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BKEX is a trading platform for Crypto traders to auction and buy any digital currency built on a distributed ledger technology. It's an exchange platform with its headquarter in the British Virgin Islands where it's regulated as a certified trading platform with its service available across different geographic location with just a few exclusion. BKEX creates a high level of trust by being regulated. The regulation is the assurance traders have that if at any time the exchange decides to close up or gets hacked they will get reimbursed. This also strengthens traders' belief that BKEX is not a Ponzi scheme, solidifying its ground as a digital brokerage with the sole aim of providing an avenue for a fast, easy and comfortable trading experience. There are lots of exciting offers on the exchange platform if you're in search of an exchange platform with different freebie offers for you. BKEX provides you with so many of that at the moment, this includes; • A affiliate program that allows you to earn up to 30% of the trading fee of every user that signs up on the exchange through your referral link, the newly registered users also get some sign-up bonus as well. • Currently BKEC is running an August welfare bonus with chances to earn up to $250 in rewards and an iPhone 13 for the participants with the highest number of referrals for the month. BKEX works using the POS algorithm, this enables users on the platform to stake their tokens and earn passive income on them each day their funds are locked in the pool. It's an opportunity to make passive income and also grow your portfolio with staking APY that's as high as 120% for some tokens. One of the exchange's striking features I admire a lot is its service coverage being accessible from different geographic locations with exception of only a few regions. There's no other way to ascertain its global accessibility than checking out its telegram community, it has over 12 different Telegram communities with each one dedicated to traders within specific regions such as Africa, Italy, Malaysia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam Bangladesh, China, Turkey and India, and the general English community. The segmentation of the Community into these subgroups fosters communication and interaction amongst users with different languages and backgrounds. The telegram community is active and engaged, you can as well reached out to the admins for support. Being a bilingual Community is also an added advantage for non English users. BKEX is a recommendable trading platform, there's a likely chance that I will readily recommend the exchange to anyone. 전체 리뷰보기

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The Reason BitYard Remains One Of My Unique Exchange

BitYard is an online trading platform specialized in crypto transactions. It was established in 2019 as one of the digital brokerages that give traders direct access to interact with a variety of the most actively traded altcoins and tokens in the crypto market. Being able to interact with virtual assets can be quite risky without the help of exchanges and so they have evolved to be a handy component of the virtual currency economy. One of the reasons I was quick to register and start trading on BitYard in 2020 was because of its regulation and recognition as a legitimate trading platform and so I had no issues trusting them, considering the good reviews and ratings about them online from other users. With my little experience in the crypto market, I've come across several exchanges that weren't regulated and ended up being a Ponzi scheme created to exploit traders and so I've kept my distance from unregulated ones. The registration process was easy, and in less than 5 minutes my trading account was registered after which I completed some other account requirements. Making my first deposit wasn't a problem since both Visa, MasterCard, and crypto were all supported by the exchange as a means of making deposits. I was amazed to see discover that I could still access some important trading features without KYC, unlike exchanges like Binance which makes it extremely difficult to trade without KYC documents. Trading the futures market comes along with many risks and anyone starting up will certainly forfeit a lot of money before gaining mastery of the market, understanding the charts, indicators, and a bit of fundamental analysis on how to perform such a trade. BitYard provides two solutions to this, one is a demo account and the other is a copy trade menu. Those who want to perfect their professional trading skills can do so through a demo account without any loss and once they are good at it they can start trading with money. The copy trading is what I find very interesting about BitYard it's creating an opportunity for both seasoned and newbie traders to make a passive stream of income from the market leveraging the knowledge of the seasoned traders in the crypto market. BitYard displays the trading status of top futures traders highlighting their progress trading over weeks and months with the returns they have generated, this allows users to select whose trading pattern they would prefer to leverage and profit from without having to rack their heads making all sorts of preparation and studying the price chart to make a profit. The traders whose trading technique's are copied aren't left out uncompensated since they will also be earning 8% of the profits those copying their techniques are making.전체 리뷰보기

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Disrupt Motion

Disruption Motion is a company that helps blockchain projects create visual content for a project's products, solutions, and services to engage their target audience. Not minding the current phase of your project, be it pre-launch or launch phase Disruption Motion has the ideal visual content to help market and promote your brand in an exceptional way using high-quality videos ranging from animation, Live-action videos, and graphic design. It's been proven and ascertained by 85%-98% of marketers that a good video about a brand creates more engagement amongst their customers increasing their conversion and also helping them spread the message about their brands faster than they can ever imagine. Twitter has also disclosed that video tweet on the social media network gets 10 times more engagement compared to nonvideo tweets, this is one of the core reasons Disruption Motion is using video marketing as a tool to create more crypto awareness and expansion for blockchain projects, with a touch of professionalism. The team at Disruption Motion is skilled and knowledgeable with over 10 years of experience in creating high-quality videos for engagement across the social network, they also worked with different blockchain projects and helped them upscale the attention they get from their target audience, using their creativity to propel blockchain and crypto-related projects in a direction that spurs their growth and relevance amongst their potential users. 전체 리뷰보기

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Thousand is an exchange platform for digital assets transactions launched in the year 2021. It's a Columbia digital currency exchange with it's service available to the global market connecting the South Americans to the crypto market. Unlike major centralized exchange trading platform Thousand has a plan of being a more diversified ecosystem offering a digital market for both Fungible and non fungible tokens commonly referred to as NFT. It's an exchange platform trying to build an infrastructure to boast the entire digital economy, and by so doing creating an open market where traders can interact. Like several other centralized and decentralized trading platforms, Thousand has its own native token that oversees certain activities on the Thousands exchange such as Community incentives, staking, trading and paying of transactions fee. One of the features of Thousand exchange is helping upcoming projects to have access to a vibrant community of investors where they can crowdsource funds in exchange for their project tokens. The $TND token is also very essential in getting access to early stage projects launching on the blockchain. The launchpad isn't launched yet but it will be available as from next year and I'm anticipating it's launch. $TND token is worth bagging down and staking to earn more rewards and considering the fact that most exchange tokens perform exceptionally well due to the utilities backing them up, creating a stability in the price and token performance. 전체 리뷰보기

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Coreto is a blockchain project that creates a platform for those with the same ideology in the crypto space to converge, grow, learn and earn. Coreto plans to accelerate the growth of the crypto market by bringing together everyone that makes up the crypto space such as investors, influencers, and developers. Making a research is one of the fundamental tools in making wise investment decisions as a trader although it can be time-consuming going through the net looking for vital and accurate information to help your investment decisions as most of them can be very misleading and some are shilled to promote a project that's isn't competent. Coreto allows influencers to create content for their followers on the platform and grow their audience, they ensure only the right and resourceful information are given out to investors to help them strategically invest their money in diverse opportunities making use of the content and mentorship from the influencers. 전체 리뷰보기

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The Authentic platform for investors.

ROOBEE is a blockchain investment project that gives investors an opportunity to put in their funds on its platform ,the project allows both top investors and new investors participate by allowing investors to start with as low as $10 upward. You can invest with either your debit/credit cards using flat currencies or with popular crypto currencies like ETH and BTC. ROOBEE has a team of experienced personnel which makes the platform really fascinating,the interface comes in two language translation English and Russian as a nice approach towards making the platform comprehensive and understandable to investors but on a lighter note the two language doesn't seem to be sufficient for a project like this I feel there is still need for more translations in other languages to make the project more understandable for investors that don't understand the two existing languages. ROOBEE makes KYC enrollment compulsory after registration and during any transaction ,this might appear stressful at times although it doesn't take time to complete the KYC. But from my view I think the strict KYC policy on the platform is of great advantage to the investors due to the security it provides. It has its own native currency that works just as Ether is to the Ethereum blockchain ,the token allows you to carry out some process and transactions on ROOBEE and so it is very necessary to purchase or hold their tokens if you are an investor on the platform. ROOBEE is very secured and highly optimised ,this is one of the reason why the investment platform is trusted by many investors on the basis of its credibility,transparency and that you can invest using either flats or Crypto currency. 전체 리뷰보기

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GAGARIN Launchpad

Launchpad are fundamental units of the cryptocurrency market helping both traders and investors maximize opportunities by creating a trusted platform where both investors and project developers can interact. Gagarin is a launchpad, it allows project developers raise funds for their projects through a decentralized funds raising platform from groups of investors on its launchpad community. This way project get access to a large target audience and build their own community. Investing in early stage project can be very rewarding but the risk that comes along with investing in them is huge, but with the help of Gagarin projects about to be launched via their platform will be screened to ensure they are projects that can perform up to expectations. Gagarin also ensure protection of it's users by enforcing and making sure projects about to be launched lock their tokens on the platform.전체 리뷰보기

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Stealth the non custodian Exchange

Stealth Exchange is a custodial exchange where you can trade without providing any information about yourself. This is a DEX exchange and for that reason you are given absolute control over your account and your asset without entrusting it into the hands of a third party. On Stealth exchange there is a chance to trade almost 400 different coins by swapping it with the coins you have in your possession or buying it using fiat through by the use of Visa cards. The exchange Isn't so very popular ,the telegram group has just 170 subscribers and another thing about the exchange is that the trading fee they collect per transaction is not disclosed and for that reason traders don't know how much they are being charged per transaction they make on Stealth exchange.전체 리뷰보기

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Wodo Network

Wodo network is a platform offering developers a range of solutions, tools, and API that facilitates the adoption of the blockchain technology in the gaming industry. The is a revolutionary project set to transform the present status of the gaming industry. Wodo game is positioned as being a gaming hub that connects developers and with an active community. Their infrastructure has been designed to help startup gaming platforms launch through the seeding funding, it's one of the newest projects that has strategically been created to build games that adopt the NFT, Metaverse and Play 2 Earn mechanism by providing developers with all the infrastructure they need ground up. Wodo comprises everything you need in a gaming ecosystem ranging from an NFT marketplace, wallet, seed funding for new projects, and game store that exposes gamers to a new range of blockchain play to earn/create games the that consists of a list of numerous blockchain games that are credible and anyone can play to earn from. They also have functionalities designed to reduce the complexity in the gaming industry that has limited traditional gamers from moving over to the blockchain games as a result of the knowledge required to partake in them. But with their system, it's easy for anyone to come on board and interact with blockchain games. This drives the rate of adoption of the gaming industry and unlocks its limitless potential.전체 리뷰보기

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Genius Assets

Genius assets is a blockchain platform that offers traders an opportunity to invest their money in different assets asides from cryptocurrecy. The nature of most blockchain projects has limited the access to investors to only crypto assets neglecting people's access to other investments with long-term income generation potentials. There is a wide range of revenue-generating assets you can invest in on the Genius platform. real estate, sports, arts (NFTs), air traffic & highways. These are lucrative opportunities that aren't freely accessible to individuals. With the help, and expertise of Genius asset traders can leverage it to own an investment in these physical assets. Investing in these ventures is a way of diversifying your portfolio and even edging your wealth against the unfavorable market condition and present dip in the cryptocurrency market. Gaining the level of insight and experience the team has in these sectors isn't that easy cause they are quite intricate to dive into, but with the help of Genius asset management, you can maximize your investment in these sectors to get returns on your investment as long as you keep holding your shares across your investment in these sectors. Genius asset native token Geniux token power the entire functionality of the ecosystem. The Geniux token allows token holders to invest their tokens into different assets available to investors on the platform to generate passive revenue on different assets for long terms goals. I love the fact that the identity of the team behind the project is revealed, including their legal advisor and partners and they are all people who have made a tremendous impact across different investment fields, technological companies, and financial sectors.your s전체 리뷰보기

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