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I love how easy it is for my recruiter colleagues at RPS Recruitment who have no previous experience of using this product, they pick up very well! The only downfall was not having any integration with our Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Other than those two minor nitpicks though i couldn't find anything wrong about nage in general as their service has been great - friendly customer services team always willing to help if needed too!! A must try from anyone looking into an applicant tracking system solution but without first hand knowledge don;t go ahead unless someone more experienced recommends them otherwise there could be issues down-the line should things change or break etc which will make life hard when trying figure out what's going where/why! Their support teams are brilliant also would highly recommend talking through all requirements before handing over contracts / signing off payments because sometimes.전체 리뷰보기

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URS Agents

The main thing I like about this provider they are very professional in their work because not only do we have an agreement for them but our entire staff knows how much it matters having someone who can handle all legal needs within your organization as well! Nothing really. They were efficient through out everything so far! Great job done by these agents, best choice there ever was & will continue using throughout time!! Very helpful to have an agent. It is very convenient to be able to contact my agent at any time. This allowed me to ask questions without being interrupted. Sometimes the website would freeze or be slow to respond to my questions. This was a problem with the system. I would recommend using this company. The benefits of using this company were that I was able to have my questions answered at any time, I didn't need to be at work to contact them. 전체 리뷰보기

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JBJ Reaction Hang Aquarium Filter


Don't buy that. I thought it would be nice to be able to slide on the surface and pull from below to filter things out, but oh my god this thing is loud. I can hear it throughout the apartment as I write this review. I'll just turn it off until I get another one to replace this one, maybe I'll go back to marinelands, at least they kept me up like that all night. Don't buy, you will regret it on day one.전체 리뷰보기

dr brite cleaning human grade ingredients 로고

Dr Brite Cleaning Human Grade Ingredients

I just bought this product to freshen up my dog's mouth and improve the overall health of his teeth and gums. I took the pen out of the box and noticed that the label "pet pure" was on top of the permanent "teeth whitening pen" and "Stain B-Gone" on the plastic pen. Now I have no idea what ingredients are in this product and if it is safe for my dog. I no longer trust this product to treat my dog due to unreliable labeling and packaging! DO NOT BUY THIS ITEM!전체 리뷰보기

hitauing submersible over temperature protection freshwater 로고

HiTauing Submersible Over Temperature Protection Freshwater

At first I thought this heater was inaccurate so I arranged for a return. It turned out that my thermometer was defective. This heater heats water well and the digital display is nice. I like the cage around the heater so no fish or plants get burned. Due to my mistake I returned this for two 150w Eheim heaters. I learned on YouTube that it's better to use multiple heaters in case of failure and because it has more surface area to heat up. This is a good heater but I prefer the German Eheim Jäger TruTemp because they are from a company that has been around for a long time and they have a 3 year guarantee. They are also longer so more surface area is heated. This heater has a fairly compact 11-1/2" profile where the Eheim models are 13-5/8". So it might be better if you have an aquarium that is not very high. The price of this heater is also acceptable. I took off a star because this company has no experience and I haven't seen any guarantees.전체 리뷰보기

4yourpet barking ultrasonic controller stopper 로고

4YourPet Barking Ultrasonic Controller Stopper

My neighbor's dog barked at our cat every morning! Luckily this product works well and the dog hardly ever barks when the product is on. I just have to make sure the product needs to be at a higher level to get the best results!전체 리뷰보기

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Doorbells Premium Quality Training Adjustable

Media failed to load. This comes highly recommended and I wouldn't wait until your pup is an adult. We put this on our door where we potty train the pup. We introduced her to him for the first time on day 4 after bringing her home from the breeders (she is a cockatoo, she was 9 weeks old) and let her smell and touch her. Then she put a treat next to the bells and when she touched the bells we gave her a treat. Because she wasn't afraid of it, we just held her by the door and every time we took her to the potty, we rang the bell, then opened the door and took her to the potty. Now she is 11 weeks old. Last week she rang the bell to let us know she needed to go potty. First it was a light touch, now she's calling so we can't miss it. As I take her out I tell her to go "Potty" and ask if she needs to go "more" if not we'll be right back. We had a few times when she would call for her to go outside but I would take her out and if she didn't go to the potty right away I would just bring her back in and leave her alone for a while. If I got her out and she started potty training I would give her lots of praise during and after, but we would go right back and play. Tip: If you go potty training with her, just go potty training, no play or conversation until she gets home. If you can fence or fence a small area big enough for potty training but not for play. Otherwise they just call to go outside. However. I have an 11 week old puppy who is ringing the bell quite energetically now to let us know it's time for her to go potty. It's been a week now, no riots! This bell is great and so comfortable전체 리뷰보기

yeebeny detector windshield dashboard beltronics 로고

YeeBeny Detector Windshield Dashboard Beltronics

Easy assembly. The main problem is that the mounting system has no teeth to hold it vertically, so the detector is constantly falling down and pointing up. The suction cup keeps it on the windshield and the detector won't fall off, but you have to keep it aligned all the time. It has a tiny lock nut, I ended up tightening it with needle nose pliers.전체 리뷰보기

carolina custom cages reptile carpet reptiles & amphibians 로고

Carolina Custom Cages Reptile Carpet Reptiles & Amphibians

I bought the smaller 36" x 18" x 18" terrarium for the company, I thought now that I'm going to buy a bigger one I'll buy her too Carpet that comes with 48"x24"x24". To my surprise I got 2 pieces of felt for $34 which could be bought in the hobby or wal-mart lobby for $5 and then added in their description that I can buy anchors to attach them to the ground. for an additional amount. For real? What a waste of money. Zoo Med, Exo Terra, and Zilla have mats. Maybe not as big as the ones I got but obviously much better quality than I was feeling right now. I am very disappointed in a company that I thought was about quality. You clearly missed this one.전체 리뷰보기

frienda training clicker clickers behavioral 로고

Frienda Training Clicker Clickers Behavioral

We train dogs and I was very lucky to get a lot of clickers because we always lose them. About 1/3 of them are already broken, even if they have only been used once or twice. The button to press isn't as easy to press as other clickers and it takes a hot minute to figure out how to do it. Sometimes it's too late to click, which is frustrating. I won't buy this again.전체 리뷰보기

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