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The ability to customize work schedules as well in terms of time off, vacation days etc are great features which can be hard at times with other softwares out there! I wish this was more intuitive for people who maybe dont have computer science skills or know how computers really function/work- This isn't something that's going away anytime soon but rather it will improve over years if needed improvements come up - so its not too bad since you get used tp having these limitations when working outside your home office (which most companies don;t allow access). Voir la critique complète

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I really like how simple it was to set up our environment from scratch (we've been using other automation platforms in previous positions). It's not as intuitive at some of those others we used previously - more complex features can be confusing when you're just getting started with them! We were able solve problems related to managing multiple sites across several departments within one organization which has allowed us greater flexibility while maintaining control over day/to date status reporting & compliance management requirements.Voir la critique complète

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Easy access of information from any where at anytime as it has been integrated well into our ERP software which makes life easier! It's not user friendly when compared against other solutions out there but this comes down more towards their product design than anything else since they have done such an amazing job integrating everything together already. They are constantly working hard improving things even though we don't always see those improvements right away (we're talking about years here). I would recommend them highly if looking only specifically within Scheduling/Planning functions - nothing really stands out otherwise unless perhaps something was added recently or improved upon? We use VCS mainly because its easy integration between Microsoft Dynamics GP & CRM along w multiple users being able to view data simultaneously without having to go back-and forth through several screens etc. Voir la critique complète

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It's easy to use, it has all of my employees data already built into one place which saves me time when I need them! There was nothing that this program didn't do well enough but everything seemed like an improvement over other programs we used previously (such as Excel). The only thing about Scheduling 24 Pro so far would be how much more difficult they make things seem by not having any tutorials or guides available online at least until you have some experience with their software. We are solving our problems related specifically around payroll management within each department/employee group using schedule24 pro.Voir la critique complète

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I like how everything syncs up quickly! It’s super user friendly too. Sometimes it doesn't sync very well so sometimes there will be an error but this happens rarely from my experience. The best thing about buddy punch was getting paid faster than expected without having to wait around at check cashing places. Before buddy punch we would have to go through 2 separate systems just to track work hours. Plus now i know exactly when paychecks get deposited into checking accounts which helps us keep better spending habits. Voir la critique complète

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It's easy enough for me (as I am not tech savvy) but having my assistant do it makes things easier as well! The software itself isn't very user friendly, which really limits its use in small businesses like mine where everyone has different skill sets/level of comfort using computers etc., However if they could make some enhancements towards making this more efficient or have better tutorials maybe? Scheduling our employees would be impossible without Schedulebase because we are pretty big at what i'm doing now & don&#39t want anything slowing us down when working out how many hours each person will need per week / month / year - especially considering most people hate filling stuff up by hand!! Voir la critique complète

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I like that it is easy to use, has great customer support, integrates with other platforms (such as Xero), and offers lots of customization options! The only thing we dislike about this software are its price point compared to competitors in same space - but then again they do have some premium features which make them worth their money too so not sure if you would consider dropping your budget from there or not depending upon what type/size business needs assistance managing client relationships & billing effectively? We've been able to implement many new processes using field d including automated invoicing via our accounting system xeroxera allowing us better control over cash flow management.Voir la critique complète

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The ability for my team to have access from anywhere at anytime with no need for additional software/hardware makes this tool extremely useful! I wish it was more intuitive but once you get used to how things work there's not much else needed (other than maybe some training). We use Plandays as our main scheduler which allows us to track everything we do internally including time off etc. It helps keep everyone up to date about what they are doing every day through daily emails & weekly updates via Slack messages.Voir la critique complète

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I like the ease of use of the software. It is very user friendly. The interface is easy to learn. There aren't many features that are too advanced for this program. This program has not been updated in over 5 years. The update was done without asking the users first. In fact, there were no updates done when it was first released. If you need something simple and straight forward, then this would be an awesome tool. This product does what it says it will do. We use this software to schedule our employees time off and vacations.Voir la critique complète

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I really like having all my schedules in one place, instead of searching through different programs/websites each timeI need something printed out or emailed! It would be nice if there was some way you could have certain people only view their schedule - maybe via filters? But as far as functionality goes this works great!! Great customer service with any issues we've had they were very quick at resolving them :) We're able to print our employees' weekly plans off from here (something which used t take us hours previously) so now everyone has everything available 24-7 without needing constant internet access.Voir la critique complète

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The ease of use, how intuitive it was to learn as well that this thing can be used by anyone with no previous experience in CAD/CAM or drafting! It has many options but I don't think there's anything too frustrating about using them all since they are very easy (and fun) buttons / icons etc., so we had little trouble figuring out what each one did once we'd gotten past its initial learning curve - if any at al!. We have been able to design our landscape plans quickly without having professional help from an engineer who would typically charge thousands per hour just because he doesn'r understand my needs; instead i am designing everything myself now!! Voir la critique complète

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I love how smooth it can be when you're in a hurry. It's very quick and easy to navigate around. I have no complaints about this program at all. This software has made my life easier. Before using this program, I would spend hours trying to find the right file. I would then have to email someone to get them to send me what I need. Now that I use this program, I am able to quickly pull up the correct file and print! There are so many different ways to organize your files now. You don't have to waste time searching for what you need anymore. I wish there were more options available. Sometimes it takes a while to see everything that is available. If you are looking for an easy way to organize your files, then this is the program for you! With this program, I am able to easily access the. Voir la critique complète logo

The interface of krok has an amazing layout that makes it easy not only in using but also understanding what's going around with my projects as well! I have been working at Kroks since its very early stages so i'm able to give feedback about how their service could improve upon or be improved more than most other competitors out there because we were actually involved from day one!! Nothing really comes into mind aside form being extremely user friendly which helps me understand things easily without having much knowledge when starting up new accounts/projects etc.. Also they are open minded towards any suggestion made by customers who want help solving problems related specifically within our services provided (and this includes clients too!). They do listen. And take advantage off them whenever possible instead just ignoring suggestions like others would probably think if asked "what can u possibly offer??" Well here goes :). We solved issues regarding time tracking & billing systeVoir la critique complète

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I love using Clockwise! The best part about it is that it not only helps me organize my day, but also my week and even my month. I can easily see at a glance what tasks are most important to get done today. It's so easy to use - there is nothing to dislike! If you're looking for an all-in-one solution for scheduling, then this is the app for you! For me, Clockwise has been great because it allows me to prioritize my tasks and schedule meetings in advance with ease. I have realized that I need to do things in order to move forward in life. This has allowed me to be more productive than ever before. Prior to using Clockwise, I had no idea where I was going during certain times of my workday. Now I am able to plan ahead and set myself up for success every morning. Voir la critique complète

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It is very easy to use, it has all of our needs met so far (though I'm sure there are some functions that could be improved). The biggest issue we have with this software thus far was having multiple people using it, but they're working on fixing that now. We've had great success in getting code reviews into our daily routine since starting up this tool! Nothing about their service or price point has been an issue yet. Just start with what works best for your team (or yourself!). Get them to do it right from the beginning if things aren't running smoothly out of the gate - trust me, you'll thank us later when you realize how much time can be saved through quality code reviews. Voir la critique complète

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The main features are very useful, it's an app that allows you to have video conferences with multiple users at the same time in one window (which is something I like). It also has some good tools for recording your screen or using voice over Skype calls. You can use this software as a meeting room tool but there isn't much more than what we need. There aren't any other options out of the box so if you're looking for a free option, try this first before buying anything else. We used it mainly as a virtual classroom where students could talk about their problems without having to be present physically. Voir la critique complète

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I like that it's web based, which means I can access any time from my phone or computer. The customer service we have received has been excellent! We've had some issues getting started but our rep was able to help us get over them quickly so we could move right along. As for now, everything seems great about this system - easy to use and navigate through and very responsive when problems arise (a rarity). There are too may options to choose from- sometimes there is an option that should be added sooner rather than later. That will not stop me however because their service team is quick to respond. My department needs and demands more inventory control/management compared to other systems out there. If you look online you will find many different software solutions; but if they don't offer what your department requires then try another one until you do find something that works best for you! Tracking production order status within the shop floor and on the warehouse floor. I like how eVoir la critique complète

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I have been working with them since they started their ecommerce platform in 2016 but it was only recently that we realized how much of an impact this product can make to our business! They are always improving themselves by listening very well what customers want from us so every time there's something new added or improved - you know about those things right away as soon as someone mentions your brand/product out loud at any event (even if he doesn't mention exactly which one). We love being able see all products ordered through zysecme website even when customer isn’t logged into his account yet because everything stays synced across devices / browsers etc., no need anymore to keep track where each item has gone once order placed via CMS system gets shipped off after payment confirmation process completed successfully.Voir la critique complète

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I like how easy it was to use this product for my business needs as opposed with other products out there! It's simple enough at first look but once you get into all of its functions everything comes together great!! Nothing really dislike about visual AP except maybe pricing (which isn't too bad). Great tool if your looking specifically towards embroidery orders etc., very user friendly even though basic stuff can be confusing when starting up new people using them initially.. The product allows for quick input of multiple vendor information into one database and it's easy to edit once entered. It can be slow at times especially when you are doing bulk edits because all the data needs to sync back up with their server. I've been able to track my vendors quickly using this program. We have found that we're not getting as much business from them due to our shipping costs being too high compared to other companies who ship more affordably.Voir la critique complète

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There are no downsides to using this product, it has been very easy for my employees to use as well! It's so much easier than keeping track of everything in our email or Google calendars! This makes life simpler when you have multiple people working with your business/company at once. I would recommend trying out the free trial first if possible because there might be some features that aren't available yet but they will add those more functions over time. They've made things so simple by adding such great tools to help us organize all aspects of what we do within one place. The only thing i dislike about kin is their monthly subscription fees which can get expensive especially if you're not sure how many users you'll need (but then again maybe its worth paying for?). We like being able to send each other notifications via emails instead of having to go into another app just to see who was doing something important. Voir la critique complète

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