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GeoDB: promoting a decentralized data market

In the digital age that we live in, the virtual services industry is increasingly growing due to the high demand for data, storage capacity and other requirements that go hand in hand with data technology. For this reason; cryptographic projects…See full review

GeoDB: Work related to the management of individual data.

In our age of living computerization, the virtual governance industry is slowly evolving due to a variety of conditions related to data acquisition, resource constraints and information innovation. .Customers have the opportunity to transfer their…See full review

GeoDB: advancing a decentralized information market

In the advanced age that we live in, the virtual administrations industry is progressively becoming because of the popularity for information, stockpiling limit and different prerequisites that go inseparably with information innovation. Hence…See full review

GEO Price has been announced and is returning to trade for other cryptocurrencies.

GeoDB is a huge piece of information that shares an organic framework filled with blocking successes. Open data business is changing among the current individuals and means exposing the current weaknesses of the huge data industry. Customers…See full review

Geodatabase project information.

A geodatabase is a collection of data designed to store, analyze, and monitor geographic and spatial information. It is called a different set of data. Inside the spatial database, spatial information is sorted like any other type of data. Vector…See full review

GeoDB: is a project focused on the management of personal data.

GeoDB (GEO): is a project focused on the management of personal data, in the digital industry, the level of detail and information provided through its platforms varies depending on the type of user, it is a project that allows a high capacity data…See full review


GeoDB is a distributed enormous information sharing biological system fueled by blockchain innovations. An open information commercial center that makes spans between current disconnected members and which intends to illuminate the current…See full review

A Nice and Simple Earning Method

It is a commercial site created to encourage people to invest and to collect and market this data. Currently in the trial (BETA) phase, it only distributes GEO coins free of charge by requesting your data. The application runs on both Android…See full review

Will GeoDB have a bright future?

I've been using GeoDB for about a month. Thanks to Revain, I read the articles that will increase my interest in the project. And I started doing Geo mining. At first, I was earning very high value Geos, but as people increased, the value of Geos…See full review

Geodb Review

Geoddb is a project that conducts research by collecting people's personal data, the application is in beta stage, it has aspects to improve.When I installed the application, I was told that a reward would be given every 20 minutes, but every 20…See full review