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I love that this program integrates with our website so we don't need two programs - it's just one place to keep track of students' information as well as teachers/parents schedules etc.. It helps me know who has made payments / are enrolled by month end when they're due instead of needing constant reminders during each stage throughout year (which was my problem w/our previous system). The interface could be better at times but overall not too many issues here which makes using this helpful tool essential!!전체 리뷰보기

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OfficeView Pro

I like that it allows me access from anywhere without having my computer nearby! It's easy enough so anyone can use this software easily (even those who are newbies). The price point makes sense too because you get what they say; nothing more than just basic functionality out there right now when compared against other similar products available online today - but better quality/features overall!! We have been able solve issues we were previously unable do via email alone due our employees being scattered across multiple states & countries.전체 리뷰보기

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I like that they are very honest with their pricing, it was easy to see what we were paying for every step of our project from concept through design build install & maintenance! Not much dislike about this product but if you want an agency who will charge fair prices then go ahead otherwise be prepared pay more than expected or find someone else :) We needed help in getting quotes across multiple vendors so as not have one vendor try's hard sell us something which would cost way over budget - no worries here at EC!! They took care all aspects (design/build) including electrical panel layout drawings etc., installation process management along wth aftercare support services such has any issues come up during operation period get back right away without delay- great team work ethic! 전체 리뷰보기

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Marina Light Betta Goldfish Adapter

I bought this flashlight about a month ago and it has already stopped working. I'm not kidding, the return window closed on October 13th and today is October 16th. What a waste of money.전체 리뷰보기

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Inkbird Temperature Controller Thermostat 120V 1200W

If you plan on using it in a reef tank, look elsewhere. The first annoying problem is that you have to set the temperature difference to 0.5 degrees. I like it when the temperature difference is a little less than 0.2 degrees from my main target temperature. If my target temp is 78 degrees Fahrenheit then I want the controller to keep it between 77.8 and no more than 78.2, I prefer to turn off the heater at 78. Again a 0.5 temp difference you have to keep it down in is just annoying, I can deal with that because theoretically I can set the target temp at 78 and have it turn on at 77.7 and turn off at 78.2 isn't any such a big deal. My problem is that I placed both temp sensors in my aquarium and initially registered 76.8 while my primary temp sensor and my secondary hand held analog and digital thermometers registered 78.4, 78.2 and 78.3 respectively. They were all within 0.2 degrees (ideal). Thus, based on all three readings, it can be assumed that the water temperature in my aquarium was 78.3. Remember the InkBird device said it was 76.8, so that's a temperature difference of 1.5. No problem, luckily this product has a good thing - a phone app that lets you change all settings on the fly, including sensor calibration. I calibrated the sensors to match my current tank temperature of 78.3. So I have to be in business now. I set up the alarms via the app and set low and high temperatures to control when the heating turns on and off. I was happy at first until about 30 minutes later I decided to check all my temperature sensors again. All three of my main tank sensors were again within 0.2 temp differences, averaging up to a tank temp of 77.8, InkBird said the temp was 78.4! It rose 0.1 degrees in the wrong direction. Buck is getting colder and InkBird insists it's getting hotter. Before you ask, I should mention that I placed the InkBird temp sensors right next to my main temp sensor, I wanted them all to read from the same spot in the tank. I waited another 30 minutes to see what happens. Well, the temp in the tank dropped to 77.5 while InkBird assumed the temp was 78.2. Eventually he noticed a drop in temperature, but it's still 0.7 less than my main sensor. I gave it another hour, I guess this thing needs to acclimate or something, I don't want to keep calibrating this thing or keeping an eye on it, that would defeat the purpose. So after another hour the main tank sensor registered 77.3 and InkBird showed 78.0. Thank god I have a backup heater, it turns on at 77.3 (which it did) and got the tank up to 78 within an hour. During that time InkBird (finally) dropped to 77.7 but it was too late. The tank was already at 78, but he turned on the extra heater and increased the temperature to 78.7 before InkBird registered 78.2 and shut off. My point is that this is not accurate enough to control temperature in a reef system. I need to find the best product to deal with this. It may seem like the InkBird isn't measuring temperatures often enough to detect fluctuations, or it's literal rubbish. I have an InkBird product in my chicken coop that monitors the outside temperature and turns on the heating when the temperature drops below 38 degrees. Outside. I've had it running for 3 winters now and it works great every time! No problem, it reads the temperature instantly and works like a charm. I regularly pull my local weather and compare the readings on the Inkbird and it's usually within 0.3 degrees. My chickens are not that sensitive to large temperature changes, so don't worry if the temperature reads around 1 degree. I can't speak for freshwater aquarium or terrarium use, maybe they'll be fine?전체 리뷰보기

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LUMARKE Military Kickstand Compatible Protective

This is a very good case and looks very cool. The only problem is that because of the flap on the back, you have to remove the cover to allow the phone to charge on the dummy (wireless flat) charger. The phone can be easily charged with a standard charging cable, but not with a wireless charger.전체 리뷰보기

kasan scrapers aquarium magnetic suitable 로고

KASAN Scrapers Aquarium Magnetic Suitable

This ingenious device is a marvel for beginners and professionals alike. On the. When I opened the box I was amazed by the simplicity of the packaging. He demanded respect and he got it. A single tear rolled down my left cheek as I started boiling some water to ensure it was sterile for my fish, Ned Flounders. As I carefully placed the small cleaning device in the aquarium, making sure to publicly humiliate my Amano shrimp and my Neriti snail for being such poor housewives, I heard the heavens open outside. When I slid this little cleaning titan through algae-covered water with the magnet, it just disappeared. Path. Deep in the hells from which he sprang. I cried, my wife was immediately happy. Sweat beaded my forehead, but my hands were dry. My pool is clean again. Would recommend to anyone with a failed marriage.전체 리뷰보기

exo terra pt2466 hygrometer 로고

Exo Terra PT2466 Hygrometer

I have two of these in different vivariums in the same room. I had one for most of the year and the other for about 4 months. They have worked well for me. I like the color coding which makes it easy to read and interpret. I don't feel the need to drop the humidity to one percent, instead following trends and adjusting conditions as needed. While there may be times when the needle barely seems to move when the house gets dry in the winter and extra humidity is needed, these little hygrometers help me keep my indoor humidity in the right range. If you need to move them, they can be moved. I used a razor blade to remove it, removed all of the backing and then hot glued it in the new position. While the included tape is relatively safe in the wild, safe silicone or hot glue is even safer for fully cured snakes in an aquarium. Just be sure to put a small amount of glue on the four raised pads. If you block the airflow, it won't work properly. What don't you like about being useful, inexpensive and simple? Love it.전체 리뷰보기

penn plax twin bow front aquarium 로고

Penn Plax Twin Bow Front Aquarium

Before anyone gets to me no this is an absolutely horrible choice to keep a fish let alone two. I bought this because I have two bettas with super long fins that just refuse to blink in the mirror so I wanted to try them against a real fish to give them some practice. It works fine for this purpose, but NOT ANOTHER. Do not use this as a habitat for your bettas, they require a MINIMUM of 5 gallons.전체 리뷰보기

bepets training clicker trainer animal 로고

Bepets Training Clicker Trainer Animal

I love the colors

I specifically chose this because of the colour. Perfect for my training and to call my neighbor's stray cat if I want to give him a treat or food lol.전체 리뷰보기

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