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ABCC exchange is a newer exchange that has a lot of qualities that i find to be very useful and beneficial when using this exchange to trade crypto currencies. There is a lot of competition in the crypto space when it comes to exchanges. When searching out an exchange that a trader wants to use there are certain qualities which i along with many others want as well as need in order to even consider using the exchange. With so many options in the space it really allows for the trader to be picky when choosing where to trade his investments. ABCC exchange has many great qualities but i first want to get the few negatives about the exchange out of the way. The first drawback is of course volume, and yes i realize it is a big one. ABCC offers so many pairs which of course is a great thing that not even some of the top exchanges can claim, but this comes with a draw back and that is volume. With the top pairs the volume is more then adequate but as you get away from magor pairs volume starts to decrease. Now that the negatives are out of the way i like to list to many positives about ABCC exchange. First the interface is very easy to use and find my way around the exchange and all that it offers. When going to ABCC exchange i really was not expecting to find so many coins listed and good projects not just any scam coin. They offer so many projects that not even the top exchanges offer. ABCC also offers KYC and a high level of security to put even the biggest whales mind at ease. I was also pleasantly surprised to that ABCC exchange offered fiat to crypto gateways. I believe fiat to crypto is the future of trading and the exchange that dont offer it already will be left behind. I believe once ABCC gets more volume they will be able to rival the largest exchanges in what they offer.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Okex is a crypt exchange , and one of the more relevant and highly used ones. Okex has a lot going for it as they offer many things that most exchanges do not. The first being the number of coins they offer the user to trade. A lot of exchanges offer a lot of choices but i find okex offers cryptos with a better standard to project. They have also following suit in the seeing how binance has moved to malta. Okex move to malta will offer traders more of a secruity or relief that they will not have an overwhelming concern constantly that the government will interfere and or try to shut exchange down. You would think most exchanges that are not decentralized would be flocking to malta along with other crypto projects. However that just is not the case. So i think okex initiating this move is a great relief in that you can see how the team realizes the problems that can a rise and are doing everything possible to have a smooth running exchange. Another main thing needed to have a smooth running exchange is liquidity. This something that is a must i find when it comes to these exchanges that are not decentralized. People want to know that when the time comes to buy or sell that the exchange will be able to have enough liquidity to fill these orders. Okex i find is one of only three exchanges that fulfills this need. Something that Okex offers that other major exchanges dont is futures. Futures has become a very large area of crypto trading this past year. So once again by okex demonstrating that they recognize the need that needs to be filled. Lastly they offer a very user friendly platform. This may seem simple and something that you would think is a concern that would be taken care of right away. This is not the case though with most exchanges. they are clunky and confusing. Okex offers users and more importantly the new user a very simple and smooth interface. Okex does though have a huge draw back, and that is not allow united states residents. Hopefully sometime in the future this will be lifted but until then this is the one flaw i see in the exchange.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Maker is a very difficult project to understand all the ins and outs that is involved with the coin. So to start off i should start by saying what the product of maker is. The product of Maker is DAI. This is a stable coin. Stable coins are coins in the crypto space that allow the price to be pegged to a certain amount. Some other stable coins that you might know of or even use are tether, true usd, and many others that will not be brought up here. DAI would be used as something to trade in and out of when the market is fluctuating in such large spreads as seen in this past year. It allows the user to have as safe place to trade his money into while the market tanks. And when that trader feels its time to go back into the market the use DAI to trade back into btc. Unlike other stable coins like tether or tusd, Dai is a token that proposes another way, one that takes some ideas from the principle behind crypto-backed p2p loans - a fiat value is backed by a crypto asset. Because DAI is run on ethereum it is then backed by ethereum as well. DAI may seem like the lesser option because of the wide use of tether and tusd. However Tether is no audited which leaves many users of that product fearful. Why would they be fearful you say? The fear is that they do not have enough money to back up the tether that they have minted. This would lead to an incredible collapse of tether price. mostly likely leading to a great collapse in price for bitcoin as well. That is crazy you say, well yes it is. Why would anyone use tether knowing that there is a possibilty that it is not one hundred percent legitament and backed up. Well the reason would be liquidity. Tether offers the useres and traders in the crypto space an option to go in and out of their altcoins or maybe jsut bitcoin if they are a maximalist with great ease. These traders often need to their orders to be filled quickly, and tether gives the users and traders that option. Dai on the other hand although much more reliable in the fact that it is backed up and legit does not offer what is most important. Liquidity is the key to success. If there is not enough to fill you orders then what use is DAI. Maker although they do have a great idea and it is very capable of what they want it to do. It lacks the liquidity needed to implement it in a usable fashion. Just like many crypto platforms fear they will not be able to scale with the need that comes with mass adoption. DAI is in a similar situation in that they cant scale with they mass's needed in adoption. Yes the tech is there and scale able, but they dont have enough users. The main and only and biggest con is that they need more users. they need to find a way to drive more people to use their stable coin in order for it to succeed.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Bitcoin Gold

Bitcoin is the original they are the reason why blockchain has been launched into the minds of so many in all facets of industry. Bitcoin's creator satoshi nakomoto is unkown. His name is just an alias and so it is the idea of bitcoin and what it represents that becomes the main thing. The idea of decentralization became more then just and idea when bitcoin was created. it gave people their power back and because of this many have flooded to the space in hopes of using this interest to propel their projects. Some of these projects more legitimate then other. Now bitcoin Gold being a fork of bitcoin is already dismissed because people assume they are just a scam as tone vays like to say. They are thought as a scam because they are assumed to be using the bitcoin name and ideas to pray on those less knowledgeable. Because when someone sees the word bitcoin it automatically adds legitimacy as seen by new investors, The truth is though, the creators of bitcoin gold forked bitcoin because they felt they could create what they thought bitcoin could be or should have been. Bitcoin Gold developers have never claimed their fork to be the “only true bitcoin”. Bitcoin Gold team has been continually repeating that decentralization is severely limited in the context of the classic Bitcoin due to the high concentration of the mining facilities on the farms for industrial mining.36 There is a scandal attacked to the team of bitcoin gold though. the scandal is that they have premined leading to people thinking of them in a less then upright way. There is also the fact that the code has never been release, which further adds to peoples fears of bitcoin gold being a very large money grab or scam. I personally think the developers are honest as can be expected and are truley trying to create their vision of what they want bitcoin to be, with gold that is heheheh.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Vechain, is on of the few cryptos i see as having a future in the world after most altcoins die off. The use case being supply management. Tracking and proof of legitimacy is something that blockchain can help in a very big way. This can be seen as they havee accumulated a very large amount of partnerships. These are not just any run of the mill partnerships. With companies no one has ever heard of. These are partnerships with huge well known companies. Companies such as price waterhouse cooper, DNV GL, oh and lets not forget BMW. Vechain is already up and running with nodes in numerous locations. The use case for tracking is a lot greater then the use case for something like spankchain lol. Recently with vechain deploying their main net they have made some changes. These changes included increasing the supply to a very large amount. This can be very off putting to a lot of investors. Some rumors have been made recently as well. Rumors usually are nonsense and are just gossip, but when they include the RFID chip and where it came from, then it becomes a very big problem. The rumor is that vechain outsources their competitors RFID chip. I dont think this is true for many reasons, however i do worry that maybe they are outsourcing their chips and this tech. This if found to be true can be very bad because of their investors fud. If their tech is not made in house it is probably worrying for the reason of it being such a large piece of the tracking process. Besides this rumor which is most likley false, it is very hard to find bad things or cons with the vechain project.85 As time goes on i do believe vechain will be the leader in the supply management area of blockchain. They have built a very large infrastructure and have created partnerships with huge companies.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Binance Coin

Binance coin is maybe one of the few cryptos that has an actual use case. Most are just ideas and are being developed for the future. Binance though is up and running and the CZ the creator and leader is leading the way in showing the world how much demand for crypto there is. The binance coin is used for fees on the binance exchange. If the user holds binance coin then they are able to use their coins to lessen the fees encountered when trading. The amount that is saved when trading by using the coin is a very good percentage. The exchange has grown to be one of the top exchanges in the space. They have had so much success that they are even creating incubator programs. This will allow for binance to help develop future projects in the space. Binance also leads the space in furthing decentralization. They have even moved to malta. The move showed how some countries are welcoming of the decentralization and want to be a part of the space be cause they see the benefits of having these companies in their country. Another benifit of using the exchange is that identiy is allowed to stay anonymous under a certain amount of money being withdrawed. They also provide liquidity to their exchange and that goes for their pairs to the bnb coin as well. The negatives to the bnb coin is it is solely attacked to the exchanges productivity and use. If for some reason The exchange is no longer one of the top used exchanges then the value and the use of the bnb coin will be diminished greatly. CZ though has made it clear that they will be creating a dex as well. This is important for the future of bnb. Dex will be the exchanges preferred in the future in my opinion and binance is being very smart realizing that and making plans so they stay at top of the crypto space.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Cardano is a very ambitious and incredibly well thought out project. Time is something needed to develop a robust and efficient platform. The team at cardano has taken this idea of time to a whole other level. This should be seen as a great thing, that a project and team want to create something that will work and not only work but thrive. People are inpatient though and dont like the idea of waiting around for a project. Especially if other projects in the space have a huge head start and are up and running. Charles hoskinson the leader of ada, has developed something unique with his team. They have created a code from scratch that is written in a language that can support large large scale apps. It is also constantly examined as a peer reviewed project. No wonder why it is considered the ethereum killer. They also plan to implement proof of stake, which seems to be the go to for most top end platforms these days. However there are some draw backs to ada. The tech although peer reviewed is unkown and unproven in a working form. Will all the time and great ideas put into the platform be able to come to fruition and actually be a able to run and thrive. Will it be able to support the stress of the amount of users that will bombard it if it is in fact the ethereum killer. The clock is ticking and as user adoption becomes higher and higher the more time ada does not have a working product the more time that other products have an edge in the market. The 30 plus developers though do give them and advantage in developing and creating the best platform that is able to scale, unlike their competitor ethereum. Their main-net will be a much viewed and anticipated event. Where most will fall into to categories. the first thinking cardano is everything they say they can be, and the other believing ada is just another platform unable to scale and support the apps needed for mass adoption. i believe they will be successful. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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