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portable operated transistor headphone reception 로고

Portable Operated Transistor Headphone Reception

radio delivered on time and in perfect condition. It has no DC port and no battery charging port. This means that 2 AAA alkaline batteries must be used. Or you can use 2 AAA batteries that have to be charged outside of the radio with a separate charger. AM/FM reception is respectable. There are only 2 weather stations near me. One is very crisp and the other has a lot of noise. But a clear station is enough to satisfy my need for weather information. Turn on the radio. Go to the weather band and find a station you want to listen to. Press and hold the Range/Warning button until the warning message appears on the display. At this point no station can be heard on any band. But it includes an alarm function. When an alarm occurs, the radio will automatically turn on and broadcast the weather alert. That's why I bought this little radio. Serves as a weather radio. Meets my requirements 100%. Great item and great seller.전체 리뷰보기

honestdollar 로고


I like that they are very transparent with their process, so you know exactly what to expect when it comes time for your money to be wired into an IRA or Roth account! Also, there's no paperwork involved in setting up a new client - just send them all of your banking information (or have someone else do this) and boom! You're ready to go. There isn't much dislike about my experience at honest dollar right now but maybe more features could come out soon? We've been using honesty as our roth custodian since we started putting away 401k contributions years ago and everything has always gone smoothly from thereon forward! 전체 리뷰보기

hive digital 로고

Hive Digital

The best part about hive digital was how much I enjoyed being able to work remotely with other like minded individuals. It also helped me keep my daily routine in check because of all the different benefits. Nothing really but everything was amazing! There were times when we weren't getting paid very well or at all and it wasn't always clear what our job duties were. Also there have been instances where I would be working long hours without pay sometimes over 40 straight days. So if you're looking for something remote and not just another online freelancing site then it might be worth trying out. You can make your own schedule as far as work goes so it makes things easier especially since I live alone. We have had hive digital create all of our websites since we started in 2010. They do exceptional work with every client they take on! Their services never disappoint! If you're looking to build something great look no further than this team! The biggest challenge I faced was determining who to partner up with and how to structure my business model so it would be scalable and sustainable going forward. 전체 리뷰보기

humanitec 로고


It is open source that gives a great freedom of use in developing the applications in Kubernetes with their toolkit. The documentation is very clear and understandable. Sometimes it's hard to understand how to use it and some of the toolkit can be improved in some areas. Also, sometimes toolkit needs to be integrated manually and needs to be adapted for the specific use case. Humanitec makes it very easy to write the applications in different languages with a great Kubernetes container orchestration. The tool is very easy to use and has many features that allow you to configure your builds in a very effective way. The support team is also very helpful. The price is a bit high compared to other tools, but this is not necessarily bad since it offers all the needed functions. I can recommend this product to anyone who wants to automate and speed up his or her continuous integration process. We have been able to reduce our build time from 2 hours to less than 30 minutes. 전체 리뷰보기

jlinc 로고


I like how easy it was for me as an end user/customer, no matter what my level or expertise in technology; once you download their software onto your computer from there website they make sure everything works perfectly with all kinds (and types)of computers! My only real dislike about them would have nothing really do anything bad but more so because we had issues when trying out other companies similar products which caused us some problems getting this product working correctly without any difficulties whatsoever!! It worked flawlessly though. We are able solve our problem very quickly now using jlinc's services by being part owners within each others' database systems allowing access through one anothers system via permissions given upon request etc..전체 리뷰보기 로고

I like that they have several different options for the amount of data you can store in their system, depending on your needs as well as what type of card payment service provider is used to process payments. The customer support staff has been great! They make it easy for those with no technical knowledge at all to use this platform effectively. We are able to easily track where our customers went within the mall or shopping center we operate using their mobile phone app (which uses GPS). This allows us to see which stores draw people into our area by monitoring foot traffic patterns.전체 리뷰보기

vorealis software 로고

Vorealis Software

I like how easy it was to get set up with all of our tools. The interface is simple, but also has many features that are helpful. It can be difficult to find certain things sometimes when you're not sure what you're looking for. There's lots of different ways to use this system, so it takes some time to figure out where everything is. Once you do it's great! We've been able to streamline the process of managing tasks, creating and assigning them, and keeping track of progress. It helps us keep on top of deadlines and stay organized overall. 전체 리뷰보기

swiftlight 로고


The best thing about swift light, it's simple to use interface which helps you in managing your projects easily with its features like task list view, Gantt chart etc. I also love how easy it can be used for small businesses as well. There are some minor issues but nothing serious that i have faced so far while using this product. It has all required options of any visual PM tool out there available at one place. We've been able to manage our tasks effectively without spending much time or effort. Project tracking feature helped us keep track of each activity done by team members within different departments.전체 리뷰보기

fists unrivaled tenyi gfp2 en174 ultra 로고

Fists Unrivaled Tenyi GFP2 EN174 Ultra

I'm not sure what version this came in but it was brand new like sealed with original sleeve! My game only has one copy now so if you want to buy just make an account here as seller then add me under my user id xxxx123456 I love the idea behind this game, but it was poorly executed in my opinion. The first version had some issues with card balance that were addressed in the second edition. However, there are still some cards that feel very one sided and don't really gel with the rest of the set (like the card for the ghost monster). Still an interesting take on the mechanic though!전체 리뷰보기

total expert 로고

Total Expert

I like having everything at one place so it's easy when you need something right away! The customer service can be slow sometimes but all companies are different - just give them time if they don't respond immediately or seem not interested enough then maybe try again later? You have no choice other than this because its an online platform which makes things easier compared to going into your bank directly asking questions about certain products etc.. The system is very user friendly. It is easy to get the hang of and is very easy to use. I do not have any dislikes, everything is great! I recommend the product to anyone who needs a simple system. I am able to send out emails from the program that are very simple and easy to understand. The program is very easy to learn. I have used it for my business and it has saved me tons of time. 전체 리뷰보기

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