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This software makes it so easy for employees to manage their benefits. I love that you can do paperless onboarding with HRIS! And this tool integrates other payroll programs, like Paychex and ADP! We have realized ROI on the ASRM system! The fact that it's cloud based, we don't have to worry about hardware anymore! We just need one laptop for our staff and they get the entire system. There isn't anything that I find bad about ASRM. I really recommend trying this out. It saved us time by getting our claims management system in order. I use it when I fill out forms for my own benefits. Also I upload medical record info to ASRM from my practice when I make an appointment and see that my information has been uploaded it lets me know that my records are being tracked. I like that it allows me access all my information from anywhere with an internet connection, as well keeping track for our employees in case they are not available during their normal work hours or vacation time off! There isn't much at this point but what there IS works great so far!! If you need assistance please feel free contact us we would be happy help solve any problems your might have when using Asrm Benefits Management Platform. 전체 리뷰보기

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Ecobee SmartCamera Control Built Security

I have to say I really like the SmartCamera. The video is sharp, the night vision works well and the 180° field of view is really nice. Virtually panning while following a person's movement gives the impression that the camera is actually tracking them physically (when "Human Detection" is enabled). The camera integration with Haven (for storing and viewing recorded video) is really good. I had no problems with that at all. Uploading seems to work fine (I have good WiFi coverage and a fast connection to/from home). Playback is fast and without lag. Haven allows me to get notifications on my phone when it detects motion and view past saved clips (as little as 2 minutes) in the history view. The nice thing is that the thumbnail in the history view is taken from the motion/people detection point, even though the saved video starts about 5 seconds before. However, sometimes I see the thumbnail appear about half a second earlier - I have a group that only shows the person's hand (as it came into view), while half a second later the whole person would be in the frame. The downside is that the camera seems utterly useless without a monthly Haven subscription. I used it this way for a week before activating the Haven 1 month trial. It seemed I had no other choice than looking live at the camera. Maybe it would be nice if at least Haven wasn't used and the last detected activity was available. I am planning to renew my Haven subscription beyond the free month so I can again compare the features available without it. For example, I'm pretty sure the activity tab didn't appear in the app until after I activated Haven. I was also very surprised that the account portal (not the app) does not contain a camera at all. That means the camera can only be viewed through the phone app. The built-in Alexa is fine, but we don't really use it. The camera is in the hallway and sometimes it caught me talking to Echo in the kitchen, so we muted Alexa to avoid that. 2 small disadvantages: (1) the camera gets quite hot. It draws about 3.5 watts continuously while observing (during the day; I don't have night vision measurements). (2) It makes a loud clicking sound when the infrared night vision lights turn on and off. Turning on a light near the camera will cause the IR LEDs to turn off and make noise. Depending on where the camera is located, this noise can be annoying. I also had a small problem with the camera setting. When my phone switched to the temporary Wi-Fi SSID created by the camera, it recognized the lack of internet access and switched to phone data, causing the setup to break. Just make sure that your phone doesn't (turn on Airplane mode, then turn Wi-Fi back on, then set up your camera). what is causing the installation timeout. Just make sure your phone doesn't (turn on Airplane mode, then turn Wi-Fi back on, then set up your camera). what is causing the installation timeout. Just make sure your phone doesn't (turn on Airplane mode, then turn Wi-Fi back on, then set up your camera). what is causing the installation timeout. Just make sure your phone doesn't (turn on Airplane mode, then turn Wi-Fi back on, then set up your camera). what is causing the installation timeout. Just make sure your phone doesn't (turn on Airplane mode, then turn Wi-Fi back on, then set up your camera).전체 리뷰보기

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I love that it can be used in conjunction with other programs like AutoCAD or Revit to create 3D models. It's easy enough for the average person but also has advanced level features if you need them! Not much dislike about this program as far as using it goes. If there were more tutorials available online then we'd have an easier time learning how best to utilize these types of tools. We are working on several projects at work where designs must meet strict requirements set by our clients' engineers (and sometimes their lawyers) so having good modeling capabilities helps us immensely when meeting those demands. 전체 리뷰보기

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Kuia Content Tools

The tool allows me easily create interactive content for my clients' websites! It's very easy & straightforward using this product which makes creating great experiences even easier than before with other products out there. I haven't found any downsides at all - maybe they're just small things but nothing big enough where you'd actually notice them? Maybe try one of their free trials first so see if your needs match up against theirs or better yet ask about getting support directly through contact via email instead (as opposed to asking here). Easy way to get some additional interactivity into webpages without having an expert doing graphic design work over top. 전체 리뷰보기

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The best part about cobee was its ease of integration into our salesforce as well as their customer service team who were very helpful in getting us up and running quickly! I wish we had more options for different types of plans but there are none available at this time so it's difficult to recommend without knowing what kind of plan will work best for your business. We love how easy Cobee makes things easier for reps like myself who have no IT background or experience using computer software. It has made my job much simpler by giving me all the tools needed right from one place (Cobeesoftware). 전체 리뷰보기

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I like how easy it was for me as an administrator or manager of my organization's program with over 2 years experience in HRM/HRIS software implementation & customization using Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform - CRMs (Salesforce) / ERPs(Dynamics). The product has been very helpful when adding new features which are not yet available within SalesForce such as self assessment etc., but will be added soon! Easy integration into existing systems without any issues at all since we have used both SFDC + MSFT D365 together before this project started so no problem there either! Great tool if you're looking outwards towards your customers rather than internally only focusing around internal processes!! 전체 리뷰보기

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We love how easy it was when we were first setting up our account, everything worked great right out of box! I wish there would be more tutorials or videos that explained some things in greater detail because at times you have questions as new users are not told what they need/want until after an hour waiting around with no answers from support staffs helpdesk (also very slow sometimes). If your looking into hiring someone then this software will save tons off time doing all paperwork yourself by being able do most if its tasks through one place which also makes payroll much easier too.전체 리뷰보기

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SmarterU LMS

It gives a complete overview of the employee training session, allows the learner to navigate easily and understand what he/she is currently doing.It can be done from home or co-working space.The dashboard is compactly organized,easy to understand and navigation is straightforward. The learner can access training materials from across devices. This really helps.It is not possible to comment. The only thing that I can see is for the price. So I would say that it is affordable for all. It is an excellent LMS for Corporate Trainings. I am training my employees on basic HRMS and my organisation is a large corporation. There are a lot of training materials to be made available and I can ensure this using SmarterU LMS. The dashboard is compactly organized and the learner can access training materials and learn from anywhere.With the knowledge of the learner, I can understand how to train different employees.It is cost effective and can be done on a large scale. The most important thing is that it has all options for creating courses, quizzes etc. It's easy to use as well. I like its user friendly interface which makes things very simple. Nothing much to dislike about this software. You can easily create your own courses using this platform and you will also get access to an instructor portal where you can provide tutorials to students. I am able to manage my classes from one place itself. 전체 리뷰보기

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I love how simple it makes creating projects so much easier than other platforms out there. The team are very helpful in getting you set up with your account to ensure everything works as intended from day one. It's also great for sharing designs and files online with ease. We've been using it since launch and haven't had any issues at all! There's not really anything i dislike about cuepin - they have done such a good job of making this platform intuitive and user friendly. Creating documents has never been more efficient or collaborative. 전체 리뷰보기

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IssueWire has been a great asset to my company. I have been able to release press releases to over 250 media outlets. The staff is very knowledgeable and responsive. I have been able to get great coverage from some of the top media outlets. I have never had an issue with getting my press releases released. I have heard from others that they have had issues with getting releases released. I have never had this problem, so I can't speak on that. The ability to get press releases out to the media outlets is a great benefit to my company. I have been able to get great coverage on some of the top media outlets. 전체 리뷰보기

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