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Knight Lands

Hello everyone, today i will writter review for game ''Knight Lands'' For a start ''Knight Lands'' is a multyplayer game. You can fight against other player in PvP arena, or go with them to raid someothing. More time you spend in this game, you become more addicted to the game. The game is free and you do not have to invest anything to earn it. when you go to their website, you will have a discord link and instructions on how to play the game. Only u need email to subscribe and u will start play. This was my review, now good and bad things for the game. Good things is: 1. Easy to learn to play 2. Fun game Bad things is: 1. Poor reputation of the game I thing this is a good game, but need more player to become better. Vedi recensione completa

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Review for IMOEX

Do not try to trade here because it is stop with working (probably). When I try to load it throws out Chingese letters. It is probably stop with work, or this website has been hacked. If someone tries to report this problem, no one will answer the same problem. ''Imoex'' is not active on website, than u can not make any conversation with this crypto exchange. If u can join on their website, do not change crypto because probably u will get scammed, This is my opinion for crypto exchange, now i will writte good and bad things for this crypto exchange. Good things: 1. Do not have to say someothing good for this crypto exchange Bad Things: 1. Not active exchange, probably hacked or stopped with work Vedi recensione completa

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Review for Prospectors

Hello, today i will tell my opinion for ''Prospectors''. For the start, game is very addictive. Game have good start interface. On start you get 3 worker. More you do with this worker you get more land. Game is based on economy, and worker pay taxes to country for this lands. You can play with your friends and earning togheter crypto. You and your friend earning from playing game, and best of all you don't have to invest anything in the game. Your reward is bigger if you play longer. If u want more gold (money) you need to build more building on your land. At least you don't need strong computer to play this game. Good and bad things. Good things is: 1. You can play with your friend and earning togheter 2. Game is addictive 3. Its easy to learn to play Bad things is: 1. Small number of language in the game Vedi recensione completa

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Forgotten Artifacts

Hello everyone, today i will writter review for ''Forgotten Artifacts''. At the very beginning we can conclude that it looks a bit like game ''World of Warcraft''. After you join the game u can choose one of weapons (sword, bow, cleaver...) Also, on start u can change outfit and your pets. In game you have ''explore mode'', ''adventure mode'' and ''expert mode''. You anad your pet, going to dungeons and kill monsters. In my opinion game is very addictive, and you can also earn money because you play tha game. This is short review for this game, now i will tell what is good and what is bad things for ''Forgotten Artifacts''. Good things is: 1. Intresting for play 2. Addictive game Bad things is: 1. Small number of dungeons 2. Small number of inventory Vedi recensione completa

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Gods Unchained

Card game - review

Hello guys, today i will writte review for game ''Gods Unchained''. For a beginning game is very similar like ''Splinterlands''. The game have good graphic. The game is based on collecting card. After you register, u have option ''learn to play'' when you can easy learn how to play this game. You can play solo and ranked. After collecting cards you can fight in the arena against another player. Also, you can trade your cards, with another player or what more can you sell card. At least, you can earn money because you play ''Gods Unchained''. This was review for game, now good and bad things. Good things: 1. Good interface 2. Easy to learn to play 3. Fun game Bad things. 1. Some card is very expensive Vedi recensione completa

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Hello everyone, today i will writte review for Splinterlands. This game is very good for people who love collecting card. If u start playing this game, you will be easy learn how to play Splinterlands. When you start play this game, u won't be able to stop playing. The game is based on collecting cards. When a sufficient number of cards is collected, the fight with the other opponent starts. Splinterlands is a good game bacause you earning money from card, but amount of money you earn depends from card u collected. These are good things for a game. Bad things is: Little language in the game Vedi recensione completa

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