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Dogecoin Review

It could take a long time to just talk about Dogecoin as it is a favorite cryptocurrency. I will start by saying what everyone already knows, it is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies and its creation is linked to a funny story of a meme. Although its market value is very low, it is considered one ofレビュー全文を見る


Revain Review

Previously I used Revain as a passive user, simply to seek opinions on projects and wallets that I was considering using, this helped me a lot since thanks to these reviews I did not fall for scams of some projects that called my intention, but also to blindly trust a service. After visiting the レビュー全文を見る


Augur Review

My interests are varied, I like sports, the economy, some politics, and even some reality shows. I mention this because at Augur I can make money by betting on things that I like. Augur is a de-centralized platform that called based on the Ethereum blockchain technology, it was basically created レビュー全文を見る


I want to make a parenthesis in my reviews to talk about Bittrex. I have read different reviews and comments on different websites about this exchange and it attracts my attention, but I have a very big problem and it is THAT I CANNOT USE IT IN MY COUNTRY. The mobile application is not availabレビュー全文を見る


Yobit Review

YoBit, first of all I have to say that I do not like your website, obviously I am not saying that this is why the exchange is bad or fraudulent, I simply do not like its design but I do like many things about it. I have been working on Yobit for a couple of months, this because it has tokes that レビュー全文を見る


KuCoin Review

Kucoin is the exchange platform with three years in the cryptocurrency industry, I have been using this exchange for a little over a year, my experience has regularly been good except for once if there is a problem. The greatest advantage of this platform is the large number of cryptocurrencies aレビュー全文を見る

coinbase walletロゴ

Coinbase Wallet is undoubtedly one of the best option to store cryptocurrencies, this is because it stores cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Clasicc, Litecoin and all its ERC20 tokens, in addition to the direct connection it has with it. Coinbase exchange. But, STレビュー全文を見る

blockchain walletロゴ

Blockchain wallet, I have used this wallet very little and not because it is bad and not secure, simply because it offers me very few cryptocurrencies available to store. This wallet gives me very good security, among the aspects that I like the most about this is the two-factor authentication, Bレビュー全文を見る


Coinomi Review

Coinomi for me has been one of the best wallets I have used, from its easy handling to the security it generates when depositing and withdrawing my cryptocurrencies. When I got a job in which my salary would be in cryptocurrency, I did not know anything about it, I did not know where to spend it レビュー全文を見る


DASH Review

Dash is another of the most stable cryptocurrencies on the market, and it has had a growth in its value that has put it more in the sights for those in the know of this market. This cryptocurrency has focused on Latin American users and that has resulted in a positive way, clearly it is seen at itsレビュー全文を見る


Litecoin Review

Litecoin is the cryptocurrency that I currently use the most, it is the one that offers me the most benefits according to my movements in exchanges and wallets because my transfers rarely exceed one hundred dollars and the commission that it generates is insignificant. As everyone will notice, Liteレビュー全文を見る


Bitcoin review

Talking about Bitcoin is definitely one of my favorite topics, I see it comically as a power that takes over the world little by little. And, who does not know what Bitcoin is? Although not everyone knows how to handle it and even less use it as a form of payment, I am sure it is a matter of time soレビュー全文を見る

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