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Kooboo CMS

The ability to create custom modules with ease, it's easy for development teams using C# or VB as they are able to develop their own functions in order to customize functionality that other developers would not have thought of beforehand. I wish there was more documentation about how things work behind-the scenes so we could learn some tips from what others did wrong when developing our extensions/modules since the tutorials were quite limited compared to many competitors' products (e.g., WordPress). We used this product at my current job but only briefly because of its limitations regarding SEO integration into pages / content creation. However, after leaving my previous employer, I realized just how much better everything works once you're out of those constraints! 전체 리뷰보기

webchurch connect 로고

WebChurch Connect

I like that it is simple to use, easy for my church members (and myself) to navigate through when looking at our website or other online platforms such as Facebook etc., It saves us time in managing all of these different websites/platforms! Nothing really - just make sure you have enough storage space available so there's no issues with loading times etc! We also realized how important keeping up-to date social media posts are from day one after we started using this platform; therefore making them easier than before now too!! 전체 리뷰보기

bitlumex 로고


Our team of developers has been working very hard putting out regular releases, new features are coming in all times! Sometimes I feel some bugs can be found but they usually correct themselves rather quickly or get resolved pretty quicky with an update from their side. So it's definitely not something that really annoys me too much. Take to them for any problems you might have as i'm sure there will always at least one answer (from our support) waiting patiently right here ready :) Support is great so far - fast responses even if its just asking questions through telegram chatbot about what feature should look like etc when creating your website design/theme package which was needed by us earlier this year!! The team is very professional and responsive, they are always working to improve their product.The communication with them is great as well. Honestly I don't have any complains about this service. It's great! I highly recommend it. We use it to track our social media activities. So far everything is going good.We also use it to promote our ICO. The reporting of campaigns is really efficient, it's easy to understand what worked and what didn't.It has helped us to understand our audience. 전체 리뷰보기

gominer cloud mining 로고

Gominer Cloud Mining

The interface was easy enough for me as an average user; I didn't feel like it slowed down my computer too much or anything during normal usage (although there's no doubt that some people would have issues). It did not give any warning when something went wrong - sometimes you'd think everything had gone okay but then realise later your coins were stolen! Not great if this happens over time though because at least they are still making money from them so don't lose hope until all traces clear up after being discovered by whoever stole/stole-watched their wallet address etc. Make sure anyone has access to view what info can be found about transactions before deciding whether its worth using. There really isn't much else to say other than make use of cloudminers whenever possible, even just looking through stats helps show how successful someone might potentially become.전체 리뷰보기

goecart 로고


Great support, easy product setup & deployment with quick ROI as well! There is nothing that I dislike about this system atm so far :) Would love it if there would be more reports or stats available for some things such like average time spend in cart / checkout etc (would enable us do better analysis). Make sure you have good understanding what your going into - very customizable outofthebox solution. We needed an Ecomm platform which met our needs from start till finish without hassle/complaints along way :)).전체 리뷰보기

light4 로고


I like that it is very easy to use, has many features for different types of businesses including small business accounting software. The customer support team at light 4 can help you with all your questions! There are some bugs such as when creating invoices sometimes they don't print correctly or there will be blank spaces in between them which makes tracking payments difficult but overall great product!! Great products out their if looking into government contracts/accounting systems because its more accurate than other competitors due to having an audit trail available so easily accessible information about what went where etc.전체 리뷰보기

pinggo 로고


I like that it's easy to use, you can add pictures or video if needed and have your own branding. You also can customize how many people will see each post depending on their role in your business (CEO, Director). It would be nice if you could choose from 2 different templates for each type of post but this might limit customization options. Sometimes there are glitches when posting which makes me think they need more support staff! We're using pinggo as part of our marketing strategy to get out news about our new product releases to all relevant parties within our organization.전체 리뷰보기

ismartlife 로고


I like that it helps me plan my tasks efficiently by organizing them in groups so they are more visible at once - which makes managing everything much easier than using different applications for each project or group separately (I use both Trello as well). It also provides great integrations into other services such platforms/tools- allowing easy access from anywhere! Some people might find this platform too complicated but after spending some time working through tutorials there was no problem finding out how things worked.- This tool helped us manage our daily activities better because we could organize all these small steps together under one umbrella instead having several tools organized around separate topics / fields within an organization.- Also being able to keep track easily about deadlines & milestones without needing additional apps would be beneficial. 전체 리뷰보기

hall pass 로고

Hall Pass

I like how easy this program was for our teachers/administrators when trying out new users! It's also very user friendly with all ages being able use at any time during day hours even if they are not scheduled as an administrator (which we love). There isn't anything i dislike about hall pass but there maybe some things you have never thought off before such us blocking certain websites which could be helpful depending what your needs may need help solving? The benefits include safety while still allowing freedom within boundaries set by administrators & parents alike!! 전체 리뷰보기

pixerio solutions 로고

Pixerio Solutions

The best part is that it allows you not only view your projects but also edit them without any hassle or problems even if they are large in size! It has been very helpful for me as i have done some work using this software which required editing so many images at once time taking up my hard drive space too much thus causing issues sometimes when trying upload files etc.. I would definitely recommend anyone who wants an easy way out from all those complicated softwares available online!! You can use pixeiro solutions free trial version before actually buying anything else because its totally worth every penny spent. Its really amazing. ! 전체 리뷰보기

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