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As a trader, i respect the story behind bitcoin which is very inspiring for others to change our centralize financial system. Without bitcoin, we might not know cashless payment system. I love bitcoin because it is a history for the human kind in regard of financial system evolution. When people askVoir la critique complète

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Digibyte is a crypto currency that has been in the crypto market for a very long time. Digybyte is known as the closest altcoin to Bitcoin (BTC) in terms of security from attacks of 51% and was established from 2014, but is still outdated by Bitcoin which was founded from 2009. Digibyte with greatVoir la critique complète

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This coin want to bring the best in dental healthcare and blockchain technology by creating the dentacoin as a global payment solution for dental care. I like this project by the way because i have been an early follower since it was launched in initial coin offering. Until now there has been dozenVoir la critique complète

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Doge coin review

Doge coin currently sitting at rank 31 in coinmarketcap. With daily volume more than 266 millions USD per day. Yes you heard it right! Doge coin is a memecoin which has over 120 billion Dogecoins in circulation. From fundamental analysis the investor should not take this coin seriously because its Voir la critique complète

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This project has a strong fundamental because of the founder background. He is Justin Sun. He worked for two years as the chief representative and advisor to Ripple Labs. He also one of the youngest milenial in Hupan University by Jack Ma. He is a founder of Peiwo, a very popular streaming app whicVoir la critique complète

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Enjin coin review

Enjin is a gaming platform which has 20 millions active user from among the gamers. Their purpose is to make evolution in video game industry through blockchain technology and platform. As a blockchain start up company,Enjin also have its own crypto currency, an ERC20 Token with ticker $ENJ whichVoir la critique complète

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I have a bad experience with sia coin. it was one of the worst day in my life. I have hundreds thousands coin and i try to download the Wallet for computer/desktop. It was Wallet of sia coin for Windows. Just to make it sync you need hours and hours and hours of time. I have been waiting for Over 5Voir la critique complète

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I have been using this wallet since 2015. My account from 2015 is still active and never had any problem! They are really picky on choosing coin they want to list in their wallet. Its a great thing. But i am Quite dissapointed When Coinbase decide to list BCH! Bitcoin competitor! Coinbase also offVoir la critique complète

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I like this project. I think this can be the next steemit. While other project are only an idea without an execution, this project has been making some development in their Niche,community, PLATFORM and others aspect. Good news REV has just been listed at BITTREX exchange too, and for participatingVoir la critique complète

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My personal experience about binance its quite fast, stable and secure. But lately binance has been marked as a controversial exchange in my eyes because they make IEO in their PLATFORM called as binance launch pad and the project oftenly offer a very limited supply for IEO. Example Wink project oVoir la critique complète

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This exchange was a great one. But then they keep adding more and more coins which just based on pump and dump and inactive coins. The safety side was okay, but the market maker fee and takers is really high for me. Even just to make few percent on decent coin with huge capital is kinda hard becausVoir la critique complète

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As a trader, i highly reccomend you to not touch this exchange except you can bear the risk. First time i make an account, i get hack attempt and successful log-in (yes you read it right, successful log-in) into my account just a day after new account has been created on this site. I do not know if Voir la critique complète

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 So i have been using bittrex for several years. Since i was involved in crypto 2014 , and the exchange speed, stability was great and made me impressed. I was amazed by how real traders and real volume truly exist on this exchange. Before the new ATH of Ethereum, i saw huge buy order in buy wall.Voir la critique complète

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