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Table format could improve a bit here. When there was an issue loading comments section on slides within documents (and also sometimes other sections as well), sometimes users couldn't add replies. This might look similar to how one would reply comment on Reddit because all responses pop-up at once after pressing enter button. So whenever somebody wants to make changes to slide text/table etc., he should not press Enter unless he first edits existing entry which comes out highlighted yellow color just below current input field? There are many times where only certain groups of people should interact between eachother without them having direct access to others' inputs since majority rule should apply here i guess :) If such case exist then why didn't kwiss help fix issues related in above question along with adding proper commenting feature while developing this product...? Why do developers go ahead coding these things if no effort seems put into solving potential future problems? Other than aforementioned features improvements needed...Overall good application. Simple & straightforward idea behind "Slick" tabular editor coupled wth intuitive interface makes it useful. No doubts about usefulness / usability either. One slight point - initial screen shouldn't show blank slate when loaded onto device. Should prompt for username(?) upon start up.... Anywayz happy user now.. Cheers.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Speerline tests all voice calls made over PSTN (Plain Old Telephone System). You can configure rules for each call type, country, operator... All kind of conditions are achievable (e.g.: 2 operators must answer correctly to qualify, last digit must be 7….). You also have all the statistical info around calls per hour, length of calls et cetera. Once set up you start receiving automatic reports about trends and anomalies to inform action. This is a very powerful feature given you don’t need to spend valuable engineering resources building new products when you already have a comprehensive existing infrastructure to support. Very useful solution to manage customers churns and bad experiences before spending money to fix issues. As a call center executive I’m used to dealing with phone calls when there’s something wrong with our calling program. I found Spearline to provide me with the ability to easily manage the calls coming into my call center and resolve them within 1 minute whenever necessary without wasting valuable agent time. This also helps prevent customer support agents from needing to spend hours trying to fix small issues before handing over to someone else in the organization. So far spearline works well at picking up live connections, recording conversations, and generating real call traffic statistics. My next plan is to put the reports generated for me on Trello automatically and then push emails to my CRM with relevant records attached and links directing customers toward appropriate channels for resolving their complaints. To say I love spearline is quite a understatement. Everything about spearline is just exceptional.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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OpenPro ERP

OpenPro is a fantastic piece of software. Very easy, intuitive interface and works pretty much flawlessly. No glitches, no problems during implementation, support team is top notch. All my queries and suggestions were promptly addressed and implemented within 6 hours or less. If you're looking into open source solutions then OpenPro should definitely be among them. OpenPro ERP was very easy to install and set up. I've never used another ERP platform before but this was easy to configure, especially compared to MS Dynamics CRM. This is great for someone looking for flexibility and customization. However, since this isn't quite built along web 2.0 lines we had troubles integrating into our existing internal network configuration. Although a few weeks ago this was solved using DNS changes and port forwarding we decided against it, preferring just a simple install over changing a bunch of things unnecessarily. Overall I love that OpenPro supports most major systems within Excel and Vlookup functionality which means that anyone already familiar with spreadsheets can easily adapt without much training or knowledge of programming. The user interface makes it easy to navigate but requires frequent keyboard inputs, though most functions can be driven via automation. Customization options give the ability to modify forms, reports, and dashboards however due to technical limitations you're locked into certain layouts and cannot switch views easily. As of July 15th 2013, OpenPro doesn't include any BI reporting capabilities. Most of the features seem adequate with little room for growth given its current size; however this may change once it gains traction and What works? The fact is when it comes to open source ERPs, grooD is king - or at least that what many would have you believe. However it doesn't mean much unless functionality is present. Is the same true for Open Pro 1? Well the answer is very likely no. OpenPRO gives me freedom to manage everything without spending extra money on maintenance software & licences, so I don’t have to worry about additional charges during downtime periods. Additionally, Open PRO offers excellent integration options so that I can integrate various existing systems into Open PRO seamlessly, such as CRM Systems, Inventory Management System, POS Solutions, etc. So far so good... then I looked online and found that there are lots of providers offering Open Pro ERP, most offer similar functionality with better pricing structure. But after looking deeply into each provider's offerings, I still decided to go ahead with a Free Trial subscription because 1. it looks like I may receive many free features and 2. All the competitors provide slightly lower cost options than what I'm currently paying (about $15K per year). If any of you already are running a Business Solution, please let me know whether you went with a Free Trial or paid option and give me advice why you made the decision.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Rootstock Cloud ERP

This app makes it very simple to design your own web forms. Forms that look just like the standard ones on the market. Once designed, you simply drag & drop elements onto the form canvas and start entering your data. Then the designer automatically generates HTML5 valid code ready to be deployed using the industry standard WYSIWYG editor. For those who prefer to handcode the form, you can manually type in the code and save. Both options produce exactly the same result. After reviewing the generated code, I found no errors in layout or coding. Product Rootstock delivers custom software solutions to customers using the latest technology stacks running in Amazon Web Service™ environment. Because of our unique approach to agile development methodology, flexibility and scalability within the AWS platform, combined with customer engagement throughout the product lifecycle, our solutions meet all requirements. This software works very well, particularly when using it correctly. For example, you can choose whether the app creates new accounts or already existing ones. You can also set limits, security levels, etc., as desired to meet your needs. On top of that, this software is so easy to install and configure (it requires simple steps only for registration). All these factors made me decide to purchase this software. I love it!! So much easier compared to previous implementations I've done! This is a real pain point. So many CRM systems are too difficult to set up, maintain and customize. Many are just painful to develop for. The problem with most CRMs is flexibility. At times, you just need something simple. And don't even mention Salesforce... It is beyond insane for development and deployment. Sure, everyone needs a CRM, but the "CRM" should also look after itself while supporting your current processes. If you have a complex workflow, then that shouldn't prevent you from using whatever you might feel comfortable developing against. And finally, pricing is key. If you overcharge per hour of dev time, it's no wonder why it takes forever to deploy new versions.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Urbit is a new operating system with an autonomous peer-to-peer network. The network allows users to maintain their own private server, or "personal cloud", which can sync data across other personal clouds through the Urbit network in order to serve applications without any centralized servers. A new operating system containing within it an autonomous peer-to-peer network has surfaced called Urbit. Urbit has created a novel internet-based operating system that will be resistant to the current threats of cyberattacks. The network uses the Bitcloud Protocol, which allows for both storage and computation to take place on nodes within the cloud. This decentralization of information prevents hackers from targeting centralized servers. Urbit is also protected by its governance model. Users are able to vote on changes to the network's code, reducing any chance that developers could introduce backdoors or vulnerabilities into the system. Urbit is a project with the mission to “reboot civilization”. It aims to be the “next internet” that will move society forward into an era of decentralization and localization. With that in mind, Urbit bills itself as a “personal server for your data and digital identity.” Urbit is a new virtual operating system that separates the logic of your program from the data. This allows you to run your software on any computer, regardless of what type it is, as long as the Urbit kernel has been ported to it. On top of this, Urbit provides fault tolerance by ensuring that data centers are distributed across all sorts of geographical locations. Urbit is a distributed computing system that stores data in individual nodes and moves computation to those nodes where it can be done most efficiently. The team behind this disruptive company sees the future as one consisting of only data and computations, not physical machines. Driven by their vision, Urbit has created a new kind of programming language designed specifically for centralized computation, called Basho.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Tales of Antiquity

Tales of Antiquity is an online shop that provides a wide range of products such as furniture, decoration goods and more. Some items seem to be handmade by the owners, which shows in the high quality and unique designs of their products. For example, they offer an amazing greek armchair with removable cushions . This armchair would do great in any living room or outdoor area and can also become a fantastic element for romantic pictures of your loved one (just imagine yourself and your loved one sat on this beautiful chair together). Another product I am impressed about is this stylish coffee table  that has a luxurious touch because it's made out of marble. The design of the table makes it look like antique from Greece/Rome while the marble makes it modern and stylish. So far, I've only seen pictures of their furniture but I hope they also sell clothes in the near future because I would definitely buy some greek/roman inspired clothing! The quality seems really good so if they start selling clothes too, then buying from them would be a safe choice for anyone interested in Greek or Roman clothing/style. Tales of Antiquity is a great site for people who are interested in buying products that have an ancient Greek or Roman theme. I am impressed by the unique designs and high quality items they offer, such as this armchair with removable cushions  or this stylish coffee table . All their furniture seems to be handmade which makes it more appealing because you know the owner has put time into designing each piece. The only thing missing from Tales of Antiquity's e-commerce site is clothing so if you want some greek/roman inspired clothes then keep your fingers crossed that they start selling them soon! If not, then purchasing anything else on their website would still be wise since everything else looks amazing.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Hess Toy Truck

I live close to the Hess Toy Truck Store in Woodbridge, NJ (NJ Turnpike exit 13A) and had never shopped there before.   Today seemed like a good day to do some shopping for my grandson's birthday, so I made it one of my destinations.First impression - sure is busy!   Lot's of people all over the parking lot - most seem happy about something too.   At the door there were police officers on hand at this being opened by its original owner.   They have sold millions upon millions of dollars worth of toys here since 1946. One thing that stood out to me was how many people they hire during Christmas time just to handle the crowds coming in to purchase their favorite toys.Anyway, I started browsing around and came across the Hess Toy Truck.   The nice thing is they have a huge variety of these trucks - from the small ones to the really big ones.The prices were a bit more than what I am used to paying, but I figure that is because of its popularity.I decided to buy the medium sized truck for my grandson and went to the checkout counter.There was a long line, but it moved quickly.     The cashier was very pleasant and efficient.Overall, I was very impressed with this store!  It has a huge selection of toys - especially Hess Toy Tru - and the employees were friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend a visit to this store - especially if you are looking for a Hess Toy Truck! Hess Toy Truck Store is great place to shop for your favorite toy trucks. They have a huge selection of trucks, from small ones to really big ones. The prices were a bit more than what I am used to paying, but I figure that is because of its popularity. I decided to buy the medium sized truck for my grandson and went to the checkout counter. There was a long line, but it moved quickly. The cashier was very pleasant and efficient. Overall, I was very impressed with this store! It has a huge selection of toys - especially Hess Toy Tru . Hess Toy Truck Store is a great place to shop for your favorite toy trucks. They have a huge selection of trucks, from small ones to really big ones. The prices were a bit more than what I am used to paying, but I figure that is because of its popularity. I decided to buy the medium sized truck for my grandson and went to the checkout counter.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Indian Medieval Armour

The site claims that it donates 10% of the profit to Shanti Bhavan , an organisation which helps poor children in India. Site Description: IndianMedievalArmour is a result of research and study by experts from academicians, institutions, historians and experts on armour. We offer handmade reproduction of Medieval Armour & Clothing, all gear is made using 16 gauge steel or 14 gauge mild steel with hand-hammered finishing which ensures strength and incredible details for a most realistic look . All equipments are wearable with a leather shoulder strap at rear for easy handling fitment . Site Features: Photorealistic Rendering, Detailed Gallery Social Media Presence: Facebook  | Google+ | Pinterest Twitter  | Instagram | Tumblr Site Policy: You can check the site's Privacy and Return Policies at the bottom of each page. Advertising: No, there is no advertising on this site. Pricing: After sign-up (free), you can view prices and buy items online. Custom pieces are available on request. Single items: Helmets: $155-$200 Chest Armour: $180 Gauntlets (pair): $85 Greaves (set of 4) : $160 Dagger : $35 Videos on how to wear armour for different periods (Medieval, Renaissance & Fantasy): FREE Shipping extra, depending upon weight and destination of shipment. Payment options include PayPal and Money Order . Free shipping for USA addresses only. Currently all shipments are via Air Parcel Post, which takes around 3 weeks to deliver. Site Quality: Indian Medieval Armour is extremely professional in its details and presentation. Every single piece of armour is beautifully crafted, customisable and designed for easy handling by anybody. The gallery images show real pieces of armour - you can see the quality of work just by looking at them . If that's not enough, videos on how to wear different types of armour are available online free or at extra cost (DVD). Though there is no advertising on this site, banner links to other sites like eBay appear quite often on top search results pages when certain keywords like "orc" are used. There is also a blog available, but it isn't regularly updated. Site Navigation: The site has been designed exceptionally well to make navigation easy for the visitors. A simple main menu gives you quick access to all pages of IndianMedievalArmour . In the header area, you get an option bar which displays a home icon at left and a shopping cart icon at right. Clicking on either takes you to respective pages. Clicking in between both icons will open up the main menu options containing links like "Shop", "About Us" and so on. At bottom right corner there is a button to sign-up or login . Underneath that there are links in light grey colour taking you back and forward when clicked upon (Back2Top). There is Indian Medieval Armour is an e-commerce site that sells reproduction of medieval armour. The site has a blog, social media presence and offers free shipping to the US only. Prices range from $155-$200 for helmets, $180 for chest armour,  $85 per pair of gauntlets and a set of 4 greaves with prices going up depending on custom requests. Though there are no ads on this website, banner links to other websites like eBay appear quite often in top search results pages when certain keywords are used such as "orc." Site navigation is easy due to its well designed layout which also includes a menu bar at the top right hand side displaying home icon at left and shopping cart icon at right.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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The overall look of Petzoo's website is pretty nice and colourful, with a lot of information about the different breeds that they have available. I did not see how many breeds they had on their site but seemingly enough to get you some ideas for your new pet. The prices were reasonable and there was a good offer - buy 3 for 200 pounds (about $290). The website says they will deliver worldwide so it should be possible to get them outside the UK. However, when looking at the payment section, I could only find PayPal so if you don't use this kind of account, you'll probably run into trouble ordering from here. When starting the application process, I had to fill in some personal details such as my name, address and phone number. The application process was relatively easy to follow, but when I checked the Terms & Conditions in the end, there were some things that could be improved. For example, it is stated that if they suspect your pet is not well suited for travelling or getting along with other animals, Petzoo will not deliver the animal to you without letting you know beforehand. When I read this, I was wondering how good their selection policy actually is since every person who wants a pet should be aware of these facts before putting an ad up on a website like Pets4Homes. Another point that I found somewhat strange was that they state you have 3 months after receiving your order to return your new pet if any problems occur again. The prices are not reasonable, delivery is not accessible to people outside the UK, their online payment options are only PayPal. I could only find "buy 3 for 200 pounds" but have seen other sites with more generous offers, the application process seems difficult because of unclear terms/conditions, and you have 3 months to return your new pet if there are any problems after receive your order.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Better Music

Better Music is an online store that sells music instruments. They offer piano, guitars and other stuff like sheet music, books etc. The ability to buy used items is also a good feature. I bought a keyboard through them about two months ago for my sister's birthday present. I had some trouble with the order at first because of a mistake on my side but their customer service helped me out very fast and everything was solved quickly. It is a really popular store with a lot of positive reviews from customers - you can even find some on Trustpilot! I can see why they've made it to one of the most trustworthy companies in the market as well, which you'll understand after reading this review! Today I want to talk about their products, prices and overall quality. The product - Casio CTK-6200 keyboard I think this is one of the most popular products they have on their site because all I did was search for keyboards, go to their shop and find it right away! It's a really good option if you are looking for something not too expensive but with good overall quality. The instrument itself doesn't have so many extra features but if you are just starting your adventure with musical instruments it wouldn't hurt to have one either. Unless you're an experienced professional musician, of course. The keyboard has 61 keys (including 4 piano ones) and 220 rhythms which can also be turned off if you want to play some tunes by yourself or buy software to change the instrument sound. It can be connected to PC or Laptop via USB and there are all kinds of built-in abilities like the option to make 4 different voices (like piano, organ, synthesizer etc.) play at once, use headphones/speakers or attach any other external device if you want expand your possibilities. The price - 95% off! You can buy this keyboard for only £24.99 instead of almost 200 pounds it should cost normally! The original price is £199,95 but by using a discount code even lower than that you'll get it much cheaper. It's kind of an unbelievable offer but I think their discounts are really worth mentioning especially when it comes to products that may much more money without them... I would recommend Better Music to anyone who is looking for high quality musical instruments at discounted prices. The customer service was very helpful and the product I ordered arrived on time with no problems.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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