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herefish by bullhorn 로고

Herefish by Bullhorn

It's very user-friendly! I like that you can easily make edits as needed without having to wait days or weeks for an update from your team if something goes wrong with one of their updates. You really have no idea how long things will take until they are actually live in production; this is not helpful at all when trying to plan out my schedule. We've been using herefish since we started our agency back in April 2018 and haven't had any issues yet (knock wood!). The platform has allowed us to streamline some time consuming tasks which was great because now more time could be spent doing what matters most - finding amazing talent!!전체 리뷰보기

comodo certificate manager 로고

Comodo Certificate Manager

I like that it has many options for managing certificates, including self-signed ones! It's also very easy to use (and free!). Sometimes there is an issue with cert renewal but this isn't always as bad of experience when compared against other certificate management software/services out in market right now such as Symantec or GoDaddy certs etc.). The interface can sometimes be confusing if you're not familiar which makes using CertMgr more difficult than necessary at times - however getting used takes less time then expected once they are explained well enough by their support team :) We have been able solve our problems related security quite easily since we started working together via email & phone calls so far everything seems pretty smooth going forward too us!!전체 리뷰보기

expawlorer waterproof reflective booties medium 로고

EXPAWLORER Waterproof Reflective Booties Medium

My dog is 14.5 years old and already has vision and hearing problems. Also, their legs hurt and they become weak. I have wooden floors. She had these vestibular episodes from time to time and was shaky with her head tilted for 2-4 weeks :(. I put ugly carpets around the house so she could walk. It was fine until she had a bout of diarrhea and she didn't stain ALL! I had to throw them out. She had another seizure that night and she slipped, her poop spilling all over the wood. Two nights in a row. I only found two more old carpets in my garage and then I decided to try dog shoes she hates being combed or bothered so I didn't think she would wear shoes to my surprise she let me put them on for the most part it's pretty easy she uses them and they work the right one slips off sometimes but for the most part they stay put if secured properly I am attaching a video she is a 49 lb border collie and this is a size 4 also I am hanging 2 pictures on, and with 4 in a pack I can wash b and alternate if necessary. She also wears them outside and still hasn't written or gotten #2 or 3. Update: for some reason her right leg didn't stay, but even a left hind leg helped her not to completely slip off. Be sure to check your dog's feet and ankles for blisters. Make sure the Velcro is not too tight. The shoe also pivots on her foot but doesn't seem to affect its function.전체 리뷰보기

hide files 로고

Hide Files

I use this product for privacy and to keep my files secure. I feel more secure knowing that my files are encrypted. I have noticed that this product is pretty slow and it takes longer than usual to encrypt and decrypt files. But this is a small price to pay knowing my files are encrypted. I prefer this product over other encryption software because it allows me to keep all of my files and folders encrypted. The best feature in this software is its ability to hide multiple files at once. This allows you to keep some files private and others public. Also it's very easy to use.I have nothing negative to say about this software. It has been very helpful for my needs. I wish this was around when I was younger because I would have used it a lot more. This is a great way to secure your personal files. 전체 리뷰보기

lychee upgrade automatic aquarium dispenser 로고

Lychee Upgrade Automatic Aquarium Dispenser

App - Abomination

If you bought this unit because you needed something reliable to feed your fish, this is NOT for you. The feeder generally works. If you can't connect it, please make sure you are connected to a 2.4GHz network. Looks like the app was translated by someone who couldn't afford Google Translate. It's very hard to understand, whenever I have to change something every few months I feel pain. Worst of all, they seem to have some sort of ghost automation, which means that even if I set the automation to work a certain way at a certain time, some machines will also run at odd times, maybe some old ones that I set it to be booted up a few months ago and not visible in the app so there's nothing you can do about it. I would NOT trust this device/app to feed the fish that often and at the times I set it up it's all hit and miss.전체 리뷰보기

sades controller cancelling headphones surround 로고

SADES Controller Cancelling Headphones Surround

I needed an inexpensive headset that would provide quality audio for conferences and video recording. They look good enough that I'm not embarrassed to be in front of the camera with them. This is my first gaming headset so I have no comparison either; I've had them for less than a week. I use it on a Windows 10 laptop. The microphone is on the left side and the headset is well padded; when ordering, i didn't notice whether you can adjust the microphone to the right or left hand and the microphone cannot be switched. With headphones, I can hear ambient noise without distracting them. My voice is clear with no distortion on the recorded videos, so the mic is good. I found my ears started to sweat after a short while, but I used them for over an hour on a conference call with no problems. They came with a driver CD but since I don't have a floppy drive on my laptop I couldn't use it. After searching for drivers on the SADES website I ended up on the Mediafire website when I clicked the download button for their drivers and could never find the correct drivers. After plugging them into a USB port, my computer set them up as generic USB audio. Device. The speakers worked out of the box, but using the Windows microphone setup utility was somewhat arbitrary. And sometimes you need to reconfigure the microphone when the computer is turned off or the headset is disconnected (regardless of whether the computer is off or on at the time of disconnection). The hand control is a bit sensitive. I accidentally increased the volume to 100 (14 was comfortable for me) by holding the volume up button for too long. When you turn off the microphone, the headset lights up. Adding an interesting accent to the headset, the four blue cobra eyes stay on while plugged into the USB port, even when the laptop is off or in sleep mode. Have them in your room, you don't need a night light! I'm not entirely sure I would buy them again and I'm still considering returning them as I have to reset the mic from time to time.전체 리뷰보기

hubsan channel 2 4ghz quadcopter charge 로고

Hubsan Channel 2 4GHz Quadcopter Charge

DO NOT BUY THIS. unless you like buying things that don't work well. I did a lot of research on microdrones before making this purchase. Most videos and reviews praise the value and quality of this quad, but unfortunately my experience is not that good. I actually bought 2 of these and was VERY disappointed in both. They were great initially, synced to the transmitters with ease, and flew out of the box pretty well. The problem is that it's IMPOSSIBLE to stop it from drifting. I've followed the calibration instructions over and over again, but it still drifts horribly to one side. It's so bad I can't even compensate with the joystick. If this was just an issue with one of the quads I would just attribute it to a faulty drone, but both quads have the same issue. I also bought some extra blades, batteries and motors for it, knowing that everything would inevitably fail and need to be replaced. However, it looks like they won't be needed since this quad can't fly, making all those extra parts useless. My advice to anyone looking to buy one of these quads is to save money and buy something that actually works. I wish I had!전체 리뷰보기

cnarery protector compatible anti scratch definition 로고

Cnarery Protector Compatible Anti Scratch Definition

Not suitable!

Although it's supposedly made for the Galaxy Tab 7, it covers the camera lens to fit the screen. It also says there are no bubbles, but there were bubbles to work with.전체 리뷰보기

popetpop nursery aquarium fish breeding box large 로고

POPETPOP Nursery Aquarium Fish Breeding Box Large

Best used as a simple separation tank. I like to collect a new batch of guppy babies and put them there for a week or two until they are big enough to not look like food. I have also used it as a holder for fish that are moving to another tank but have to wait for that tank to cycle. He's doing fine. It gets dirty more easily than other devices because it is a mesh material. And you can see the foam better because it's white. The suction cups are better than others I've used. Definitely sucks great.전체 리뷰보기

small pet select jumbo bedding 로고

Small Pet Select Jumbo Bedding

I've just started using this product for about a month. My family and I have a guinea pig and we use blankets as bedding, but over time they become too smelly, not easy to clean and time-consuming. OMG Aspen Bedding will save you so much time, grab a dustpan and garbage bag, scoop out and fill the cage. The aspen bedding really absorbed the smell of urine and feces. Tip: We use dog mats on the floor and then attach wooden floor. Low maintenance, now we only have to clean the cage once a week with about 2 inches of litter. Quick pre-cleaning just got easier. If your pet has a specific area that he or she prefers to do business in, you can dig up and fill that area during the weekday. I thought our guinea pig would have trouble adjusting, but he likes popcorn (hops) a lot more these days. I highly recommend. It's safe for your pet and safe for humans, a pleasant smell I must add.전체 리뷰보기

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