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Review on OKEx by Adejoh Samuel

"Beautiful, Attractive And Simple To Navigate"

I started reviewing exchange platforms in recent days now. I got to discover many exchange platforms that can be good for a specific set of people. Another exchange platform on the blockchain network is the OKEx. Just as the trend goes, it is an Asian exchange platform (as most if not all Asian based projects comes out successful). The OKEx started full scale operation sosome years back and is presently a home to millions of traders in hundreds of countries. This tend to show how good the services they offer are.

First of all, I'll be talking about their user Interface. I have downloaded many mobile applications for different exchange platforms and checked out some on the web and I'm yet to come across one with a good User Interface like that of OKEx. I think the simplified definition of their User Interface should be "beautiful, attractive and simple to navigate." I got really fascinated when I came across their UI. The exchange platform can be used by new traders because everything you need isn't hard to find. Trading hs never been so easy.

Next is their records and security measures. The OKEx has been able to stand out as a hack-free exchange platform. Although there was an allegation in 2017, the company denied it saying it was just some maintenance disorders. They have been able to put up security measures by storing users funds in a cold storage, generating their own private keys, there by deleting the original one and for their mobile applications, setting up a password and when creating an account, an email verification is required. They have also made the 2 factor authentication available for interested users. I also like the fact that they don't necessitate KYC, except if you would want to trade in high volumes.

Unlike many other exchange platforms, OKEx doesn't charge a flat fee on both makers and takers. The makers tends to pay 0.1% and the takers, 0.15%. These fees are not actually high but when compared to other exchanges with a lower trading fee, one might require more consideration. They also offer discount to traders based on their trading volume. Making one with higher trading volume being more qualified for rewards.

The OKEx happens to showcase the success story of the great Asian Continent that has been recognized in the blockchain network due to their many successful projects, everything about the exchange platform is okay to me except their trading fee (it's not too high but can still be reduced to make it competitive).

Pros & cons

  • The exchange platform has the most beautiful user interface I have ever seen
  • Their trading fee is not too high
  • They offer rewards to users or traders for every referral made
  • They have their mobile applications available on both Android and iPhone operating systems, as I even accessed them through the Android mobile application
  • Their customer support can be moderately rated, not too good and not bad
  • I guess they should make their trading fee very competitive in the industry by reducing it