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About Bpifrance

Bpifrance assists companies, booting up the listing on the stock exchange, credit equity. Bpifrance includes OSEO , CDC Entreprises , FSI and FSI Regions to offer in your area of financial solutions at every stage of the life of your business.These companies will be made ​​to Bpifrance after the General Meeting of 12 July 2013. They become the same day, first Bpifrance Finance (ex- SLA ) and secondly Bpifrance I nvestment (comprising CDC Entreprises , FSI and FSI regions ).CDC Entreprises, FSI and FSI Regions will be in the second half, after obtaining social and regulatory approvals, merged into one management company: Bpifrance Investment.The role of Bpifrance is to support the financing of the French economy.

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BPIFRANCE IS Aiding Individuals TO Accomplish THEIR Target

This venture bank was set up in 2013, It has it settle situated in France. The following record of the bank shows that it has been doing incredible, it has give a great many work.  One of the explanation I like the bank is that it has...See full review

Bpifrance is the wallet of all business people in France..

It is a steady and multifunctional organization that aides business people and organizations to reinforce their business and turn out sufficient monetary revenue. In the first place, I need to say that this organization expects to accomplish...See full review

This project is great.

Bpifrance helps companies by multiplying their debt-based list by one percent. Bpifrance, OSEO, CDC Enterprises, FSI and Regions are reflected in your financial decisions at every stage of your business life. These companies will be transferred to...See full review


This investment bank was established in 2013, It has it headquarter located in France. The tracking record of the bank shows that it has been doing great, it has provide thousands of employment. One of the reason i like the bank is that it has...See full review

The bank has aspects that need to be developed and expanded

It is said that this bank is different from other banks not only for large campaigns but also for small entrepreneurs to provide a great help and credit system. As the name implies, the bank began operating in France a long time ago. In fact, the...See full review

Brifrance is a bank owned by entrepreneurs.

The project is a powerful and multifaceted organization that helps business people as well as organizations to consolidate their work and earn enough money. The decisions of this organization are adapted to our work directly, not in any other way...See full review

Bpifrance is the wallet of all entrepreneurs in France..

It is a supportive and multifunctional company that helps entrepreneurs and companies to strengthen their business and provide adequate financial income. First, I want to say that this company aims to achieve many points in its field such as...See full review


It is a company that develops trade and competes a lot in development and capital and works on the development of technology. This company supports BpifranceLeHub from this portfolio to support small and medium-sized business, supports investment...See full review

Satisfied Customer

Bpifrance Bank does an amazing job fixing the two biggest shortcomings of major banks. Because they are online only and don't have to deal with the overhead costs of running branches, they can afford to be very generous to customers. This comes out...See full review

Very beautiful place, to visit if you have the opportunity!

Nice place to work and meet people. Also, there are usually great conferences too. You can see and experience so much here! BUT! The standartist looked sleepy, bored, it felt limit stretch on the other end of the phone ... For a bank of such a...See full review