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Review on BlueSnap by Pedro O. Alvino M.

Payment gateway with several integrated payment products and services.

The BlueSnap platform provides an all-in-one payment system designed to accelerate the trade of companies, whether large and medium-sized companies, where it does not consist of monthly fees for companies handling volumes greater than $ 2,500, so that by including several payment mechanism, whether online, virtual terminal and mobile.
According to the trajectory of the platform, developed in 2001 as Plimus, but then in 2012 I opted for another name after various class action lawsuits.
The services that BlueSnap provides to merchants are functional, since it applies a network of global banks that will be available to merchants, in addition to having fraud prevention systems.
Being available in almost all countries and territories, the payment channels offered by the platform are efficient, although in terms of fees it has certain setbacks, since it does not have account setup fees or annual fees, but its maintenance fees are relatively high and its flat rate system can be expensive for medium-sized companies.

Pros & cons

  • The platform supports online sales and various payment channels.
  • It is connected to a global central banking network for merchants.
  • The contracts offered to users are very flexible and there is no advance charge.
  • Its services are available in more than 170 countries.
  • provides access to an API and documentation to modify features such as hosted payment pages.
  • There is no account setup fee or annual fee.
  • Their maintenance fees and flat rate system are very high.
  • The platform had class action lawsuits for alleged credit card processing services to online scammers and bogus e-commerce businesses.