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Blockchain Wallet

happy safe

i have to use blockhain wallet for a 2 years. what do u think ? it's easy to access it an deasy to use it. but, u need a kyc to access more . the kyc is difficult, u cant plagiat it. blockchain wallet gives us some airdrop. the estimates is $25 . which can u get by doing a KYC status for this wallet. blockchain wallet make me feels secured, because the security by the blockchain wallet is very good. you can make 2 auth and make some code for withdraw. oh not yet, u can make an code before entering your wallet. so it can make your wallet extra safe. dont give your information to the other. i wish the dev of blockchain wallet can make some updates for a lifetime.전체 리뷰보기

coinomi 로고


have a good day

coinomi is a good wallet. u can easy to see the price in the menu. without have to open market. the fees from coinomi is very good, it is not expensive, but very fast for lending to the receiver. coinomi has done to be a good wallet in the world. when u want to deposit on coinomi, you will not have a dfficult momen, it will easy, and fast to lending in the coinomi. coinomi have not many updates, i like this. because it can make me easyly to use it. the phrase from coinomi make us very protect. dont give your phrase to the other. or u will cry for lifetime.전체 리뷰보기

trust wallet 로고

Trust Wallet

nice good

trustwallet is good wallet in the world and best team in the world. u can easy to access this wallet, without many things which made us worry. im very like trustwallet because it gives many free access, and it done a airdrop , biggest airdrop in the world last month. the price from twt coin is high. i dont believe it why it can do like this. i can buy twt with cheap proce and sell it when the price is expensive. which can have the price like this for airdrop ? i thought nothing can like this. the dev from trustwallet so good and solid. maybe i can buy a ferrari by trade the twt coin hahaha.. i can refer my friend to join this wallet and make KYC전체 리뷰보기

bitmart 로고



i have to use bitmart from 3 years ago. in the first time, bitmart is easy to sign up,without KYC to Wd, and then bitmart need an KYC to access WD. trade in bitmart enough of easy, and transfer from another exchange usullay too late, suddenly had to trade for use a frozen assets. bitmart often to gives airdrop for users. with any contest to join it, if u win u receive many BMX which can selling to another coin. maybe i can invite my friend to join bitmart with my refferal code , why ? because bitmart gives us fee from trade from our downline, it fun ! . i even win 1 contest from bitmart and receive 500BMX for free, but it was need trade of minimum 0.01BTC to open this frozen assets전체 리뷰보기

kucoin 로고


kucoin exchange is a good exchange. u can buy or sell easy. the dev from kucoin are very friendly. u can sent email to ask something or chat via telegram to ask something. kucoin exchange gives you the best experience for trading et several times. the interface on kucoin exchange is not same like the other exchange. if you want to buy , you can see the price without problem, and it can believe you that kuocin is one of best exchange. i can recommend this to my friends to use it together. kucoin is best exchange, and best exchange in the world. connect with google and other전체 리뷰보기

dragonex 로고



Dragonex is one of many good exchange. you can buy and sell easyly without any problem. i'm very suggested this exchange to the other. for good experience u can KYC to this exchange and make it very easy to withdrawal and deposites. it's easier than any exchange. dragonex is good and very good전체 리뷰보기

binance 로고


have good day

firts, when i use binance for trading, i usually can to trade in there. i was ver happy because there is not problem. i hope binance will always be good exchange an di love it. i can trade easyly. thank you binance, adn i was very happy because you give me an profit.전체 리뷰보기

bittrex 로고


good vibes

i was very enjoying trade in bitrex without any problem. first, i cant withdraw because i don have KYC yet, then after i KYC, i can withdraw and make deposites. it is fast to transfer from any exchange, i was happy in bittrex. successfull전체 리뷰보기

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