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keyless remote 2014 2016 kr5s180144106 285e3 4cb1a accessories & supplies 로고

Keyless Remote 2014 2016 KR5S180144106 285E3 4CB1A Accessories & Supplies

Faulty Product

Terrible. The chip was missing and not programmed. And since I've waited past the scheduled return date to get my refund, I'm shutting up.전체 리뷰보기

fitness trainer keychain bodybuilding workout 로고

Fitness Trainer Keychain Bodybuilding Workout

Very nice keychain!

Came in a very cute bag! It looked very nice and looks just like the picture. I ordered this keychain for my best friend and he absolutely loved it. Definitely worth the price전체 리뷰보기

monoprice 113716 conductor cmp rated speaker 로고

Monoprice 113716 Conductor CMP Rated Speaker

The copper itself (14 hectares tested) seems to be quite good. I don't wish individual stalls were better but they are good nonetheless. The 14 gauge seems accurate compared to other cables and my wire strippers. The 2 conductors have a bend that can help reduce EMI, and most other inexpensive cables don't have this feature. There is also a nylon cord (maybe nylon?) in the cable. However, the PVC jacket is a bit stiff and this doesn't really detach the cable, so plan to clip it frequently en route to its final destination. I deduct half a star for that.전체 리뷰보기

sfswyxgs cartoon children slipper slippers boys' shoes in clogs & mules 로고

SFSWYXGS Cartoon Children Slipper Slippers Boys' Shoes in Clogs & Mules

I bought this for my 3.5 year old daughter. I plan to let her wear this pair of new shoes for our beach vacation. They are very comfortable. She loves her so much! The color and those little patterns are so cute! It includes 8 different styles of patterns that you can swap out for a different mood. My daughter played with her new shoes alone for almost an hour :) I am very satisfied, I think I will buy another size for my little sister.전체 리뷰보기

sonido polished fashion sunglasses accessories 로고

Sonido Polished Fashion Sunglasses Accessories

These lenses are definitely suitable for children from 2 years old because of their face size. You are very charming. If your kid still wants to rip things out of their face and throw them on stage, then they probably aren't for you. I would definitely say that the child is older! They bend and break easily. But for the price they are very good.전체 리뷰보기

365 total protection 로고

365 Total Protection

The best part of this software is that, it has got everything in one place which can be easily accessed by anyone who needs to do so for their PC/Laptop or MAC! This makes life easy when you are not available at your computer as well because if there any issues with data security then I am sure they will get resolved very fastly thanks to its smart features such as firewall feature etc., nothing much really but the UI could have done better than having some bugs here n' there still lagging behind other softwares like Comodo suite where i was able too install few extra apps without uninstalling my current ones (like CCleaner). Overall good product though worth every penny spent. Data Security Management & Firewall protection using cloud-based technology. 전체 리뷰보기

outxe lanyard adjustable compatible smartphone accessories & supplies 로고

OUTXE Lanyard Adjustable Compatible Smartphone Accessories & Supplies

I don't understand. I would have thought I would have received a defective one, but I ordered two packages and both were like this. Others have also noticed that the cable is twisted. It makes it difficult to adjust and doesn't lie flat on my body. It also doesn't work in my Apple Silicone Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max. The phone falls out of the case.전체 리뷰보기

winter running snowboard outdoor mittens 로고

Winter Running Snowboard Outdoor Mittens

Bought this for my 3 year old. Well, unless your kid has long, skinny fingers, this isn't going to work. It took me a good 30 minutes to get my daughter's fingers in there and it took less than a minute playing in the snow for the glove to slip off. Perhaps that is why most people recommend mittens for children under 5 years old.전체 리뷰보기

outland childrens lightweight ultra interior boys' clothing at underwear 로고

Outland Childrens Lightweight Ultra Interior Boys' Clothing at Underwear

My son has a mild sensory processing disorder so finding thermal underwear that he likes is a serious problem. I thought I found them with these but they are so small and flimsy that I had to give them to my little one. :(전체 리뷰보기

charger compatible samsung galaxy google 로고

Charger Compatible Samsung Galaxy Google

It worked at first but now it doesn't work anymore. I can't put my phone on the socket holder, it's too far away for that. I need to change the seat in the car and this is the only one that works. not even close to my dash so when it's on the changer my phone has to be in the cup holder. Or under the center console. Today he didn't even charge my phone and it was all the way in and he didn't read it.전체 리뷰보기

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