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bose soundlink micro: small portable bluetooth speaker (waterproof) 로고

Bose SoundLink Micro: Small Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Waterproof)

We were looking for a travel speaker. So that it would be nice to listen to the background in the apartment, and take it with you to the beach. Well, it should be light enough. And I'll tell you exactly this Bose - it's just ideal) Compact, pleasant to the touch, bright, and insanely cool sounding! Honestly, we didn’t expect such a result) We even watch movies at home from a laptop with her. :) 전체 리뷰보기

samsung galaxy buds plus 로고

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

I have been using it for more than a month, every day for jogging, less often in the subway and on the street on the way to the subway. 1. Headphones sit very comfortably in the ears. 2. The sound is beyond praise, I just did not expect such a sound from bluetooth headphones. For the street, these headphones met all my expectations. At home, expensive hi-res headphones - of course, their sound is incomparably better, but if you sit in silence and connected to the receiver, and plugged into the phone on the street or in the subway, I vote for the absence of wires and compactness. The child has airpods, compared the sound, the Samsung wins. 3. Before the ate, there were frequent breaks. Especially when you cross the road, and you need to turn your head around, at that moment they fell off for a split second. Sometimes there were gaps just while running, after the ate there are practically no gaps, rare, and not annoying. For some reason, there is always a gap when I cross the intersection near the house. The child has airpods, talked to her, says there are also gaps, so I understand that all wireless ears suffer from this. It happens that they start to fall off every 5 minutes, I reboot the phone and everything is in order (the phone is old J7). As soon as I changed the phone (samsung s10 e), there are no breaks at all, no matter how you turn your head and don’t cross which road. 4. Discharge slowly, charge quickly. For an hour, about 10% are discharged. Somehow I forgot to put them in a case, and so in a day they were discharged from 90% to 20% lying on the bedside table. Headphones are definitely not quiet - 70 percent on average I have a volume. 5. Headphones definitely recommend, great ears for a reasonable price. Before fixing the jambs with the connection, I would not recommend it, because. I was annoyed by the breaks, but it is likely that the phone was messed up, now everything is in order.전체 리뷰보기

sony wh-1000xm4 wireless industry leading noise canceling overhead headphones with mic for phone-call and alexa voice control 로고

Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Industry Leading Noise Canceling Overhead Headphones With Mic For Phone-Call And Alexa Voice Control

I bought the previous XM3s on pre-order in 2022 and they still work for me. I consider them to be the best wireless noise canceling headphones on the market. Colleagues brought XM4 to try. I played with them for a couple of days and did not understand what the Sony engineers were doing for two years. On the one hand, yes, the sound quality in the XM3 is quite difficult to surpass. But on the other hand, there are practically no new additional functions in the new product, and those that are are useless for the vast majority of buyers. Switching between multiple devices? Well, ok, maybe someone will need it, although my headphones didn’t want to switch between the phone and the computer without rebooting. Sensors fall off in the cold in the same way, and on the troika. Noise reduction has not changed. Why ask for 30 thousand in the end? Exactly the same model can be bought now on ebay for 10-15 thousand.전체 리뷰보기

fosa stylus pen cell phones & accessories in accessories 로고

Fosa Stylus Pen Cell Phones & Accessories in Accessories

My description today will be about the product Fosa Stylus Pen. About 9 years experience with various iPad models, starting from iPad 3, always satisfied with the products. The combination of a tablet keyboard and a stylus completely changed my perception of these devices, I was able to build the most comfortable environment for working. In my case, the stylus is used to work with documents and text entries, and this is what really made my life easier. Very satisfied.전체 리뷰보기

microsoft wireless mobile mouse 4000 로고

Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000

Well, what can I say, although the mouse is not a laser one, it rides on such surfaces that cheap laser mice never dreamed of. Without problems, a terry bathrobe, a highly glaring oilcloth, and the like. Excellent rubber sidewalls. A convenient on-off button and the transmitter is inserted into the mouse by either side and pops up perfectly by pressing a small button. I constantly forget to turn it off, for several months now it has been working on the battery that was included. Everything seems to be fine, BUT the WHEEL, mother-to-be, this is the biggest evil that exists in my life, only my "nine" is worse, which refuses to start at temperatures below -20. But if the "nine" can somehow be repaired, then replacing the wheel in the mouse is no chance. Pressing the wheel is very tight, but this is half the trouble, it rotates without "clicks" (or steps, I dont know how to put it better), that is, you can barely touch it and it will fix the rotation. Examples - Opera (the browser is one who does not know) by clicking on the wheel opens the background tab, but damn it, the wheel is tight and captures the movement from any touch (the speed of the wheel in windows is minimal), as a result, when the wheel is clicked, the page scrolls a little lower ( or higher) and a different tab opens in the background than you wanted. The next example, games. crysis\hl2 (Im just playing these now) I always change weapons on the wheel, as a result we slightly touch the wheel and change weapons (surprise!), We try to spin it, but there are no "clicks" (steps) when scrolling this wheel and as a result we watch the weapons move at breakneck speed and there is no tactile sensation when switching afterwards. I drive in Soldat 2D, on the click of the wheel - a throw of a weapon (for example, a knife), and thats it! The click is TOO tight, it is unrealistic to use it in games. Im starting to relearn. On a home computer, an old Microsoft Basic mouse, a miracle and not a mouse, the click is amazing, that the buttons, that the wheel, the wheel rotates perfectly with a clear step. In general, there are a lot of beeches, sorry for the caps, but I could not resist.전체 리뷰보기

wd_black drive external compatible wdba3a0050bbk wesn 로고

WD_Black Drive External Compatible WDBA3A0050BBK WESN

Sent a WD P10 5 TB For Xbox instead of the usual WD P10 5 TB (provided by Marvel CT). Issued a refund. Be careful if the design of the disc is important to you and you wanted exactly as in the photo. Well, they are identical in terms of performance. Almost nowhere to be found in a classic design for exactly 5 terabytes, so they can probably put a version for Xbox. 3 stars for incorrect information.전체 리뷰보기

microsoft rjn 00001 bluetooth mouse black 로고

Microsoft RJN 00001 Bluetooth Mouse Black

An excellent mouse, I advise it as a Bluetooth mouse, if you need it with a whistle, then take the Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse. PS The experience with Razer/Logitech/HP/MadCats/Microsoft mice has shown that MS mice are better than the rest, but, of course, there is room for improvement. Regarding Bluetooth operation: it works stably, there are no failures, if you leave for 10 minutes, then the mouse falls asleep, wakes up in about a second, that is, work is restored. If you have another device connected to this PC, then I do not advise you to take it, it does not work stably while searching for new devices, and there will probably be lags when several devices are connected at the same time.전체 리뷰보기

noctua nf a14 pwm chromax black swap premium 로고

Noctua NF A14 PWM Chromax Black Swap Premium

i bought myself a special anti-noise case, but it turned out that there was only one fan in it, and that one was for blowing. moreover, this fan was very noisy, and definitely did not fit into the concept of a quiet computer. well, ok, what to do - i began to look for the 120th fan to replace it. i read a lot of reviews and reviews. i settled on noctua nf-s12a pwm. and the standard beige color of noctua did not suit me. the case is black, the fan should also be black. therefore, the chromax series. you need to understand that this fan, with its entire design, is aimed at creating and maintaining a strong air flow, it has a low air pressure indicator, therefore it will not work as a blower (for blowing) and a processor fan - the power is not the same. but as an exhaust (for blowing) - it has no equal. it handles two 140mm blower fans cpu cooler. and with all this really silent. i highly recommend it as an exhaust fan, take it - you will not regret it, it is worth the money to the however, you should not put it on the processor or blowing it - the cooling effect will not be the same.전체 리뷰보기

logitech stream streaming recording included 로고

Logitech Stream Streaming Recording Included

This rubbish was advertised by all and sundry, lured bloggers, streamers, etc. and everyone had one song that the camera was straight TOP, but we, as consumers, pecked and fell for this rubbish. FHD 30Hz is dull and even with a high-quality softbox and fine-tuning, the image is bad, did you have to lower it to HD 60Hz? What are we paying for then? The camera also works through the XSplit VCam program (this is perhaps the only program with which the webcam is friends), and upon purchase you will even be given a license for 3 months, and then either pay money or sit with a watermark. The price tag is horsey, branded software does not work and you need to buy another separate one, and this is still an expense, but in this case it will be better and better to use a DSLR. Do not see bloggers advertising, everything is paid for.전체 리뷰보기

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