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About Buda

SurBTC is developing solutions that use bitcoin as an underlaying tool, benefiting from its attributes without carrying the disadvantages. It started with SURBTC-Exchange, a market to buy and sell bitcoins simply and safely. Today this market operates in Chile and Colombia.

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Specially Designed for Latin America: Buda covers all Basic Features of Trading

The boom of cryptocurrencies is still a matter of fact for many countries that find it as the best alternative to stop theirs loses in the capital when all their money circulates in centralized-fiat…See more

Expensive but good choice for a trader living in Latin America

First of all, Buddha is a stock market. I will share with you the research I conducted and the information I obtained about this sharing. Buddha is an exchange established for cryptocurrency…See more

Stock exchange of Latin America

Buda is a cryptocurrency exchange platform built on the blockchain network. The company is based in Chile. The Buddha exchange is a project focused on the South American continent. Buda exchange…See more


Buda is a south American exchange designed for cryptocurrency traders in south American it has only four coin on it trade list(BTC, LTC, ETH and Bitcoin Cash). When I went though the exchange's…See more

Popular crypto exchange platforms of South America: Buddha

Good day to everyone, ladies and gentlemen, today I will present you my review about the Buddha crypto exchange platform, which is a crypto exchange platform from crypto exchange platforms. So I…See more

Buda exchange, I didnt use it for long before quitting!

This is another uncommon exchange present in the crypto markets today, this exchange is a south american exchange that comes entirely in Spanish. I employed the Google Translator feature before i…See more

What was my experience with Buda exchange all about?

Buda exchange is an exchange of goodluck for traders from South America, this exchange from Chile is an online trading platform where traders can easily buy and sell their cryptocurrencies and their…See more

Buda exchange is still supposed to trade at local levels for only traders from Chile, Peru, and most South American countries

Buda exchange provided an exchange point for some cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin cash etc. The exchange comes in spanish hence communication with webpage was…See more

Buda Exchange

This is an exchange that basically operates in the markets of South America, basically Colombia, Peru, Chile and Argentina. I particularly opened an account with them it was very easy for me they…See more

Buda is an exchange from Chile.

Buda is an entry-level cryptocurrency exchange, focused on some South American countries.They are based in Chile,but also service traders in Colombia and Peru. We generally like their service…See more