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Review on SIGEN.PRO by Hasan Abbasli

My review about Sigen Pro

Hello to everyone. I will write to you today about Sigen Pro. Sigen is an exchange created in Scotland. Although I could not find any information about the year it was created, I was able to do some research on the exchange. Transactions in the exchange are carried out both on the official site and on the mobile application. The mobile application is available on the Google Play Store and, according to statistics, there is a large user base. I tried this application, although it is not much different from the applications of other exchanges, I liked the design very much.

It is very simple to trade on both the site and the application, I can even say that Sigen Pro is one of the most suitable exchanges for beginners. I did not see any serious negative information in customer feedback, which indicates that the exchange is paying attention to its customers. Although there are different languages available on the site of the exchange, when we log in to the site for the first time, the language of the site is Russian. I think if this was english, it could have been better. That's all for now, thanks for reading my review. 

Pros & cons

  • We can easily use the exchange through the mobile application and site.
  • Very good exchange for beginners
  • I could not find a huge amount of negative information in customers' feedback
  • I think the website of the exchange should be in English when you first login