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As a trader, i respect the story behind bitcoin which is very inspiring for others to change our centralize financial system. Without bitcoin, we might not know cashless payment system. I love bitcoin because it is a history for the human kind in regard of financial system evolution. When people ask my profession, most of people will not understand about crypto or trading. The good thing about this is, if you mention bitcoin, people will notice and understand its about digital asset. I did not use bitcoin too much except to exchange my digital asset. And fee is really high. And if we compare to other crypto, bitcoin really has a low tps/transaction per second capability, about 7 transactions per second, which makes it pretty slow compared to Ethereum or other crypto currency. Bitcoin movement always determine the price for alt coin in major cases. If bitcoin move sideways, alt coin are likely to show recovery. Some of altcoin will follow bitcoin movement, Otherwise the price of those altcoin will dump really hard specially alt coin which has no strong fundamental. Some of altcoin can never recover anymore and dissapear from the market after experiencing the bear market because Altcoins still depend on Bitcoin's value.전체 리뷰보기

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Digibyte is a crypto currency that has been in the crypto market for a very long time. Digybyte is known as the closest altcoin to Bitcoin (BTC) in terms of security from attacks of 51% and was established from 2014, but is still outdated by Bitcoin which was founded from 2009. Digibyte with great technology and unique Proof-of-Work mining algorithm with an average block time of around 15 seconds. DGB has been its own independent blockchain & protocol since day 1 on January 10th, 2014. Unlike other projects, There was never an ICO or fund raise. Its a truly decentralized blockchain with a focus on cyber security, payments and secure communications. Digibyte was one of the cryptos that I bought in 2014. But years passed without significant progress in the project. In 2014 the Wallet lacked a long process of synching. For beginners of course this is quite annoying. But since 'sleeping' for quite a long time for many years, recently the team from Digibyte tried to improve this crypto and managed to move up to 30th in the coin market cap's rank. The price increase reached 1100% within 2 months. It seems that the Digibyte community is very enthusiastic about the developments made by the Digibyte team and I hope that Digibyte will be more aggressive in its promotion so that its popularity is not drowned out by blockchain projects that do not have real use cases. 전체 리뷰보기

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This coin want to bring the best in dental healthcare and blockchain technology by creating the dentacoin as a global payment solution for dental care. I like this project by the way because i have been an early follower since it was launched in initial coin offering. Until now there has been dozen of clinic partner for denta coin. They all want to enriching its payments options with the one and only dental cryptocurrency; Dentacoin. Latest news Dentacoin has just release trading card game app Jaws of Battle in android. They also had a new strategic partnership with the largest private dental clinic in Europe,New List of Vindax Exchange and so much more ! Many people had a missunderstanding about the huge supply of DentaCoin. Meanwhile its clear that this supply is reserved and locked up to provide the whole population on earth to use this coin. In the past, many people had missunderstanding when denta coin had ICO from exchange. By this ico, all trading is suspended and community get panic from seeing its zero vplume for two weeks. So many people put a huge sell wall more than 300 btc in one single exchange. The community sell their coins at 1 satoshis meanwhile ICO price is fixed at 3 satoshis! Then after 1 month, price of dentacoin reached 40 satoshis after continuesly development. This token is a great example of serious blockchain project even though its real use cases as a global payment solution for dental is still under development and will takes time.전체 리뷰보기

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Doge coin review

Doge coin currently sitting at rank 31 in coinmarketcap. With daily volume more than 266 millions USD per day. Yes you heard it right! Doge coin is a memecoin which has over 120 billion Dogecoins in circulation. From fundamental analysis the investor should not take this coin seriously because its huge supply and there is no clear allocation or distribution of this coins. Founder might dump his coins in market all the time to community. But because of its popularity,low fees and huge community, this coin made its peak at 80+ satoshis. Nothing special about it and there is no such serious development about this project and future plan, yet it is the most used crypto currency in daily basis. Its always used for deposit and withdrawal in exchange by my self because of the low fee of transaction! I did not reccomend this as an investment choice, unless the team will take the project seriously.전체 리뷰보기

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This project has a strong fundamental because of the founder background. He is Justin Sun. He worked for two years as the chief representative and advisor to Ripple Labs. He also one of the youngest milenial in Hupan University by Jack Ma. He is a founder of Peiwo, a very popular streaming app which has 1.8 million user and become the first streaming app that accept crypto. Tron purpose is to create decentralized entertainment ecosystem based on blockchain. Every content creator will have control over their own content and get reward based on the result of their efforts. Rewards are distributed equally to content creator and participants in Tron platform. Tronix (TRX) is the official currency of TRON, what i like the most about it, if you try to send money through crypto TRX, fee is cheap and it is fast. Tron claims to be able to do 2000 TPS (transaction per second) Tron is really aggresive to promote their platform beside the statement of Ex co founder that Tron is deemed increasingly centralized, Tron Foundation, the publisher of crypto TRX,  officially acquires a blockchain-based application provider company, CoinPlay. And in addition, acquires a BitTorrentBlockchain peer-to-peer file sharing company and lately the Founder, Justin bought arround 70 million STEEMIT. This movement proves that Justin and team is really serious on developing his platform. Although I think its functions and benefits are not yet widely known because Based on data there are only 24.98% active network users, not to mention that 86% of TRX volume is handled by decentralized gambling applications.. Price of Tron in ICO was only 20 satoshis and in the peak reached over 2000 satoshis which is amazing. 전체 리뷰보기

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Enjin Coin

Enjin coin review

Enjin is a gaming platform which has 20 millions active user from among the gamers. Their purpose is to make evolution in video game industry through blockchain technology and platform. As a blockchain start up company,Enjin also have its own crypto currency, an ERC20 Token with ticker $ENJ which based on ethereum. Enj team also seems very ambitious, proven by their announcement to have partnership with NRG esports, Pc gamer, Samsung, Arena Match, and teamed up with Microsoft for Azure community members for their crypto collectible, Enjin team also signed a partnership with Unity Technologies; one of the biggest company for engine development. One of the purpose from this partnership, gamer and game developer Will get bigger access into blockchain technology through enjin coin & platform, to solve gamers's problem about aset utilisation, Enjin coin has a real use cases because game developer will need to buy Enjin coin to Integrate Platform Engine into the game development process they build or create. From marketing side, Enjin company is really agressive to reach wider audience. Instagram celebrity and youtuber oftenly had a partnership with Enjin to create a funny content about Enjin in order to reach new market and to build brand awareness. I am sure ENJ Will become the best crypto currency in this esport or gaming Niche. 전체 리뷰보기

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I have a bad experience with sia coin. it was one of the worst day in my life. I have hundreds thousands coin and i try to download the Wallet for computer/desktop. It was Wallet of sia coin for Windows. Just to make it sync you need hours and hours and hours of time. I have been waiting for Over 5 hours and still syncing. I have to cancel it because its very frustating. After canceling this download and i made a mistake to download the mobile version in Google play store. I thought it was the same because the developer was using sia coin as a logo. I lose all my coins and cant recover it because of this malfunction wallet. Siacoin is a decentralized blockchain-based cloud storage platform. ... Siacoin has been able to dramatically reduce the overhead costs of cloud storage by allowing users to host or in a sense “rent out” their unused hard drive. This is the main goal of siacoin. But to see this difficulty to store my coins i think it still a long way to go before it can happen. About my bad experience and losing all my funds in sia mobile, they Said it was not official wallet and their team did not do anything to report this wallet since it was there ! After so much report of losing coin, this unknown wallet finally dissapeared from the playstore. I think user experience is one of the main factor why sia coin price just melt lately! And we cant taste or try their tech in an easy way without having so much disturbances and bugs. Team should have made siacoin mobile since first place and did not release a wallet which is still under development.전체 리뷰보기

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Coinbase Wallet

I have been using this wallet since 2015. My account from 2015 is still active and never had any problem! They are really picky on choosing coin they want to list in their wallet. Its a great thing. But i am Quite dissapointed When Coinbase decide to list BCH! Bitcoin competitor! Coinbase also offer $10 bonus for everyone who deposit or buy $100 worth of bitcoin. I and my referral Will get each $10. Coinbase is secure wallet, fast and light app. I also can trade automatically using coinbase API Keys method. I dont need to log-in each time i want to buy or sell crypto through coinbase. Lately i made a bot in telegram and also use coinbase to make automatic deposit into bot balance. So what ever deposit come into my coinbase wallet it Will automatically add up in my bot balance. Its really helpful! 전체 리뷰보기

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I like this project. I think this can be the next steemit. While other project are only an idea without an execution, this project has been making some development in their Niche,community, PLATFORM and others aspect. Good news REV has just been listed at BITTREX exchange too, and for participating on Revain PLATFORM, user can actually Earn real token with real value. And this reward come from a review and activity on PLATFORM, which is great idea! More distributed And more decentralized. And from price side i think it still can go much more higher than 130 satoshis because REV is the only one blockchain project in this special niche. This project has just getting started !!! 전체 리뷰보기

binance 로고


My personal experience about binance its quite fast, stable and secure. But lately binance has been marked as a controversial exchange in my eyes because they make IEO in their PLATFORM called as binance launch pad and the project oftenly offer a very limited supply for IEO. Example Wink project only offer 5% of its circulation for public IEO. What's become my concern was about decentralisation. In my opinion holding a huge supply of coins than the circulation its suspicious and extremly vulnerable to price manipulation! I have no idea why binance keep adding more and more coins with very small allocation for public IEO. Bitcoin has been an inspiration for decentralisation but now days the overcrowd blockchain project are just centralized and supported by such a huge exchange like binance. Kinda dissappointed. My other concern about trading in binance is too tight competition and was dominated by the whales. Specially low satoshis coin. If you get into the wrong position, you will need to wait for a long time to get your order executed because the buy wall or sell wall just really huge.전체 리뷰보기

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