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Review on Virtuse Exchange by Thalhat Shuaib

This exchange provides users with nice features but the inactivity of the Telegram group is making me skeptical

Virtuse exchange was launched in 2019. It is a centralized exchange that originates from the lands of Singapore. After careful consideration and research about this exchange and equally going through a review by an Expert, i proceeded to register on the exchange. The registration here was very fast without any form of hitch but users should have patience when it comes to the verification link as there might be high traffic on the exchange's server, i witnessed this on the exchange while i was waiting for my verification/authentication link i had to request for it about three times before it was finally sent to me. After registration, i proceed to depositing in my wallet on this exchange, but i must say, this exchange has a very nice and intuitive interface which provides a good trading view. I made my deposit via cryptocurrencies as against other options present like Bank/wired transfer as well as Credit cards. In order to minimize risk, i made a deposit of $50 worth of XRP as a starter which i have been using to trade various times and also getting my profits. I cannot fail to mention the fact that this Exchange provides a comfortable trading point for traders, why am i saying this? Well, this exchange allows users to trade with fees as low as 0.15% to make the exchange very liquid as well as expanding the market cap and trading volume of the exchange. I am yet to contact support on thise exchange because everything seems fine at the moment apart from the Telegram group which isn't very much active.

Pros & cons

  • Liquidity is just average here on Virtuse exchange
  • The user interface is unique, though the best comes from using a desktop
  • Trading fee of 0.15% makes trading here very satisfactory
  • The security of users is guaranteed right from registration down to withdrawal
  • There are about 26 trading pair on this exchange which is a great factor that helped in the deepening of the exchange liquidity
  • Well, this exchange has only one problem to me which is trust