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customizable multi-chain project

Ardor and Ignis are designed to work together to enable companies to create their own customizable blockchain solutions, as well as being targeted at companies looking to explore the time-consuming ardor ecosystem. Essentially, an organization can create an Ardor child chainchain, which comes prelVoir la critique complète

bluehelix exchange (bhex) logo

Developed as a centralized exchange, it was developed by one of the former Huobi Global CTOs, in addition to having a number of recognized partners and investors in the crypto space. What stands out in HBTC is the long list of cryptocurrencies and stablecoins that it contains, where they can be traVoir la critique complète

kucoin logo

Kucoin an Exchange, which comes from Hong Kong, it could be said, is a cryptocurrency market with great ease of use, which can be used by inexperienced users in this area, its commissions are really low compared to other Exchange. Kucoin also offers available where more experienced investors can getVoir la critique complète

bitexlive logo

Centralized exchange from Germany, presents a basic scheme for trading cryptocurrencies for operators in that region and globally, so it constitutes a variety of languages ​​included in the platform for a better understanding of its operation, in addition to the section on the design of the The userVoir la critique complète

bitmart logo

Developed at the beginning of 2018, BitMart consists of a completely centralized exchange, it covers a wide cryptocurrency service section, so that it offers users different modes of trading with cryptocurrencies and tokens, through Spot and futures trading with leverage. up to 100x. Trading system Voir la critique complète

meschain logo

Meschain an innovative project

Meschain software capable of managing and collecting data to facilitate the manufacturing process in any company, capable of minimizing costs and establishing considerable income in a short time, despite being a project in the first steps, its enterprise-focused initiative has future. A modern auVoir la critique complète

the tee box logo

Established in the US, in Montana, The Tee Box store is based mainly on sports implements and tools for golfers, since the stores that exist in that area are abundant, a large part of the products offered by the store are cheap , this being an advantage for golfers with a low budget, although in a cVoir la critique complète

sports pro stop logo

Sports Pro Stop, a store that offers sporting goods for sale for more than 35 years, has a varied section for athletes, be it baseball, hockey and secondary services based on these sports, so it adds tools that are normally used in these matches, which the kinds of brands it offers are of good qualiVoir la critique complète

pga tour superstore logo

A store designed for golf players, since its merchandise is mainly based on tools, accessories and golf items, in addition to having clothes designed for that sport, however it also adds a section for tennis players, in which it covers equipment and quality clothing to use such sport. Being based onVoir la critique complète

cayman sports logo

A store designed for the athlete, especially tennis players, where players who play badminton, pickleball, racquetball and squash are also applied. The Cayman Sports store located in the USA, has online and face-to-face services, so that it presents articles from prestigious brands such as Nike and Voir la critique complète

cybersource logo

A payment service provider that is designed to offer the best commercial program for users, in such a way that it accepts several methods of payment channels and with a design that simplifies the security of payments through protocols that detect fraud , something very essential for various global cVoir la critique complète

securepay logo

The SecurePay platform has a wide variety of services specifically geared towards Australian residents, providing businesses of all sizes in all industries with a diverse set of payment processing options. As with many payment processing services, the company's most attractive offering is its creditVoir la critique complète

gocardless logo

GoCardless a payment and invoice processor through direct bank debit for merchant accounts, in addition to adding payment protocols for merchant businesses, whether it is invoice cancellation, international payments and an efficient bank instant payment system. The design of the platform and the merVoir la critique complète

merchant logo

A payment processor for merchants of cross-border small and medium-sized companies, it has several payment models where merchants can integrate the payment model into their website either by credit card and at the same time process payments through virtual terminals. As for the account management seVoir la critique complète

bluesnap logo

The BlueSnap platform provides an all-in-one payment system designed to accelerate the trade of companies, whether large and medium-sized companies, where it does not consist of monthly fees for companies handling volumes greater than $ 2,500, so that by including several payment mechanism, whether Voir la critique complète

payu logo

PayU is a payment gateway that can be used by any user or merchant, so that it has a wide variety of local payment mechanisms that provide commercial flexibility for users, in such a way that developers will be able to count on various tools for the integration of platform payment channel on its webVoir la critique complète

melio logo

A platform that can be used by any user or merchant for free, since its functions are mainly based as a means to process payments through cards or banks in a simple way without the payment recipient having an account on the Melio platform. With a very simple and modern interface, merchants or users Voir la critique complète

securionpay logo

SecurionPay, a highly secure payment system for users, has a variety of tools so that merchants can manage their accounts through completely flexible plans, in addition to having an online payment system compatible with various platforms and operating systems. With a protocol that prevents fraud forVoir la critique complète

fastcharge logo

Designed as an alternative system for online merchants, it has several mechanisms for electronic commerce through ACH payments, a mobile credit card processing system and virtual terminals that the latter are useful for sales of orders by mail. The company has several systems to prevent fraud, in adVoir la critique complète

first data corporation logo

First Data Corporation, a company that stands out in the credit card payment process, in addition to adding several payment systems for merchants either through POS system, email and mobile, so that also a large part of its marketing services are Based on a reseller mechanism, it is in such a way thVoir la critique complète

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I currently reside in Venezuela in the state of hawk where I was born, I usually live in the parish of the choir, and I am currently presenting to graduate in computer science

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