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Geodb Review

Geoddb is a project that conducts research by collecting people's personal data, the application is in beta stage, it has aspects to improve.When I installed the application, I was told that a reward would be given every 20 minutes, but every 20 minutes the rewards were not awarded and the prizes fell gradually I did not like the decrease of the prizes. It is falling in the application, it was said that we will be able to shoot the awards in November, but no announcement has been made yet.I think the value will be high when the application is in beta stage now.전체 리뷰보기

terra 로고

Terra Review

Cryptocurrencies are growing and developing, terra is one of the evolving examples of this site. One of my favorite aspects of this site is that I can pay less commission and deposit money than other crypto sites. . I work with a company I like, so I can easily deposit money on the site, but the site is ignored as before, it should be looked and developed more, it will make the users more satisfied, I recommend it to everyone, this is a good and important site. That's all I think about this site전체 리뷰보기

ignis 로고

Ignis Review

Ignis is a sub-unit of the ardor project, since this system provides us with a cheaper service, you can make transactions in this project without paying too much. I was able to buy and sell tokens with peace of mind because the project is infrastructure. I liked the site and the project has a user-friendly interface The project is as valuable as the blockchain projects by the Jelurida company as it was created by the Jelurida company Two new tokens were created with the launch of nxt Thanks to the Exchange offered by this platform, users can get a minimum commission while trading I like it very much I recommend the project전체 리뷰보기

nxt 로고

Nxt Review

This project is a project that has existed since 2013, I liked that this project was cheap and useful, this company started a modern cryptocurrency with the brand nxt, its cheapness led people to this project, the company achieved it. The company, which turned people into digital money with this project, headed there with the launch of a new project. However, since nxt is under bitcoin, the number of users decreased together and the company made its customers happy with its new project. I like that the tokens are cheap on the project. I would recommend it to everyone. But it should be noted that the project has aspects to improve.전체 리뷰보기

binance 로고


Binance is a famous crypto currency trading site that I have known for a long time I liked the site in general, a good reliable site I liked the interface of the site, it has an understandable interface, there is a reliable crypto money wallet system, I think the deposit options to the site should be increased, and more people use the site. There is a customer service that takes care of customers I don't like the only limited wallet system of the site and more deposit options should be added to the site I think I like the site in general it is a useful good site전체 리뷰보기

hitbtc 로고


HitBtc is a cryptocurrency trading site that I have known for a long time, I think that there are aspects of the site to be developed in general, I think a few more additions should be added to the site, more cryptocurrencies should be added to the site and the problems in depositing and withdrawing money should be transferred to the account late and when withdrawing money, I think these problems should be fixed. I am sure that they will offer a better use if the problems are corrected. I liked being a member of the site easily and they can deposit money quickly. 전체 리뷰보기

whalesburg 로고


Whalesburg is a new entrepreneurial and innovative platform. I love a crypto money mining site, there is a good customer live support line, they are interested in customers, I like their social media addresses, you can get answers to your questions from there, the only downside is that there is no commission in withdrawing money and I think more people should announce this site is a useful site. When they solve their part, more people start to use this site I liked the site and I recommend it to all전체 리뷰보기

btcturk | pro 로고

BtcTurk | Pro

BtcTürk, a cryptocurrency trading site that I have used and heard before is a good site but it has aspects to develop, I think more cryptocurrencies should be added to the site and more money withdrawal methods should be added, the only minus is an age limit and more to withdraw money from the site. He says he gets too much commission. I think the plus aspects are that it has a live support line and you can easily subscribe to the site. a more useful cryptocurrency trading site if other shortcomings are corrected 전체 리뷰보기

paribu 로고

Paribu site

Paribu is one of the good crypto money sites I use, a site where I can buy and sell bitcoins, there are problems with withdrawing money, but I think corrections can be made and I think it should not charge commission when withdrawing money. I think it would be better if there were fixes, more withdrawal methods should be added and more cryptocurrencies should be added, if these problems are corrected, they offer a better use and make their customers more satisfied so that people can use this site more and buy and sell crypto money. 전체 리뷰보기

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