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My review of Dogecoin In the digital fever, which is shaking all those who have been dealing with cryptocurrencies lately, Dogecoin has also found its place - a cryptocurrency created from mimes where the Shiba Inu dog is a dog. Dogecoin first appeared in 2013, and its value of then it grows, althouVedi recensione completa

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My review of Litecoin

This is my Litecoin review Litecoin is one of the leading cryptocurrencies and a valuable investment this year. Bitcoin blockchain. Crypto does not occupy the dominant position it once was, however, investors may want to take it into account again. It is easy to dig and during the digging we followVedi recensione completa

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What i think of CoinEx

This is my review of CoinEx CoinEx is an interesting exchange office which, in addition to the convenience of ease of operation and simple and beautiful design, can provide any user with an easy interface. Minimal fee, variety, quick replacement are just some of the advantages of this exchange officVedi recensione completa

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This is my review of Monaco Space Gray Card The Monaco Space Gray Card is a card that can be used to post on the cryptocurrency market. The many benefits that this card offers made me use it. It is widespread in many parts and the distribution is getting bigger and bigger. When you pay you can get aVedi recensione completa

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Hello everyone, this is my review of LocalCoinSwap LocalCoinSwap is a multifunctional exchange where you can exchange, send, buy and sell crypto. I love when I see innovative and interesting exchange offices with a great future. Your transactions remain private and it is not possible for some hackerVedi recensione completa

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Hello guys, this is my review of LGBTQ Network Foundation. The LGBTQ Network Foundation is an interesting wallet with which you can easily pay anywhere in the world, you can pay in different countries, with people whose language you don't even understand. Physical banknotes are a thing of the past, Vedi recensione completa

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My review of Atletico De Madrid Fan Token Atletico De Madrid Fan Token is interesting idea and an interesting project is that cryptocurrency has the name of world and, above all, European clubs. They are already established brands and have many fans. I think that all fans will find a coin of their cVedi recensione completa

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My review of Bitcoin

What i like. Bitcoin does not involve any third parties, such as banks, nor are they controlled by any entity, such as governments or central banks. In this way, the value of cryptocurrencies cannot be manipulated at the whim of a few. Bitcoin transfers take minutes (or even seconds) to complete anVedi recensione completa

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My review of AVCCOIN

What is AVCCOIN? Like all cryptocurrencies, AVCCOIN is a digital currency that can be bought and sold like an investment and spent like money. This coin is good to use and to pay for because there are no huge oscillations happening in a short period of time, but I hope it will experience an explosiVedi recensione completa

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Merge Cat is an interesting and good blockchain game that you can't stop when you start playing. Connecting cats is getting harder and harder to get to a higher level, but you have to do something at all times. You also have daily tasks and achievements. With all that, by playing this game you can Vedi recensione completa

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My review of G999

G999 is a big project that in my opinion has a bright future. Faster transactions, minimum fees are something that will attract everyone's attention. On top of all that, the site has an interesting design and looks eye-catching. In my opinion, more and more people will switch and make transactions tVedi recensione completa

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