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Crypto com, I will transfer my experience and experience I have gained from my use of about 1 year to this article where you will read. As you know, it is a rapidly growing cryptocurrency exchange. I believe it will be in a very good position in the crypto money market in the near future, a crypto currency exchange with a very high potential. Of course, the fact that such large exchanges host thousands of cryptocurrencies is the biggest advantage of these exchanges, they host hundreds of popular crypto currencies on the market and we can see the market values ​​and graphics of these cryptocurrencies. A great crypto currency exchange that they can use for website and mobile users, Crypto com as a mobile device user, I have the mobile application on my mobile device personally, never burdening our device, very easy, very simple and useful system interface. They keep the security of our account at the highest level wレビュー全文を見る


With a video I watched, I registered on the LIVECOIN stock exchange, one of the rare exchanges I have used for a long time. I think it is a very good exchange, we can trade without KYC, KYC is not mandatory, it has hundreds of cryptocurrencies, we can buy cryptocurrencies with a credit card, we can get a response from a very secure exchange and support team in a very fast time like half an hour. It does not require a minimum fee for depositing cryptocurrencies and requires a small transaction fee for cryptocurrency withdrawals. Language settings on the website are very troublesome, when we translate it into Turkish, the languages ​​get mixed up. If it had a mobile application, maybe the stock market could have been in a better spot. But lately we haven't been able to enter the stock market, there are news about his hecking, we don't know how accurate it is and they say the exchange will close, I personally wouldn't want the exchange toレビュー全文を見る

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The best cryptocurrency wallet I have used personally must be the COINBASE wallet and I strongly recommend using this wallet. A great wallet that is very simple and easy to use. It is a very nice mobile application that can be used for mobile users and that I have on my mobile device that I use myself. There are only 43 cryptocurrencies in the wallet, of course, these cryptocurrencies are the most popular cryptocurrencies available on the market. The Coinbase wallet does not require a minimum fee for depositing cryptocurrencies, it is a wallet where I can deposit and store very, very small amounts of cryptocurrencies. Crypto money withdrawals do not require a fee, zero commission. The Coinbase wallet is secure, but not very secure in my opinion, it only has security with email and phone number, maybe it would be better if it had Google 2FA security. There is a Pin to protect the mobile application, you can keep the mobile appレビュー全文を見る


Today, I will write my thoughts and experiences about the OKEX exchange, which is a wonderful cryptocurrency exchange that I have used since its establishment and still use, and where I do almost all my crypto money transactions. First of all, we can trade without KYC on the OKEX exchange, we can trade with minimum commission in crypto money transfers, have a simple and easy-to-use interface, we can see hundreds of cryptocurrencies and market values ​​of these cryptocurrencies. Registering on the OKEX exchange requires only an email and password, then we secure our account with your phone number and Google 2FA. A great support team that I can get a very fast response compared to the major exchanges, they can respond to us in about 1 or 2 hours. OKEX exchange has designed a great mobile application for mobile users, with an uncomplicated and simple control panel, high security with high protection, we can see the market values ​​of all cryレビュー全文を見る


I became a member of the HotBit exchange thanks to the recommendation of a close friend, but I wish I was not a member, I regret extremely high transaction fees, I used only 2 weeks I invested some crypto money to trade I used a little bit, bought and sold but I was able to withdraw only half of the cryptocurrency I deposited. the other half went to transaction fees. Of course, this crypto currency exchange has its good sides, it contains hundreds of cryptocurrencies. As a mobile user and a Turkish citizen, I downloaded the hotbit mobile application to try it, but could not find Turkish language support. It has a very simple and easy to use interface, it is not too complicated. I did not encounter any problems in terms of security, they keep account security at the highest level thanks to many security tools such as phone number, e-mail, google 2FA and account login password. I got a job for the support team of the HotBit exchange, I could getレビュー全文を見る

btcturk | proロゴ

I will share my thoughts and experiences about BTCTÜRK PRO, a crypto currency exchange that I have been using for about 5 years and trading in Turkish lira and crypto money transactions. As you noticed the name on a pro btctürk Turkey and one of the first stock exchange was established in Turkey with the Turkish lira, which allows us to take action. As a crypto money exchange with a mobile application and as a mobile user, I cannot say that I am very pleased with the mobile application of btctürk pro, it has a very complex and very difficult interface for new users, and of course I can say that I had a hard time when I first use it. BTCTÜRK PRO does not make TL deposits, withdrawals and crypto money deposits, withdrawals without KYC, KYC is required. It has a very fast support team and a very secure protection system. I could not find any shortcomings. If it wants to be in a good place in the world class, BTCTÜRK PRレビュー全文を見る


When I entered the crypto money market, the first crypto money exchange I used, of course I was very new in building back then, it took a while to get used to it, but now I use it like a professional. I recommend it to you, it has a very simple and very simple interface, a very useful exchange for new users. It may be the only stock market in the world that has reached millions of users. It is home to many cryptocurrencies you can think of. It allows us to make transactions with minimum commission in crypto money transactions, which is one of the biggest features of binanc. A great new feature is that you can stake cryptocurrencies inside the exchange. As a mobile user, I am very satisfied with the Binance mobile application, I have not encountered any problems, high security, easy and convenient interface, multi-language support, a great mobile application that I use constantly. The presence of Turkish language support as a Turkish citizen and most importantly, weレビュー全文を見る


It is one of the oldest systems of digital payment methods, which was very popular in the years I used it and reached millions of users. A digital payment system that is used almost all over the world and has 280 million active users in total when I write this article. Turkey has announced that a PayPal user as years ago, withdrew from turkey, turkey users in the course of this explanation was very upset and she was so lost in users. Because of wits with the bank in paypal turkey they were very upset us. I'd like Paypal again be active in turkey in turkey too and I think that's a very very happy to hear this case. It is a system that I do not regret in the years I used it and I used more than my bank account. As a mobile user, the simple and plain interface of the Paypal mobile application, ease of use, strict security is one of the best applications I have used. Digital payment method used in many websites and shopping sites. A systemレビュー全文を見る


Cryptonator is a great cryptocurrency wallet with a simple and simple interface that you can love and use. A wallet where you can collect cryptocurrencies. Hosting only 9 popular cryptocurrencies reduces the popularity of the wallet. The reason I do not recommend you to deposit a large amount of crypto money is very troublesome in terms of security, there is only e-mail registration and there is no google authenticator security. Thanks to the calculator in the wallet, we can see the value of the crypto coins in our account with other crypto currencies. Although it does not require a minimum fee for depositing crypto money into the wallet, it requires zero commission in sending crypto money, and this should be one of the best features. As a mobile user, I would like to have Turkish language support in the application. Although not very popular with many users a wallet in Turkey. If more tokens were added, he might have been in a better spot. It wouldレビュー全文を見る


A cryptocurrency transaction fees that I never want to use are extremely high, I think this is what other people think, I'm right. I don't understand why transaction fees are so high. In some transfers I want to make with etherum, I will make transaction fees 2 or 3 times the transfer, I don't understand! The higher the value of etherium, the higher the transaction fees. Trust Wallet is best if you want to make a transfer, while trust wallet etherium transaction fee is great with very little. There is no problem with investment, in my opinion, investing in etherium leaves a very good profit. There are thousands of etherium-based altcoins, and the transaction fees for these altcoins are as high as etherium. It is in the second place in the crypto money market, it is very popular no matter how high the transaction fees are, certain people use this crypto money a lot, it is loved. For some reason I could not love. レビュー全文を見る


Dogecoin, my favorite cryptocurrency. Having a good place in the crypto money market allows it to be traded on almost all exchanges and wallets. It is a crypto currency that has very low transaction fees on all exchanges and can transfer in the fastest way. It is great that at this time, it makes a very good profit from investments made with the increase in Dogecoin value. If I want to transfer from one wallet to another, I will transfer it to dogecoin and I suggest you will be more profitable. I always invest as Dogecoin in investment systems such as cloud mining from the internet. In Dogecoin mining, it earns more in less time than other crypto currencies. A crypto currency that is indispensable for Turkish crypto money exchanges and is the most popular among people. Of course, Dogecoin is not found in some crypto currency exchanges, and KuCoin exchange must be one of the biggest losses of these exchanges. The bad thing about Dogecoin is thレビュー全文を見る


KuCoin exchange, which has a good place in the crypto money market. Turkey's stock market kuco grandfather famous by hosting the many Altcom have many users. KuCoin, which is one of the best aspects, has many payment methods, it is a great exchange that pays to wallets like Payeer, Paypal and ADVCash from the most famous virtual wallets. The presence of Turkish language support is the most important feature of using this exchange. With multiple altcoins, KuCoin explains that it is a great exchange, charging the lowest transaction fees for these altcoins. We have no problems in terms of security and we can get fast answers from the support team. KuCoin is a great stock market with a mobile app. KuCoin, a mobile application I use frequently, I have not encountered any problems, I think I am strongly liquidating a good stock market. The very low transaction fees for trading may be the reason you love this exchange. レビュー全文を見る


We can use many altcoins on the HitBtc exchange, which has a large place in the crypto money market, and the HitBtc exchange charges very low transaction fees compared to other exchanges. We can get an immediate response from the HitBtc help center, which has no security problems. Although it is the exchange I use the most, the biggest shortcoming is the lack of Turkish language support. If Turkish language support comes, it will be a great exchange. HitBtc is an exchange with a great mobile app to enter the stock market from the phone. Thanks to the mobile application, I can handle all my work in 5 minutes. Thanks to the encrypted security in the mobile application, all my assets in the application are kept safe. All the cryptocurrency withdrawals I do are done at the speed of light, a great exchange. It would be nice if there was a reference system, but never mind. A very useful stock exchange. The best and useful exchange for someone who wants to enter the crypレビュー全文を見る

trust walletロゴ


Although Trust wallet contains many cryptocurrencies, it charges a lot of transaction fees for etherium and etherium-based (ERC20) transactions. I want to make a $ 1 transaction, it asks for a $ 10 transaction fee, it can't be such a silly thing. Although it is a BINANCE supported wallet, the transaction fees are very high, besides these, it also requires a lot of transaction fees in the conversion process. While BINANCR's transaction fees are very low, the trust wallet is not. However, the trust wallet is a great wallet to accumulate etherium-based tokens. A trust wallet with no shortage of security issues would be a great wallet if it does a lot of work to fix these cons. Thanks to the browser in the trust wallet application, which provides convenience in crypto money exchanges, we can handle changes such as the best coin swap transactions (uniswap, pancecswap) in a minute. レビュー全文を見る



Pariba which is one of Turkey's deep-rooted crypto currency stock exchanges in the world rankings despite having a good place. While hosting the most popular cryptocurrencies, we cannot use many altcoins. While Paribuda transaction fees are extremely high for bitcoin, it makes me happy that there are no transaction fees for other altcoins. We are afraid of withdrawing Turkish lira due to the high transaction fee for withdrawing Turkish lira, which is one of the downsides. We are faced with many problems while using Paribunun mobile application. They always say that there will be problems in the trading transactions we will make in the mobile application, they will fix them, but with every update, a new problem occurs, they could not solve the problems in the mobile application. But despite these problems, I can't give up on the wonderful stock market Paribu. When I write to the support team, I get an immediate response. If many altcoins come to Paribu, I think paribu will be an iレビュー全文を見る



Bitcoin always ranks # 1 in cryptocurrency rankings. Although the cryptocurrency has the highest value, the transaction fee between exchanges is the highest. I think it will be best for exchanges to lower transaction fees. We cannot use bitcoin on Turkish stock exchanges, transaction fees are very high. I prefer to deposit altcoins rather than Bitcoin. But the best part of bitcoin is that we make very good money by buying and selling, and the constant increase in bitcoin leaves us a very good profiBitcoin always ranks # 1 in cryptocurrency rankings. Although the cryptocurrency has the highest value, the transaction fee between exchanges is the highest. I think it will be best for exchanges to lower transaction fees. We cannot use bitcoin on Turkish stock exchanges, transaction fees are very high. I prefer to deposit altcoins rather than Bitcoin. However, bitcoin & nbsp; The nice thing is that we make great money by trading. The constant increase of bitcoin always makes those whoレビュー全文を見る

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