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Description of Coineal

Coineal is a cryptocurrency exchange founded by a team based in South Korea and China. The exchange was announced on April 24, 2018. The exchange also announced plans to launch its own ?NEAL? token. One of the unique things about Coineal is that it will be South Korea?s first decentralized exchange. The exchange will operate across a series of nodes based worldwide. Nodes will receive NEAL tokens in exchange for their processed transaction volume. Furthermore, nodes will be asked to participate in various aspects of running the exchange ? including democratic governance decisions.


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Type of review

This exchange makes it possible to provide ease and security to modify any property displayed on the platform. There are many markets and real liquidity that allow any consumer to trade or sell conveniently and quickly. We assume that the most popular currencies in the market are usually on the list of some of the investments that can be made to this important alternative. It also uses an excellent protection device (DDoS attack device support) that provides the highest level of validation to…

  • It has branches in one of Asia’s most prosperous countries.
  • There is proper protection of assets and bloodless storage.
  • You can go to the market anywhere in the international market.
  • Software for Android.
  • There is no convenient place to buy fiat with a card or financial institution.
  • There is no new Exchange and cold garage facilities to provide additional financial security.

Coineal is a phase that uses a deterring way, which is a trade mechanized money. Coineal uses a variety of online media programs. Likewise, Coineal uses an amazing security framework (DDoS attack insurance structure support) that gives the most raised degree of affirmation to customer suspicions. Also, Conieal attracts huge quantities of its customers' advantages in trading a stock. In a general sense 2% isn't guaranteed here. Notwithstanding the way that there are various kinds of e-cas

  • Negative angles can be seen.
  • I preferred the task.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

A brief Coineal briefing from my perspective

Coineal is a platform that uses blockchain technology where cryptocurrencies are exchanged. Coineal uses many social media applications. To name some of them: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook ... Coineal also uses an extraordinary security system (DDoS attack protection system support) providing the highest level of protection to its users' investments. In addition, Conieal preserves a very high part of its users' investments in stock exchanges. Only about 2% is not preserved here. Although…

  • Market being in wide countries and appealing to different audiences
  • use of cold wallets for the security of users
  • Although there are many options, the processing capacity is very low

Revainrating 4 out of 5

High liquidity but low transaction volume

Coineal is a crypto currency exchange platform created with blockchain technology. Coineal has 53 trading pairs. You can reach customer representatives via live support and ask your questions. You can also reach them via telegram or email. Coineal exchange is active on many social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, İnstagram, Medium .. There is an average variety of cryptocurrencies on the Coineal exchange, but their transaction volumes are low. Launcpad can be made on Coineal…

  • Exchange's interface is very simple and stable
  • User assets are protected in cold storages
  • Huge number of USDT trading pairs
  • Good liquidity
  • Crypto trading volume is low

Coineal is a stage that utilizes an obstructing way, which is an exchange motorized cash. Coineal utilizes an assortment of online media programs. What's more, Coineal utilizes an incredible security system (DDoS assault protection structure support) that gives the most elevated level of confirmation to client assumptions. Moreover, Conieal draws in large numbers of its clients' benefits in exchanging a stock. Fundamentally 2% isn't ensured here. In spite of the fact that there are numerous

  • Negative aspects can be seen.
  • I liked the project.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

A succinct Coineal readiness as per my perspective

Coineal is a phase that uses blockchain advancement where computerized types of cash are exchanged. Coineal uses various online media applications. To name some of them: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook ... Coineal moreover uses a phenomenal security structure (DDoS attack protection system support) giving the most raised degree of confirmation to its customers' hypotheses. Moreover, Conieal jam a very high piece of its customers' advantages in stock exchanges. Pretty much 2% isn't ensured…

  • Market being in wide countries and fascinating to different groups
  • use of cold wallets for the security of customers
  • In spite of the way that there are various decisions, the dealing with limit is low

Coineal is a korean based centralized digital asset trading platform offer features of trading and exchanging multiple coins with good liquidtion security and ease of use. Launched in April 2018 Coineal provide quality service and security to ensure safe trading environment for its users. BTC BCH and Ether are top performing pairs against USDT which are responsible for most of the volume for coineal. Coineal is one the exchange offer launchpad facility which provides its users with an…

  • Top Exchange features from Volume and liquidation point of view
  • OTC facility for large orders and Coineal labs incubator seed for capital funding
  • Mining pools facility and seperate wallet facility to invest with CNC and BTC
  • Multiple 2FA security methods with Email and Authenticator App and Mobile SMS
  • No facility to buy fiat with card or bank transfers
  • Relatively New Exchange and no facility of cold storage of funds to ensure extra safety of funds

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Coineal exchange : a nice place to get discounts and great liquidity

The south Korea decentralized exchange Coineal since its emergence has brought lower and affordable transaction fees to all crypto holders. The exchanges has created it own niche within the exchange sector by providing a low and decent withdrawal fee of 0.00043BTC ,this fee has made the exchange a nice trading spot to most crytpo holder,with the creation of its own token the exchange now gives some reasonable discounts on its flat fee of 0.2%, with this users who are in possession of the token

  • High liquidity
  • Fast transaction speed
  • Discounts are given on its flat fees for its token holders
  • The withdrawal fee is low
  • Top notch security available
  • The exchange doesn't accept flats yet

Revainrating 4 out of 5

A crypto exchange platform you can use: Coineal

Hi everyone, today I am going to present you my review of the Coineal exchange platform, which is a crypto exchange platform. I have been using the Coineal exchange platform for about 2 months and I can say that I am very pleased with this situation. It is a crypto exchange platform where I use crypto money in my investment or withdrawal transactions. I can say that my transactions are quickly accepted every time. I have never had a problem with my transactions and it is a platform…

  • It is a crypto exchange platform that I can recommend well.
  • It is a platform in which operations are fast and simple.
  • The transaction fees are a little too high.

Revainrating 4 out of 5


coineal is a platform that is characterized by its fluid interface and easy to handle. This exchange platform offers its exchange services very easy to use since it allows the user to sell and buy the cryptocurrencies supported and listed in their interfaces, in addition to having very good security and speed of processing operations, making transactions more easy for its users, this platform does not have fees for asset deposits which is a notable advantage compared to other exchange platforms

  • great security
  • Good references
  • multiple cryptocurrencies available
  • It has a mobile application
  • does not accept fiat
  • does not have investment methods

Revainrating 4 out of 5


Coineal's exchange platform is characterized by providing all its users with excellent security and an interface that is very easy to handle even for new users in the market. This platform offers ease of use to all its users to exchange any asset on their cryptocurrency lis, it has a very good liquids since it has an acceptable volume in the market. With this platform, any user can buy and sell assets with great comfort, but every day multiple users ask for more forms of investment and I'm not

  • Mobile application available for android devices
  • Standard transaction fees
  • Branches in different places in Asia
  • Trading platform available anywhere in the world
  • Does not accept fiat currencies
  • It does not have investment methods
  • It lacks some functions in the negotiations

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Coineal this is a very good cryptocurrency exchange

Coineal this is a very good cryptocurrency exchange used in the Asian continent, this exchange is very young but nevertheless it is very good it offers many positive characteristics in the digital world some of this is its liquidity when performing operations, this means that the operations are instantaneous and are very reliable when performing them, It has more than 40 verified pairs and others related to few known assets, it has a very well designed and optimized interface for new users this

  • It has a good level of security and cold storage of assets.
  • Application available for Androrid
  • does not accept fiat currency

While there are a few red flags about the exchange, it has been in business for about a year and a half now with no major incidents or controversies. The lack of transparency is suspicious, however, and its leadership seems to be weak. There is also the lack of support for fiat currencies, as well as the lack of margin trading which is becoming more and more popular. But, the exchange does offer some pretty popular coins, and it has low fees, so it is not surprising that its daily trading…

  • No deposit fees
  • Trading fees lower than average
  • A good number of trading pairs
  • It has a native cryptocurrency
  • High daily trading volume
  • Multi-language support on its website
  • Uses Anti-DDoS system
  • Coineal dors not accepté any deposits of fiat currency. This mens that New crypto investies cancer trade here

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Exchange available worldwide.

This exchange is specialized in offering ease and security of use to change any asset listed on its platform. It has a large number of available markets, and a good liquidity that allows any user to buy or sell comfortably and quickly. Taking into account that the most popular currencies in the market are listed in addition to some possible investments that are usually launched in this important exchange. In general this is an exchange with which you will have no problem to buy and sell your…

  • According to CMC, it is number 13 by market capitalization.
  • It has more than 40 verified pairs and others related to few known assets.
  • Transaction fees are within average.
  • It has branches in different countries of Asia.
  • It has a good level of security and cold storage of assets.
  • Available to market anywhere in the world.
  • Application available for Androrid  
  • Without some negotiation options.
  • Without fiat.
  • Without future markets.
  • does not offer leverage
  • No investment methods.  

Coineal cryptocurrency exchange is registered in the Seychelles, is not regulated and serves primarily residents of China. For Russian-speaking and English-speaking users Coineal exchange may be of interest for its high liquidity and availability of API-interface. The owners of the crypto-exchange and even the location of its main office are unknown. as administrators say, the exchange has a system of automatic recognition of suspicious behavior of users. In case the user demonstrates "unusual"

  • The management company Coineal was in Seychelles, and therefore, the exchange is unregulated. According to the website of the exchange and analysis of its traffic, the main customers Coineal resident of China and Southeast Asia, trading on the stock exchange primarily bitcoin [BTC] and stablename Tether [USDT]. At the beginning of February 2019, the exchange supports 53 coins and 82 trading pairs, but there are no such popular cryptocurrencies as Ripple [XRP], TRON [TRX], Stellar [XLM] on the exchange. The crypto currency exchange Coineal released its own token'NEAL, traded only in the exchange. Traditionally, exchange tokens give owners discounts when paying trading commissions, listing new tokens on the exchange, as well as other bonuses and rewards — at the discretion of the exchange administration. At the same time, on the Coineal website, information about the NEAL token is available only in Chinese, which complicates the work with the token for crypto-investors who do not speak this language. - a large trading volume = higher liquidity - simple trading interface - availability of mobile application - availability of referral program (rewards for your invited users) - the presence of an API that allows you to create your own trading programs (trading bots)
  • Trading Commission on Coineal crypto-exchange is 0.15%. There is no mention of other commissions on the exchange website. Enter cryptocurrency on Coineal traditionally kryptomere not subject to commissions, but the withdrawal will have to pay Commission (Commission for the miners). - does not support Russian language - some sections of the site are only available in Chinese - does not support Fiat currency - does not support margin trading is not enough information user interface - slow support service, sometimes switching to Chinese instead of English - lack of round-the-clock user support - no online user reviews about the market Coineal