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natural aquatic turtle maintenance formula 로고

Natural Aquatic Turtle Maintenance Formula

I have 10 rescued Red-eared Turtles in my pond, custom built for them in 2014 when I moved them here. This food keeps them healthy, the pond clean and is also economical.전체 리뷰보기

marshall carnivore plus protein ferret 로고

Marshall Carnivore Plus Protein Ferret

My cute boy has bladder stones now because of this food, Pea flour is the second ingredient in this food which is known to cause bladder stones causes. Do not buy this food if you don't enjoy watching your child cry while peeing blood and stones. Update: My ferret needed very expensive ($1,500) life saving surgery to get his bladder stones out. Without him, he was literally hours away from a horrible death. The vet confirmed that the culprit was the food.전체 리뷰보기

kuoser visibility adjustable floatation reflective 로고

Kuoser Visibility Adjustable Floatation Reflective

Almost Perfect

This product worked great when new but had issues with durability. I really liked the handle at the top and the dog jumped in right away. Only used a month or so (pup learned to swim without them) but the stitching started to fray and the color faded immediately when left in the sun.전체 리뷰보기

midlee agility tunnel training equipment 로고

Midlee Agility Tunnel Training Equipment

It was great fun using the slide tunnel for agility training with our 6 month old puppy and 7 year old dog. It was easy to get them to go through the exercise treats and they wanted to go over everything again.전체 리뷰보기

carrier mewgaroo sweatshirt kangaroo pullover dogs for apparel & accessories 로고

Carrier Mewgaroo Sweatshirt Kangaroo Pullover Dogs for Apparel & Accessories

Yays: Practical and lined bag with zip for easy cleaning. I can't express how much my dog enjoyed running around in it. He is a very restless dog, which calmed him down immediately. He snuggled up to her peacefully all evening. Even when I got up to go around the house and cook dinner, there was no whining or grumbling, just complete contentment. No: thin material, thumb holes too small for comfort, sweatshirt is very long so a bit uncomfortable to walk around with my dog in my bag Conclusion: quality as expected for a cheap sweatshirt. I ordered 4x (I usually wear an 18/20 but needed extra room for my 11lb pup). Will definitely order another one when it bites the dust. I will also get one for other members of my family. Highly recommended!전체 리뷰보기

moduoduo automatic waterer breeding drinking 로고

MODUODUO Automatic Waterer Breeding Drinking

Cheap Chinese goods

4 water had injection molding defects. All plastic bolts were broken. Overall, I wasn't very excited about buying more Chinese products. The site claimed it was from Saint Augustine.전체 리뷰보기

micro sd card 512gb sd memory card high speed tf card class 10 with a free sd card adapter for nintendo switch android smartphones 로고

Micro SD Card 512GB SD Memory Card High Speed TF Card Class 10 With A Free SD Card Adapter For Nintendo Switch Android Smartphones

Absolute rubbish

Ordered two of these for my Nintendo Switch, the description says they work and are useless rubbish. Every time I try to install or save something on one of them I get messages with corrupted data and nothing can be used at all. If I could give a less than 1 star rating I would. Save your money and don't give your business to this seller. They sell bad products that are best thrown in the trash. I should have listened to the other negative reviews because they hit the nail on the head and then some others. Literally take your money elsewhere.전체 리뷰보기

leviathan lotan 로고

Leviathan Lotan

The software is easy to use for both users who have little experience with cybersecurity as well as experienced professionals in this area of expertise. The ability to run large scale scans across multiple servers or devices at once is also one of my favorite features - I can do an initial scan on thousands of files before taking any time looking into each individual file. There are some minor glitches that the developers could iron out (the interface sometimes takes several seconds to load after clicking something). This does not affect me personally but it's good to know they're working on solving those issues. It allows us to identify vulnerabilities within our network quickly without having to go through potentially hundreds of different log entries. Leviathan has been very helpful in providing us with a secure environment for our customers to work from. They are always available to answer any questions we have and they are willing to go above and beyond to ensure that our clients are protected. I would not hesitate to recommend Leviathan as their services are top notch! We have used them for several years now and have never had any issues. We use their services for all of our remote employees. 전체 리뷰보기

tractive lte gps dog tracker 로고

Tractive LTE GPS Dog Tracker

I bought this and followed all the installation instructions which seemed pretty easy. The problems started when I had to subscribe to a monthly plan so the tracker could be activated and tested. Without a plan, it's impossible to verify that the tracker is working. I signed up and off we went. OR NOT. At first the tracker said the battery was low even though I charged it so I charged it again to be sure. Now it's charged but the app doesn't recognize it and keeps saying the battery is at 0% and the GPS isn't working. I tried turning the device on multiple times and it would turn on and connect, and then we went outside to see if it would turn off. The application kept saying that the battery was at zero. We sat outside for a while with the device trying to find the gps and whatnot and everything seemed to sync up and then my husband took the tracker and walked to the other side of the yard and it was up and running in under a minute said the tracker was off. AGAIN. I then tried to contact Tractive customer service and it turns out that you can only contact them via email and their email doesn't load. I've tried on multiple devices and get nothing. I won't fix this email right away so I started the process of returning and returned the device today (less than 24 hours of receipt). Of course, I am not entitled to reimbursement of the costs for my year of service. So you can't test your tracker without a service, but if the tracker sucks and doesn't work, you're not entitled to a refund of your money. BUYERS BEWARE OF THIS TRUCK AND THIS PULL-UP PRACTICE. THIS IS CLEARLY INTENDED TO CHOOSE YOU WITHOUT MONEY.전체 리뷰보기

petalive pancreas booster capsules 60 count 로고

PetAlive Pancreas Booster Capsules 60 Count

Unfortunately my 9 year old cat was recently diagnosed with pancreatitis. In order for her to recover quickly, I first gave her the recommended western medicines (antibiotics, etc.). Once her vomiting was under control and the medication was off, I contacted my holistic consultant for a care consultation. This is one of the articles he recommended. She doesn't eat her meal with half a capsule so I feed her 3-4 times a day so I can distribute her supplements. Luckily I still have half a bottle because the price has almost doubled since I bought the bottle. I can understand some price hikes, but a few bucks less than a double is too much, so I might have to switch. However, this thing works, so we'll see. I did that, but everyone should seek qualified advice for their animal. We switched her to a low fat diet (not the vet sold one which doesn't help and is expensive) instead buying cat food with no more than 2% fat. I also add Gentle Digest (available here at Revain) and a few drops of milk thistle. Some cats recover from a raw diet, but I fed them raw. The raw diet itself hasn't made her sick because I've fed so many cats raw food over the past 30 years. We believe this little girl was already 6 years old when I rescued her, so it's impossible to know what she ate before. She was in pretty bad shape at the time, so no doubt she didn't eat steak that often! Another thing is if you feed them raw, make sure it's organic. The chicken I fed her ate genetically modified corn. Barkers can say what they want, but genetically engineered foods cause tumors in mice. I'm just saying this to say that the low fat cat food worked for her. while the continuation of Raw did not. It was so nice to see the light in her little eyes come back up and her silky fur return. Anyway, this is too much for one product review, but we all love our furry babies and wish them the best. Hope the price of this item goes down because it works!전체 리뷰보기

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