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Review on Squirrex Exchange by Killer Bean

Squirrex didnt even last up to a year!

Squirrex exchange was launched in United Kingdom in 2019. The exchange describes itself as a "semi-decentralized" exchange with the intentions to make great use of modern day technology to make trading comfortable for users by providing security and a reliable trading environment. Well, i was interested in the exchange so I was bent on trying it out. I wasnt registered able to register because of the reCaptcha which kept disconnecting even when i had good and stable internet connection. So j just skipped the aspect of registration and moved to researching more about the exchange, the exchange supports limited number coins though it was just a few that appeared active. Among the cryptocurrencies traded include BTC, ETH, iOS, XNC, TRX and SQRX which is the exchange's native token. The fee structure of this exchange was disorganized so i wasn't even convinced to make any deposit on the exchange, i even went an extra mile to check-out the exchange on CoinMarket Cap where it was even described as an Untracked Listing. For the best, I'll advice any user to move on and look for any other exchange apart from this because the exchange still has a functional URL, so users might make deposit there and not be able withdrawal later on.

Pros & cons

  • It supports multiple cryptocurrencies
  • The exchange isn't trustworthy
  • Registration is not really possible
  • The fee structure is disorganized