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The best part about this software is its easy to use interface and it provides excellent security features with very strong encryption process. The pricing could be low if compared to other competitors in this field but I did not face any problem while using Diskcryptor since it has highly secure encryption features which protect my data from various threats. Disk Cryptor provides better protection for your valuable files by encrypting them. This will ensure safety for those important documents that you store online or offline on different devices. One of the most commonly used tools when people want to access their sensitive information securely because they know there are no chances of someone accessing the stored files without even knowing they have been encrypted. Easy to use, can encrypt multiple drives at the same time, has a lot of options for customization, very affordable. Have not found anything I dislike about this software. If you are looking for something easy to use and understand, Diskcryptor is your product. We are using it to secure our servers and laptops as well as personal devices. It's been extremely useful in securing both business and personal data. There have been no issues with this software.전체 리뷰보기

aquasprouts garden 로고

AquaSprouts Garden


This is NOT an aquaponic system! This is the BASIC of the aquaponic system. Do not buy unless you are fully invested in the concept! While the sellers did a good job of creating a beautiful product for your home, this is a very misleading suggestion. Taking care of fish and plants isn't nearly as easy as Aquasprouts says. In short, if you keep this project and want a complete live system that looks good, is productive, and easy to maintain, you'll be spending at least $200 more. $300 is probably more accurate. It requires MUCH more planning, preparation, and maintenance than you might think. Along with the above, you need to think about the functionality. It's not for those who can't elevate the entire structure or easily reposition their tank in an emergency. They have lights, growing medium and plants to remove, and an overhanging pump. The whole thing weighs at least 10 to 25 pounds, depending on what you're growing and how you set everything up. The design is tight and not easy to grab and lift as it's not very thick plastic, so be careful. The pump is not removable! After you have connected the handset, it does not go off! This is very important to know when placing plants and decorations in an aquarium. Speaking of weight, this system ends up weighing about the same as an adult or a bit more depending on configuration, but compresses to about 1 foot by 2 feet. a rectangle that puts tremendous pressure on whatever it stands on. Be VERY careful what you install for your base and buy a quality tank. Let's go back to the system, which is just a base, it's a skeleton and nothing more. A heater is needed when your temperature fluctuates more than 3-5 degrees to ensure the health of the fish, and 5 is their elongation. You need a filter to keep the system running! You need an aquarium lamp as well as a grow lamp. Everything not included! I can't stress this enough, you need these items! (Remember, no tank or air pump is included if you want one. Also, remember about pests and how to deal with them without endangering your food OR fish!). Once you start shopping, you'll find that even with good online deals, it costs a decent amount of money! However, make sure you order your headlights and parts in advance. Shipping issues are occurring and I am having a HUGE issue with my grow light that goes with this "system". Eventually you will encounter problems. Be ready for her! Pests can fly in the door, hitchhike out of the pet store, etc. Overall, I can't give this one a positive review. I really appreciate the concept but for the price it's not worth it. The seller is misleading and does not offer enough goods for the price. Anyone who practices aquaponics knows how many elements are missing here and how disastrous it can be for someone who relies on aquasprout and tries to do it without the additional elements I mentioned. Good luck and I hope this helps!전체 리뷰보기

kihuwey galaxy s9 case crossbody lanyard zipper wallet with credit card holder and wrist strap 로고

KIHUWEY Galaxy S9 Case Crossbody Lanyard Zipper Wallet With Credit Card Holder And Wrist Strap

The phone was not secured as promised. On my first walk, my cell phone broke and fell on the ground. Now it needs to be repaired. Who pays for the necessary repairs?전체 리뷰보기

protector extender 6 outlets mountable adapter 로고

Protector Extender 6 Outlets Mountable Adapter

I have two of these. The first plugs into a regular outlet and is very easy to install. You simply remove the screw from the socket, insert this adapter and screw it in. However, the second one plugs into a GFCI socket and required some modifications. The plug and pin on this adapter will not mate with GFCI outlets. But I found that when you plug this adapter into the top GFCI socket, the screw on the adapter magically aligns with the screw holding the socket in the box, so I did the following: (1) remove the plastic pin of the adapter, (2) remove the GFCI socket, (3) remove the top screw holding the socket in the box, (4) cut a hole/notch in the top edge of the wall plate exactly where the screw is located, (5) insert that adapter into the top GFCI socket, and finally (6) insert the screw so it goes through the adapter, through the wall plate, through the top tab of the outlet, and into the box.전체 리뷰보기

pet union premium training waterproof 로고

Pet Union Premium Training Waterproof

I bought this collar almost 2 years ago and didn't write a review sooner because I wanted to see how long it would last. So here's my review: Pros: Device works as advertised. You can see in the photo of my bitch, she weighs over 100 pounds and is as strong as a bull. (No, she's not a Pitbull, she's a DOGO!) I rarely have to get past the vibration and the remote control has a pretty good range. Cons: The tiny clips holding the device to the collar broke when I had to grab it by the collar, so I had to use zip ties to hold it in place. This made charging difficult but the device was still working up until a month ago and then it started making random beeps no matter which settings were enabled so I contacted support and I have to say Mark was quick to respond and had a few questions faced the problems i had. Now that Pettech has received 5 stars it is obvious that I grabbed the collar at my mistake, but Mark just asked for a short video showing the issues I was having and he fixed me and a free one Replacement sent as the unit has a lifetime warranty. I received the replacement within 3 days and was amazed at what I received when I opened the box. They made some major updates to the original design, which shows these folks did their homework. The clips that hold the device to the collar are much stronger and are now 3 sets, the charging port is now on the bottom, and the small rubber stopper to prevent water damage has also been updated. The receiver now has a power switch so you can save battery power when not in use. The device is now waterproof and has an improved range of 1200 feet. They also include a second heavier collar for larger dogs like ours (she makes the most of nylon when fully undressed). In summary, when they say a lifetime warranty, they mean business! Working with the support team was a real pleasure. I will be recommending these collars to everyone in our kennel club as you can't go wrong with these! It's hard to find a reliable product and great customer support these days, so I take my hat off to these guys! Keep it up!전체 리뷰보기

bougainvillea adjustable seatbelt harness vehicle 로고

Bougainvillea Adjustable Seatbelt Harness Vehicle

We took Brittney Mix on a long journey. His first time. I was very concerned that he jumped out of the car when we stopped at bus stops and then got lost. This pet harness worked great. Rufus has enough room to move around in the back seat and that kept him walking until we put a leash on him.전체 리뷰보기

ys park 504 hair brush 로고

YS Park 504 Hair Brush

Real USP? ug.

Looks dated in the pictures but is actually a fake. The hair is a bit abrasive for a nape flap. At the same time, I fit in an apron pocket. It would be great if it was softer and more real wood. Seems plastic. Over $50 for the YS Park name. dear combs. Wouldn't buy this again.전체 리뷰보기

keersi parakeet cockatiel cockatoo lovebird birds 로고

Keersi Parakeet Cockatiel Cockatoo Lovebird Birds

I have two lovebirds who love to chew on everything they see. At first they thought they were seeing a strange object in the cage, but realized it was just another new toy to chew on, so I left them alone. The house is soft and feels warm inside, so this is a great property, big enough for two birds. I gave 5 stars because it's not the seller's fault, the birds loved it anyway, they even pulled strings from home to put it in their wooden nest, they just didn't like sleeping in it. At least it served a purpose for my kids.전체 리뷰보기

ware bird 089674 assorted small 로고

Ware Bird 089674 Assorted Small

I ordered a small pig litter box. I wasn't sure about the size but read some reviews and they said it was big enough for a guinea pig. What I wasn't aware of is that the reviews for the SMALL pig toilet and the BIG pig toilet are on the same list. So when reviews say Pig-loo is big enough for 1-2 guinea pigs, they speak BIG. I got the small one I ordered and my young guinea pig will definitely fit, but it can get a little tight when it grows up. I'll order another Pig-loo because I love how it looks and is solid, but I'll order a bigger one next time.전체 리뷰보기

extreme dog fence 150ft twisted 로고

Extreme Dog Fence 150Ft Twisted

It turned out not to be compatible with my Petsafe Technology Petsafe system due to the difference in gauges being too great and because they don't have enough turns per Foot. Petsafe recommends ten threads per foot, but this product only has about five. Also, it's stranded wire and the perimeter wire I use is solid. Either everything is fine, but you can't mix them or it will ruin the radio signal (according to the folks at Petsafe).전체 리뷰보기

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