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Binance has it all - it is quick, it offers any kind of currency, it has its own coin (BNB), and it is secure. You can trade, exchange, cash in, cash out - it is really the one real deal in the crypto world. I signed up in 2017, after buying ETH and BTC and several ICOs. Since then it skyrocketed and it keeps growing. It is not just that the platform is super efficient, supports basic and advanced users and even offers leverage for most of its clients - it is also cheap. Fees are barely above the minimum of non-existing. From the newest listings up to the stablest coins of the world, you will find it. Lite: Deposit, Withdraw, Exchange. Secured by F2A, send and receive within seconds. You can exchange any currency in real time and the platform is not just easy, but supportive in case you run into trouble. The basic platform offers you all in one place - you have a button to check our current holdings, with an incredible easy overview, where you can also change the currency you want it to be shown. You also have an icon to buy or sell, deposit or withdraw. The third main symbol you can use is the Markets button, which brings you to the overview on any kind of coins and tokens available. You can chose your favorites, for an easier follow. You see the 24h performance and the change in %. Pro: Complex trading platform, leverage options and simply the best conditions to make a fortune exchanging crypto. Trade futures, put your own buy and sell limits at any time. Stops, OCO, nothing is impossible here. Even the non-mainstream tokens are tradable versus multiple currencies - BTC, ETH, USDT, and many more. Using this platform you can easily choose your own buying and selling limits, and fully automize your trading activity. No need to time the market, just set your limits, choose your leverage and make even more money by day trading in the crypto universe. Deposit and withdrawal options: Binance offer you to deposit and withdraw via crypto or fiat money. You can deposit from any wallet any kind of token or coin, and it will be received within minutes (depending on blockchain confirmation). There are tons of Fiat options as well, e.g. credit card, wire transfer or third party wallets. One of the best features Binance allows without any hesitance is to park your crypto for interest. API is high, and you can withdraw it ANY time. In, out - get your interest on a daily basis and put it in and out at any time. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the future. And if you need to know more about this company and platform, and its performance - check the performance of the coin. Nothing else to say. 전체 리뷰보기

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Dell are among the world's leading technology companies helping to transform people's lives with extraordinary capabilities. At least that is what they say, on their several websites. I decided to opt for a new computer in 2018. As a sports betting pro for more than 10 years, I always have three major tickboxes that need to be filled, when it comes to buying new hardware: First, offer me the best possible live-streaming quality. No lagging. No slow-down, even when watching up to 5 games at the same time, with multiple displays involved. Second, I do not need much - but I do need Excel and the Browser to work fluently, while watching the games, too. Third, do not charge me for stuff I do not require - I won't work on graphic design, I won't pay for insanely good audio. Those three things were exactly what I told the guy on the phone - I called the Dell hotline. Being out of the computer nerdy business for ages at that time, I thought my desires were not as far away from reality and relatively easy to fulfill. I can you tell that much: I was wrong. I ended up ordering two monitors, a bunch of cables and two screens, which was exactly what I wanted to buy. Delivery took forever but finally reached its destination, and I opened the package. I set up the hardware, turned on the monitors and got the thing going. After around 5 minutes, when installing the usual stuff (which is actually supposed to be fun, since everything is new and clean), I realized, that this computer - which was supposed to only tick three boxes - was lagging. It was legging. Literally in use for the first time of its IT hardware life, it started lagging when I did basic things, e.g. starting the Google Chrome browser while having a setup installing stuff. How could that be? Turns out it got worse, when I actually wanted to watch several games at the same time, while keeping spreadsheets and browser tabs open. I was, honestly, super clear on what my expectations were on the phone. Fast, enough RAM, good graphic card. None of it seem to work. After trying to solve the issue (which was tough, since the setup was totally new and no things could be cleaned or repaired), I figured that the maximum performance was two HD streams at the same time, with one browser tap open and one excel application running. It did not make the whole computer useless, but since I waited an eternity for shipping, this was just super disappointing. I ended up paying 1.2k EUR for this, and it got slower every month. After two years, eventually, I did not use it any more, since I did not want to buy further hardware. Bottom line: Do not trust random service guys from a company, when it comes to special needs and requirements. Build up your own knowledge for hardware. Since then, Dell is dead to me.전체 리뷰보기

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I have always been a windows user, ever. I avoided iPhones and used Samsung instead. It was obvious that the survival of those products was not world class, but it felt that price-performance ratios were in-line with my expectations. Everyone around me told me that Apple was ‚simply working‘. ‚My 8-year old MacBook still works as it did the first day‘. So I went to buy an iPhone. Since Samsung did not produce the mini versions anymore, and I hate to have those Tablets in my pocket, I went for the mini. It satisfied me, however it is a bit worrying how much privacy you have to give away. I went to the store, to buy a leather case and this display glass thing, to avoid crushing my new toy right away. After messing up my display three times, they didn’t manage to do it a fourth time. They sent me away with an unprotected iPhone and told me to come back two days later. Annoying. Very, very annoying - who the hell likes to visit the freaking Apple Store twice a week. Anyway, after paying three digits, it was finally done a week later. Since I needed a new laptop anyway, I thought okay - you like the general iOS idea and the phone works. The quality of the pictures is total crap, and they already try to sell you 100 other things like cloudspace and all that, but okay. So I went to order a MacBook Air, from 2020. It arrived yesterday and I was home all Saturday as I was excited and didn’t want it to be sent back. I open it. I start clicking. The trackpad sounds like it was built from a 4-year old with damaged LEGO, it makes noises which are definitely hardware issues. I think okay - they start to freak me out a bit. It’s not like they sell this stuff for a cheap price, nor since yesterday. So I start checking the support page, which tells me to walk into the next Apple Store - with an appointment. They offer me 5(!) appointments next week, all right in the middle of the day, where I will be in meetings unable to walk away from. That means it will take me another week and then most likely this thing will be sent back, I wait another X days to get it back, then do this Time Machine crap or even whole set up again, and then I am finally allowed to use a very expensive product that should have worked right away. Did this stuff happen to you, too? Did they go sloppy or do they even have production and supply-chain issues, which has an impact on the quality they are so well-known and loved for? Until now, I do not share the excitement of all the Apple users around me. I kind of want my old tower computer back - at least I don’t pay as much for an annual upgrade or repair. B 전체 리뷰보기

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