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littera translation services 로고

Littera Translation Services

We were looking for an agency with experience translating medical documents into English from Spanish or French languages to be used by our clients' physicians so they can communicate more easily at their clinics when we are out of country during conferences abroad etc., which was very important given where most professionals work remotely nowdays! I think this has been achieved - all communications have gone well since then without any major problems encountered up till date- both client side & ours too!! The best thing about them though would definitely need further investigation i guess:- 1.) There wasn't much choice if you wanted professional translations done quickly rather than waiting weeks/months sometimes 2.). Rates aren’t competitive enough compared some agencies who do it cheaper3). They don t offer discounts4.), You get what u pay5), Some files may take longer time because there's no guarantee how long one takes before final delivery6,) Not sure yet7,. So far everything seems good The customer support was very friendly - nothing to dislike here! They were able to provide me with an estimate within two days of my initial contact request. This includes both cost for the project completion plus all ongoing charges throughout its duration. I felt they offered fair pricing compared to their competitors which i considered during this process. We have had good success using them so far- it has been hassle free experience from start till end. 전체 리뷰보기

aes crypt 로고

AES Crypt

I like how easy it was for me to use, very simple process of setting up an account with no problems at all! Nothing really bad about this program so far but sometimes when you are trying to do something or get some information from another user in chat they can be pretty slow to respond which makes communication difficult if not impossible. Great product though overall great experience using them as well! The best part by far has been their customer service team who have always made sure my questions were answered quickly and thoroughly every time without fail! 전체 리뷰보기

isafeguard security suite 로고

iSafeguard Security Suite

I like that it's easy enough so anyone can use without having any technical knowledge of computers or even how websites work! It has made our life easier by allowing us access into all areas we need with just one password instead of multiple logins which would be required otherwise if using other software/apps (like Google Drive). Nothing really comes out as an issue at this time but maybe in future updates they could add more functions? Maybe some way where you don't have to open up your email everytime someone sends something important via Gmail etc.? We've been able solve many issues regarding security within different departments such as HR & Finance through its ease-of-use features when compared against others available online - also makes backups much quicker than before too :).전체 리뷰보기

neobay adjustable economical alternative interior 로고

Neobay Adjustable Economical Alternative Interior

Based on other reviews I was wary that my dog would either lengthen or snap this, but it holds up well and doesn't flex at all when I pull on it. The only way to get a flow of air into my apartment is by opening the front door, all my neighbors have dogs and my curious excited 75lb GSD is poking his nose in and I wasn't afraid he would get lost . TO UPDATE. Dog but not me, I didn't realize it was locked on a closed door, I ripped the door open, it ripped off a huge piece of drywall, the instructions say not to attach it to the drywall I'm looking for. Replacement 3M tape to attach to door frame전체 리뷰보기

dogs kingdom genuine leather training 로고

Dogs Kingdom Genuine Leather Training

It's Plastic! Not real leather at all. Expensive for a plastic leash. Can't return as my daughter used it before I saw it.전체 리뷰보기

apple ipad mini 4 로고

Apple IPad Mini 4

Surprisingly good!

Based on the most helpful but negative reviews I was fully expecting to return this item. However, the item arrived well packaged in what appeared to be NEW condition. At first I thought it was a big scratch on the screen, but it turned out to be an easy stain to remove. The battery was at 40% upon arrival and since then I immediately charged it to full, I need to charge it again after 3 days of sporadic use. As I type this I scored 57%. I agree with others that the included charger is a waste of time. I will use my existing iPhone charger, thanks. So far I'm very happy with my purchase as I seem to be the lucky owner of a cheap iPad mini 4. I will edit this review if I encounter any issues.전체 리뷰보기

droolingdog hoodie fleece winter clothes 로고

DroolingDog Hoodie Fleece Winter Clothes

Great Hoodie

Actually my little one looks so cute in this outfit, unfortunately he didn't let me try to take another picture, but it's so cute, thanks전체 리뷰보기

swimming flotation release preserver adjustable 로고

Swimming Flotation Release Preserver Adjustable

Cute and effective

I love this cute little life jacket. It gave my pup the confidence he needed to swim in the ocean. He used to only play where he could, but once we pulled him out with a life jacket, he was unstoppable. It helps that it's absolutely amazing. The fin tends to slouch a little to the side but is still pretty cute.전체 리뷰보기

helpr family care platform 로고

Helpr Family Care Platform

I like how easy it is for me as an employee with limited time off work or vacation days to use this service! It makes finding reliable childcare so much easier than doing all my research myself (which can be exhausting). The platform itself doesn't have any features at present which are extremely important in our day to day operations - such as being able to pay automatically from your payroll system instead of having to manually transfer funds each week/month etc. This would help streamline things significantly. We've been using the service since last September 2018 without issue but we're still evaluating whether to continue during 2019 given there isn't anything new coming out yet. Currently, everything seems fine aside from some minor glitches here & there. Being able to schedule regular meetings via video call has helped immensely when managing several different projects simultaneously within the same team. 전체 리뷰보기

tetra 19542 easystrips strips count 로고

Tetra 19542 EasyStrips Strips Count

The product I received was expired in June 2019. The nitrate tab on all strips is dark brown and doesn't change, so the tests are inaccurate! My fish got sick from treating it due to inaccurate results! When purchasing, check the bottom of the bottle before use.전체 리뷰보기

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