders can trade on it, without facing so much difficulties. exchange was a centralized exchange that was created to support trading in over 400 digital assets. Like most centralized exchange, nova has a central authority governing it. The

  • This exchange has stop operating for a long while now, so there's nothing positive I can say about this exchange, since I can trade nor recommend trading on it.
  • Nova has stop functioning for a while now.
  • Not a reliable centralized exchange.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Nova: The centralized exchange from Sweden.

The world of exchange is on the increase on a regular basis. There's hardly a country that doesn't have an exchange platform. So many countries in Europe, Asia, America and even Africa have their own exchanges. Then, recently I found out about Nova Exchange. Nova exchange is a centralized Exchange platform from the Swedish land. There are only two cryptocurrency Exchanges from Sweden apart from the Nova exchange. They are; BTCX and safello. But the Nova exchange is indirectly owned by BTCX.

  • supports over 400 different currencies.
  • Low trading fees.
  • US investors are restricted from trading on this platform.
  • Doesn't accept fiat currency, only Cryptocurrency.
  • Network fees is very high and competitive.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Nova exchange

Nova Exchange is a Swedish centralized cryptocurrency exchange that was established in 2016. The project was aquired by the swedish blockchain technology company Gobit. The exchange allowed the trading of Many cryptocurrency and had been rated to be one of the best among most Exchange. The support platforms are working effectively like it social media accounts, which made a great impact to the users who might have gotten into any trouble using the Resently the platform was said to be out…

  • Has a very good trading volume
  • Transaction fees are less than 1%
  • Has been in use for a long time
  • It doesn't work anymore
  • Has been shut down permanently.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

This exchange is closed and has ceased operations

Nova Exchange is a centralised exchange which was founded and launched in Sweden. Actually, during my times as a crypto trader this was the first Swedish Exchange i was going to come across. Unfortunately, i wasn't still able to use the exchange as it had ceased operations and eventually closed down. Launched in 2016, the exchange announced its intentions ti close in 2020 which means the exchange had solid four years of trading before closing. However, the exchange made it clear to users that…

  • none
  • The exchange has Closed down

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Nova Exchange is an interesting cryptocurrency trading venue.

Nova Exchange is an interesting cryptocurrency trading venue, where one can find unpopular trading assets. That being the case, we would not recommend this venue for newbies in the world of crypto.The user reviews on this exchange are very mixed. While some claim they operate flawlessly, others mention slow deposit and withdrawal times.

  • Very alternative coins.
  • Alternative base currencies.
  • Not suitable for beginners.
  • No leverage available.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

NOVAexchange reinvention

This exchange was closed for a long period, at the time it was very similar to yobit, many few well-known projects with a low trading volume are generally listed, according to official data this is located in Sweden for the main offices. In general, most of the markets are with BTC and Doge trading pairs, however most of the markets have few orders and some with 0 in buying and selling. Trading platform quite simple, without some relevant feature although to reach each market is somewhat…

  • It is possible to find novel cryptocurrencies.
  • large volume of assets listed.
  • It is governed by European consumer protection laws.
  • Low trading volume.
  • Verification of data is necessary to use the exchange.
  • Currently they do not use any token or asset of the etherium platform.
  • It was closed for a long period