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Benefit Harbor

I like how easy it is with Benefit Harbors customer reps help along you through this process! You just sign up & select your plan/coverage options then wait until they are notified that everything has been set via submission or approval by their insurance carrier (your state). It's not all bad though because if anything goes wrong we can reach out directly to our rep who will get back right away about making sure things move forward! We use Benefits harbor primarily as an administrator but have implemented some plans too using other software providers such us ADP Lifeguard platform which works well also so no problems there :) The best part would be being able resolve issues fast once contacted thru benefit harbor contact center team - really great folks!! It is easy to navigate which makes it very user friendly and also offers many ways of reaching out to customers such as email or social media. The customer service can be improved by adding more people as well as adding a call option. I have not found anything that I dislike about this product. Benefits are easily accessible and easy to use. This program has helped me make sure my employees are getting all what they need from their benefit plans. 전체 리뷰보기

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Amidon Nurse Staffing

I like that they have multiple job postings available so you can find jobs to fit your schedule! They are very flexible in scheduling interviews at different times throughout our work week which makes it easier when we're working full time as well because there's less back/forth about schedules or availability. We've been able to fill an opening without having any direct contact from them but rather just putting out announcements through other sources such as LinkedIn etcetera (which has worked really great).전체 리뷰보기

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Inferno Solutions

They always have good prices for their service plan. No issues so far as I've had them up since they were just starting out! We started using IS when we did not know what kind of server environment would work best long term (we needed something that could easily grow without too much hassle). Their customer care is great--they are very helpful even though you're talking about "the cloud" or some such thing :) Our site has been going strong ever since our migration from another hoster over four months ago now.--Our customers love it because there's no need for constant monitoring by IT departments; instead, users can focus entirely upon doing business while knowing everything will be taken cared of behind-scenes.전체 리뷰보기

ahuna 로고


The system is very intuitive and is easy to use for both clients and myself as the marketing manager. I have used other similar platforms in the past but they lacked important features including SEO integration which I had hoped it would be included with Ahuna. I like that I can easily upload new content and manage projects for my clients from home via the internet. My favorite part of using the platform is how much quicker I am able to get new content uploaded and live vs. waiting for edits from my client. 전체 리뷰보기

debugme 로고


I like that it allows me to see exactly what's going wrong with my website without having access or knowledge of code (which can be very difficult). It also makes reporting bugs much easier than emailing them directly from within Chrome Developer Tools! The only thing about this program i dislike are some parts where you have an option between "yes"/"no", but there isn't any explanation as why one answer might work better over another - so if someone else in your team uses debugme they may not understand how things should go down sometimes when using certain options/settings etc.. If anyone needs help debugging their site then definitely use debugger Me!! You will save yourself hours upon days worth by doing simple tasks such has opening up developer tools quickly instead getting into source files everytime something goes awry.전체 리뷰보기

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Status Hero

I love how easy it was to set up my team for status reporting! The ability of having all our statuses in one place has been huge time saver (and stress reliever). There are some things we wanted but couldn't get out as far right away - like adding more custom fields or filtering by date range etc.- However they were quick at responding with suggestions/fixes when asked which made this an overall great experience working w them so quickly after launch!! We've found value not only from using their product itself however also getting help directly via chat support whenever needed too. Our teams have become accustomed easily checking each others progress throughout every sprint thus reducing any confusion along way about what's going where now since everyone can see everything together without needing another app installed in between meetings :). 전체 리뷰보기

leadx 로고


The best part about lead x has been their customer support team, which have always guided me through every step of my journey with them! They are extremely helpful in solving any problems that I might encounter during or after using this product as they offer 24/7 service for all customers who purchase from Lead X products via live chat option available at anytime throughout day to night hours (even weekends). Sometimes you do not get what exactly your looking forward too but instead receive something else than expected when purchasing certain services offered by LeadsX like coaching programs etc - however everything gets resolved very quickly once contacted so no worries there :) Highly recommend it if considering buying one!! Their pricing scheme makes sense since most people end up paying more compared other competitors out here especially those offering free trial periods before committing into long term contracts; therefore making sure clients understand how much money will be. 전체 리뷰보기

wilde agency 로고

Wilde Agency

The team at Wilde are very knowledgeable, hardworking professionals who know how to get things done! Their support staff are also very helpful and great people to work with as well. I have no complaints about Wildes services or their staff members thus far. They really do what they say and go above and beyond expectations. If you want someone to help your business grow through online channels then look no further than Wilde. We've been able to build our client base from virtually nothing using only internet marketing tactics and we're now growing into new markets thanks to them! 전체 리뷰보기

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Drone Data Management System

The simplicity of this program makes it easy for anyone with no previous experience in photography or drone use (or any other field) can operate their own drones safely thanks to its simple interface that doesn't require prior training from experts! I like how you are able control your flight by using keyboard commands instead of having multiple buttons pressed at once which would make things more complicated than necessary if not done right away after purchase (I found out while learning myself). It's also worth mentioning there were some technical issues when purchasing one item but they solved them quickly so we didn´t have problems afterwards - just had minor inconveniences during setup process as well since everything was new then too :) There isn’t much I dislike about DronesDataManager except maybe price tag compared to competitors products considering similar features/capabilities offered here vs others available options and pricing structure. If comparing prices between different programs before buying please do research thoroughly because sometimes even though product seems cheaper overall quality might.전체 리뷰보기

edoclink 로고


Easy to use both online or offline; very good printing options that include high quality A4 (easy copying for large documents); can be used with MS Office applications like Excel etc.; allows you have your own folder structure in order to save time searching through pages/files stored within one particular area - no need to create sub-folders if needed! Nothing at this point I dislike about it but would love more customising features as well such as being able to add other file types into folders e.g PDFs ect. This could really help streamline workflows where we are storing various files together (e.g invoices). You only store what's required not everything all over again when going back down memory lane looking up some information from previous years which was previously filed by another employee who has left our organisation.전체 리뷰보기

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