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Review on YoBit by Diane Tailor

Revainrating 4 out of 5

yobit exchange review

YoBit is a small set of exchanges that we do not need to enter personal information for trade. According to my review of the yobit exchange, YoBit is more suitable for the trader of medium to advanced cryptocurrencies.
The investbox section of this exchange is one of the most exciting parts that I have not seen in other exchanges of this type. In this section, according to the type of currency and box desired, the user receives interest on his deposit.
YoBit includes everything you would expect from an advanced trading operating system. For analysis, you have a candlestick chart over several time periods as well as an order book depth chart.
YoBit trade costs are simple. Only 0.2% per trade. It does not matter if you are a maker or a taker. Your monthly trading volume also has no effect on cost, and I like this feature. Because in exchanges where the maker pays less, the possibility of being a maker is sometimes very difficult due to fluctuations in currency prices.

Updated 3 years ago
Rating has not been changed
I still like Yobit Exchange because of the many features it offers. Of course, futures trading was still not supported, and a large number of low-value, low-credit currencies are listed. But the investment and monetization sectors of yobit are so diverse that it can compete with the largest exchanges.

  • Trade fees for makers and takers are no different
  • There are many altcoins in the yobit list
  • This exchange has a history of about 6 years
  • Minor currencies and currencies whose projects have failed are still on the yobit list
  • futues trading is not possible on yobit

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