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mefoto classic carbon globetrotter monopod 로고

MeFOTO Classic Carbon Globetrotter Monopod

Installation - Very easy to use. - Very easy to mount and remove the camera on the tripod. - It is very easy and quick to install. - There are hinges on the legs for adjusting the tripod legs at different angles. In general, I can set up this tripod with one hand if necessary. Stability. This tripod has a center pole for adding weights for extra stability. uneven surfaces and never had stability issues. - Stretching all my legs makes me paranoid about going too far from the tripod, but although I haven't seen any problems with that. Ease of Use - I was able to set up this tripod in a variety of areas. The beauty of this tripod is that I don't have to set it up at a specific camera angle. The ball head moves in all directions and I can level the camera very easily by just turning 2 knobs under the camera. This saved me a lot of time and effort. Overall - This tripod is made of carbon fiber so it's lightweight compared to several other tripods you can travel with. - It has great stability even with low weight. - It's very small when folded, so I managed to fit it in my carry-on bag. - The monopod is very comfortable and easy to put on and take off. I found it difficult to follow the instructions that came with it, so I basically tried trial and error. A small problem I have now is when I tilt the camera to -90 degrees. Sometimes I find it difficult to make the camera stable. But I need to do more research and figure out how to do it.전체 리뷰보기

kotomoda sphynx stretch t shirt morning cats 로고

Kotomoda Sphynx Stretch T Shirt Morning Cats

Shirts for cats

These shirts are perfect for cats. I don't have a Sphynx, but my boy has diabetes and needs to wear a shirt to protect the Free Style Libre transducer. I tried on the dog shirt first but it didn't fit perfectly.전체 리뷰보기

pawaboo parent child baseball adjustable matching 로고

PAWABOO Parent Child Baseball Adjustable Matching

Pros, cons and fixes Pluses: - looks great - the cap is of solid construction - measurements are accurate - the ear holes are large in size and location Cons: - the adjustable strap clip holds up not good, although it looks nice. - the hat does not hold, especially with additional wind pressure. Fixes: - First I tied a rope under the clip which seemed to work fine. I then went to the second clamp below so I can still adjust it. I made my own little clip to hold the hat in place. The clip itself goes from the back of the hat to the dog's collar. I took 2 typical $3 suspender clips. Then I disassembled them and set aside one of the metal rods. I bent the other one into a rectangle and attached it to both clips. It works great 👍 and to make it look more formal I cut the velcro off the man's hat and attached it to the bracket (the velcro didn't hold so I used some glue).전체 리뷰보기

yihunion space saving accessories speakers assistant home audio 로고

YIHUNION Space Saving Accessories Speakers Assistant Home Audio

Excellent quality

The product looks great, everything about it fits perfectly in my google mini house, it doesn't affect any of the functions of the device. Product perfect, still a clear 5 star product for price and quality.전체 리뷰보기

basking spot lamp 100 watt 로고

Basking Spot Lamp 100 Watt

We ordered these 50 watt cases for the python ball case. We also ordered 100 watts and have no problems with it. We ordered them on Wednesday and the next Monday they were burned out. The work was done by Monday afternoon. We have a timer and it lasted less than 60 hours before it burned out and there is no way to contact the seller or get a partial refund or lamp replacement. It's possible the blown one was defective, so we hooked up another one to see how it works.전체 리뷰보기

zoo med 20 ounce natural bearded 로고

Zoo Med 20 Ounce Natural Bearded

Expensive Junk Food

I can't understand why this food costs so much considering the incredibly cheap ingredients it's made of. The first ingredient is soy husk! To be fair, the ingredient list is in the description. My bearded husband was persuaded to eat something, but he clearly did not prefer it to his usual and natural diet.전체 리뷰보기

brightwell aquatics abaera500 erase cl conditioners 로고

Brightwell Aquatics ABAERA500 Erase Cl Conditioners

I have been using this product for many years. The water company where I live always increases the chlorine level, but I've never had a problem with this product! Always brings the chlorine level to 0. Also ideal for removing ammonia in new and heavily loaded aquariums. I have been raising fish for almost 30 years, I have bread and I keep everything from discus to coral, both fresh and salted. Love this product will never change! The bottle also plays a role. Such a great product and so affordable you couldn't ask for more, you all know how expensive this hobby is! giggle전체 리뷰보기

nutrisource beef rice dog food 로고

NutriSource Beef Rice Dog Food

This is a product highly recommended by radio host K 9 Katie. She always suggests covering food with hot water to soak it until it floats, because when you eat dry cat or dog food, your own system cannot produce enough water for dry dog food. I have a dog that drank a ton of water until I started soaking him then he was fine.전체 리뷰보기

petleso doggles goggles protection waterproof 로고

PETLESO Doggles Goggles Protection Waterproof

Oh my god! Cute/funny/ and most importantly, my dog doesn't seem to mind wearing them. There are lots of foam pads between the lenses and the eyes to prevent the goggles from rubbing against the goggles. Yes, he looks like a fly, but "Fly" is cool, and walking down the street with eye protection is even cooler! The adjustable chin strap and wide nose bridge make this type of goggle well worth the extra money. Be careful when ordering other goggles, make sure the padding is thick enough so the lenses don't touch the dog's eyes! This is called a "deep cup lens". They seemed to move up a bit, but I bet I could adjust the chin strap a bit to keep that from happening. Would I recommend them - YES Worth the money - YES My dog likes them - He didn't try to take them and walked around the yard happily with them. - So probably. Only 4 stars - they seem a bit cheap in quality.전체 리뷰보기

universal dashboard adjustable compatible smartphones 로고

Universal Dashboard Adjustable Compatible Smartphones

I bought this combo set of disposable plates and cutlery to use at an eco event I was organizing. They worked great. The plates are very durable, there were no problems with cutlery. I collected all the plates and cutlery for composting and left the event with a guilty conscience. I am very happy with this purchase. This set was significantly cheaper than the other options listed at the same time. I was afraid I would sacrifice quality, but I didn't. I don't know why these plates were so cheap when I bought them but I wish I had bought more. I will definitely come back and buy them again if needed.전체 리뷰보기

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