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About Livecoin

Livecoin is a modern service that provides access to the cryptocurrency market. It is based on a platform that allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrency, play courses, and thereby earn money. The system supports the ability to conduct transactions between multiple trade pairs. For example, a user can exchange BTC, LTC, Emercoin for rubles, dollars, as well as euros. In this case, the exchange has its own currency - LiveCoin Code. Due to this, customers can keep their savings without fear of exchange rate changes, as well as without carrying out exchange operations.

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My encounter with LiveCoin exchange.....

Accepted in various countries globally, LiveCoin is a cryptocurrency and a digital asset exchange and trading platform that deals with quite a number of cryptocurrencies. Registration of course is…See more

The Livecoin Exchange Platform Isn't Transparent Enough

I guess the number of exchanges we have today in the blockchain network are much and this has been able to breed the spirit if competition amongst them. This would require a trader to look into a…See more


In my post today, I will talk about another exchange, Livecoin. This exchange is truly a large platform for cryptocurrency. But I can say that he is mainly interested in Bitcoin and Litecoin…See more


This centralized exchange was established in 2013, with it headquarter in London. This one of the exchange platform that is easy to use. One of the things I love about this crypto exchange…See more


Today I will present you my review of Livecoin, an exchange in the stock exchanges section. One of the reasons I write this review about Livecoin is the information I have gained from using the…See more

Livecoin will become an exchange to look out for

Livecoin has gain its name in crypto place by provoding excellent trading conditons and features that looks attractive. Exchange offers relaible trading conditons and atmosphere to trade coins of…See more


Livecoin with over 200+ trading pairs both support for crypto and fiat currency provide users with incredible trading experience has large trading volume with several years of operating in the…See more

Livecoin Exchange.

Livecoin is an exchange that only supports fiat currencies such as USD y EUR as well as cryptocurrencies, therefore you must deposit funds in any of the wallets offered in the Livecoin…See more

Livecoin: weak Liquidity but Practical for trading different Altcoins

Looking for a good service that offers the necessary advantages to trade cryptos is not an easy task. There are hundreds of virtual markets offering the same benefits, and others go even beyond. But…See more

Livecoin, An exchange with great benefits and operations for users.

Livecoin is similar to other cryptocurrency exchanges; However, there are some elements that differentiate it from the rest. Livecoin is a fairly solid platform that, despite its short time on the…See more

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