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Nanopool seemed to me a very good option to mine my cryptocurrencies, despite not offering bitcoin or litecoin mining, it presents different cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, ZCash, Monero, Pascal, Raven, and Grin29. Nanopool is a group of mkineria present worldwide that offers regular payments that can be up to more than 1 a day, a characteristic that sets it apart from other groups. The group offers third-party applications for Android and iOS mobile devices for real-time monitoring of mined funds, generating greater convenience. Its website is simple, which makes it very easy to use for all types of users, it also presents various information such as the number of active miners, recent payment blocks and more. The customer service is quality with quick responses, and also presents email notification of every move made. Vedi recensione completa

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Slush pool despite being the pioneer in bitcoin mining, currently only supports 2 cryptocurrencies, the aforementioned and ZEC which makes many users look for another option where they can mine Ethereum or Litecoin. Outside of this this mining group has good security, and a simple and easy-to-use control panel for those new to mining, consulting other mining pools, compare the rates presented by Slush Pool and they are slightly higher than those offered by others. . As everything currently presents its pros and cons, but it is worth noting that Slush Pool has been on the market since 2010 and also has servers in Asia, Europe, the United States and other strategic countries that generates trust for its users. Speaking a little about security, I find it very good since it offered me two-factor authentication, among other features to keep my funds safe. The customer service is of very good quality, they answered my questions in a friendly way and I did not have any other problem with tVedi recensione completa

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This Canadian exchange platform provides a very good relationship with its users since it has attractive features for them as it is a very good security with multiple ways to verify the user's identity. It has an interface with a simple design and easy to use for all. Its users, since it has characteristics that make it intuitive when carrying out any operation, accepts deposits in fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies supported by its inerfas. It has a very good liquids since it has a good volume in negotiations in addition to having cold storage for its assets. It is a recommended platform since it has many good opinionsVedi recensione completa

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This exchange platform has a very good list of attractive altcoins for multiple users where it is possible to carry out settled transactions where the user can get a very good payment as he could suffer an equivalent loss. It has a standard rate of 0.10%, being a really good rate compared to many on different platforms, in addition to almost always having fixed and fixed withdrawal rates, it has good security, although it never hurts to check its security when carrying out an operation. trial with a minimum amount to verify your safetyVedi recensione completa

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Binance Jersey

Binance Jersey is an exchange platform characterized by its extremely easy interfaces for multiple users, providing an excellent service in its operations, it has a very good security at the time of transactions, admitting to being able to use payments in fiat currencies such like EUR and GBP. Being a European platform, it facilitates the acquisition of cryptocurrencies as well as fiat ones for its uaurios, the platform has ways to enhance negotiations since it has a basic and advanced trading interface for the most veteran neociantesVedi recensione completa

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This exchange platform has multiple cotradictory points since it has good and bad characteristics. This platform has an easy management of its interfaces and also through its mobile application, it has a good list of assets at its disposal and a good speed in the processing of its operations in addition to having attractive withdrawal rates for many users since in compared to other platforms they have the advantage, but this platform has a list of complaints on its website complaining about its services and in addition to not providing clear information on who is managing its platform, it is not known for sure who he is the administrator of it. So if you are one of those users looking for quick changes without many complications, I recommend using this trading platform with great care.Vedi recensione completa

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This platform ended its operations in 2019 due to multiple improvised victims such as the loss of more than 5 million in Bitcoins, the accusation of 2 of its administrators due to the fact that they suffered alleged bribes for adding crypto assets in the platform's isterfas, and for not having enough technological advancement to face the crypto market today. this platform despite suffering many losses due to an error when distributing a token, they were responsible enough to warn all its users on its official website that they would have to withdraw all their assets from their platform since they would officially close their exchange services Vedi recensione completa

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Negocie Coins

nogocie coins is a platform that works like a cold storage bill. This platform helps all its users who receive payments and cryptocurrencies BTC (Bitcoins) can transform them into fiat currencies, this platform, which is mostly used in Brazil, has an easy and intuitive management for its users. It is necessary to verify the identity of the user to be able to enjoy the services of this platform has great security and provides important information to new users who want to convert their digital currencies to fiatVedi recensione completa

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HBTC is one of the platforms today that is backed by cutting-edge technology making it reliable and secure. This exchange platform offers multiple trading methods such as crypto-crypto and asset manager being one of the most widely used, this platform has a practical and simple to use design accompanied by excellent security in your transactions giving confidence to its users In addition to having a very good list of available assets this platform, this platform has the ability to process millions of transactions without affecting their interfaces and being backed by being a decentralized platformVedi recensione completa

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BCEX is an exchange platform that has basic operating options for many of its users, being chosen by users of sporadic exchanges rather than by traders since they are given several commercial options in addition to not having the characteristics currently used by the majority of users. Due to its interfaces, it has a simple design and only has 2 languages. But this is not the reason why the platform is useless as it has attractive features for many, such as good security, optimal transaction processing, and having a relatively higher volume than many platforms, ensures excellent liquidity of the cryptocurrencies that it has in its list of assets.Vedi recensione completa

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coineal is a platform that is characterized by its fluid interface and easy to handle. This exchange platform offers its exchange services very easy to use since it allows the user to sell and buy the cryptocurrencies supported and listed in their interfaces, in addition to having very good security and speed of processing operations, making transactions more easy for its users, this platform does not have fees for asset deposits which is a notable advantage compared to other exchange platformsVedi recensione completa

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This exchange platform is small regarding the time it has been providing its services to users in the cryptocurrency market, but I do not want to refer to it being a poor quality platform since it has multiple positive characteristics such as facilitating the conversion of cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies. In addition to having low and attractive rates for its users, this platform is in full development and so far has not suffered any serious failure in the accounts of its users. It has an acceptable trading volume and its traders show a lot of activity on its active trading platformVedi recensione completa

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The exchange platform etherflyer is gaining popularity among its users as it accepts a large number of tokens and cryptocurrencies related to ethereum. This platform does not accept deposits in fiat currencies, being a disadvantage for most of its users, but this platform does not lower its performance as it has many attractive features for various users. This platform is highly compatible with ethereum wallets as it makes it easier to store assets with very attractive withdrawal rates. and having a decentralized interface is much more secure, assuring all its users good security in their operations.   Vedi recensione completa

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This platform is one of the most recommended for new users, since it has the particularity of having a well-designed interface, which makes it intuitive and easy to use even for new users, since it allows operations with minimal amounts of assets, It has a good amount of cryptocurrencies, including many of the most popular ones. It has very low deposit rates, being very important for users. It has very good security, with multiple ways to verify the user. So it is a recommended platform for new users who want to learn how to carry out negotiations with cryptocurrencies in general.Vedi recensione completa

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This platform has an excellent level of security, making it reliable for any user, in addition to having very good liquidity, which makes it a good option for new users or investors in new projects. This platform houses a very good list of new cryptocurrencies, it has essential information from its company and developers in general. It is a very good platform to acquire new assets but it is advisable to withdraw your cryptocurrencies and store your assets in a trusted wallet where they do not suffer losses of any kind. All this accompanied by an easy-to-use platform since its interface is simple and intuitive for many users, in addition to having its own mobile applicationVedi recensione completa

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This exchange platform is one of the best in existence in Korea, being the only country on its list since it is centralized there. this platform has an impeccable reputation said by multiple of its users to date its services are of good quality since it has excellent security it has the most feasible commercial rates in the market since it does not have a deposit fee and its Withdrawal rates are very low, being one of the most reliable in Korea, it has a simple to use and intuitive interface for new users. It has detailed information about your company giving users more confidence to make their exchange options in it, it has a very good list of cryptocurrencies and altcoins available to all its users, it accepts multiple ways to acquire assets since the platform accepts transfers Korean currency bankingVedi recensione completa

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This exchange platform does not have a large number of users since it is a small exchange, offering its services mainly to the Korean crypto market. It has a simple registration and it is necessary to verify the identity of the user to have access to all the options of the exchange platform. It has an optimal attention to the user giving guidance in their doubts and having up-to-date their updated information, accepts deposits in fiat currencies . it is advisable to withdraw and store the assets in a trusted cold storage wallet to avoid loss of any kindVedi recensione completa

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This exchange platform has been offering its exchange services for 3 years. This platform is one of the most popular in Japan because it is a Japanese exchange platform that mostly appears among the top 100 in the Japanese region due to its high trading volume, this platform has an attractive interface for multiple users since It has a good design and easy management of its services. The platform does not crober for deposit on this platform only for its withdrawals and with very competitive rates in the market. In addition to accepting fiat currency, it only accepts the native currency of Japan, the Japanese yen, and can make deposits and withdrawals in trust. making this platform an advantage for native Japanese users. It has excellent security with multiple ways to verify its users. It has a very good list of cryptocurrencies and alternative currencies at your disposal.Vedi recensione completa

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This exchange platform has the most competitive and optimized rates in the world in the digital market. But that does not mean that it has a large liquidity since it does not have a large volume of transactions, however this exchange platform is fast, secure and easy to use for new users, it has a wide list of cryptocurrencies and tokens available for your operations. It is true that it does not have a large liquidity but it compensates it with transactions with extremely low levels in its rates for operations, all this accompanied by a great design and being 100% operational for all its users in addition to having a mobile application for phones inteigentes compatible for both android and iOS and have a good reputation for all its users since they have never had problems with a hacked accountVedi recensione completa

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This exchange platform is closed, this information was released by an announcement shared to all its users in April 2019. Formally informing all its users that their platform would be in the process of liquidating all the assets of all their users, giving this news via email. The last updated news of this platforms was in June 2019 informing all users who were not aware of this situation so that they could withdraw their assets so as not to suffer losses of any kind since up to now they gave 2 liquidation alerts currently on your website you can see the announcement of the closure of your services and liquidation of your assets It is truly admirable the responsibility and honesty with which the platform warned its users about their situation so as not to suffer lossesVedi recensione completa

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