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Review on Uniswap by José A Rodríguez

Uniswap: Short Opportunities in Trading and Swapping

Uniswap is a not very reliable exchange service that has token-pAiring for different companies, and permits to trade them with low fees, although also limited liquidity. I say it is not reliable because the company is short in content, and opportunities. The services are reduced, and the chances for investing in tokens are limited. Besides, the service is more than outdated. It hasn't received proper support and development since it was created and just offers a small interface with a standard design.

The service has certain links to connect wallets and have access among the products crypto-traders commonly use. It also has certain sections where users can more than just trade tokens, but entering some good swaps, or invest in tokens from mining pools. The liquidity offered by the service is short, but thanks to the fee reduction it can let something to lose less in trading. On the other hand, users can also receive earnings from the company baked in their token UNI that serves as a channel of liquidity for the pool's usage. Anyway, although all these services seem to be great for the development of the network they need to be updated and increased in benefits and advantages.

All the previous thinks explained are practically what the company offers, no more. The content is limited. There is not substantial customer support. It is not possible to contact with administration team or the company themselves in case of losings. Of course, it hasn't been registered any type of loses in the page or hacks until now. However, it provides access to trade tokens from companies that are a scam, and that has been publicly reduced.

If users think of using the service or not, it depends just on them and the risk they are right to pass. I cannot say to stop using the service, although I can offer alternatives for them. First of all, consider that in this site there are not so much opportunities to trade confidently and enjoy the process. It does not grant any earns in the end as other service does. Secondly, it has outdated services, there is no clear information even about the security patterns used in the platform.

Pros & cons

  • It has a relatively fast operativity among crypto-trading and the other services offered by the platform.
  • There are some good rates in fees for trading tokens according to the pair traders choose.
  • The network is limited in usage and content. The platform has a very outdated design, and not so much accesses to reliable links.
  • The company does not offer support in the platform, and it is not easy to reach them because there are not social media accounts linked.
  • The team also seems not very interested in providing maintenance to the page, and just let it how it is.
  • It is a worry to trade on it since there are many tokens admitted from scam companies that have been disclaimed.