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Révision le JOANN Fabric par Jackie Stewart

JOANN Fabric is the right place to go for your creative needs

I wanted to let you know about my experience with the JOANN Fabric store located at 1118, 1608 East Capital Drive, Milwaukee WI. I called repeatedly asking for assistance with an order over the phone and every time they made it sound like I was putting them out by calling. Finally, after several calls on two separate days, someone finally helped me place my order on January 23rd - then it sat there until today when I went in person to pick up my order!
I am aware that their are certain employees who are working on commission but why should a customer who is spending close to $1000 be treated this way? It makes no sense to me. Poor Customer Service.
I would not recommend shopping there. They are not helpful, have poor customer service and being with the customer is not an option that they are aware of!

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The JOANN Fabric store has a lot of great fabrics and sewing supplies, but their customer service is sorely lacking. I would not recommend shopping there if you're looking for the assistance that other stores offer - they don't seem to care enough about their customers and it shows in how poorly they treat them on the phone or in person.

Avantages et inconvénients

  • The variety of materials allows you to find what you need for any project
  • With the affordability and convenience, there's no reason not to visit a store near you!
  • Unhelpful attitudes from employees
  • Repeat customer service reps
  • Not willing to help find a solution for a problem
  • Poor quality of products