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Review on Bpifrance by Steven Gray

Satisfied Customer

Bpifrance Bank does an amazing job fixing the two biggest shortcomings of major banks. Because they are online only and don't have to deal with the overhead costs of running branches, they can afford to be very generous to customers. This comes out in two major ways. First of all, they reimburse all atm fees. No more running halfway across the city to avoid a $3 charge every time you need cash.

Find ANY ATM near you, and they will credit the fee back to your account. Also, they offer some incredibly competitive interest rates. Most major banks offer low fractions of a percent, such that your money actually loses value when adjusted for inflation. While Bpifrance might not be the most rewarding place to stash your money long term, they do at least give you something by paying 0.6% interest rate on online checking accounts. Their CDs also offer interest rates above 1%, making them an ideal choice for online banking.

Pros & cons

  • Sincere right of rescission ideas
  • Online banking that makes sense
  • Dreaded coordination