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deer stags boys ace black boys' shoes in oxfords 로고

Deer Stags Boys ACE Black Boys' Shoes in Oxfords

I bought these shoes for my 8 year old son for Halloween as they look like street clown shoes. He only wore them for about an hour and a half. Eventually I scratched it somewhere, and the brown coating was scraped off by a boot. While I know this is not a quality shoe built to last, I was hoping to use it more than once. My son has actually been very careful as he is taking care of his costume which he plans to wear to Comic-Con and a costume party in the near future. I hope I can cover the white part (the shoes are white under the thin brown plastic coating) with a brown marker. This shoe is ok if you use it for a photo. These are not shoes that will stand up to repeated use or even an event lasting more than an hour, even if you are extremely careful. Definitely don't buy these if you intend to wear a school uniform - I recommend spending the extra $10-$15 on leather shoes. Also note that these shoes are very stiff - I bought shoes for my son in the same size. like his adidas sneakers (size 1). When the shoes arrived I compared them to his sneakers and put them bottom to bottom. Although these shoes are significantly longer, they are difficult to put on because there was no deformation when they were opened. For that reason I could probably order half a size bigger, but they wouldn't look huge on his foot. I found it interesting as some of the reviewers said they were big.전체 리뷰보기

iuniqueen adjustable statement collection turquoise 로고

IUNIQUEEN Adjustable Statement Collection Turquoise

I bought it as a gift but once I try it on just make sure everything is ok. Instead, she received a newly gifted candle. I keep the braces and wear them 4-5 times a week. (By the way, she saw it and commented how much she liked it, so don't tell her I originally bought it for her. Although I'll get her one for Christmas.)전체 리뷰보기

clothing elegant sleeve shirts flower boys' clothing 로고

Clothing Elegant Sleeve Shirts Flower Boys' Clothing

Good quality suit!

Purchased size 2 3T and It is the same as expected 2/3T size you buy in regular stores. My son is 24 pounds he is 1 year 7 months old and he is small so his pants are long but the tops fit well as do the waist pants. The color was a darker burgundy than in the light red burgundy image. The fabric of the outfit was fresh, silky and comfortable. I am very happy with the purchase, just wish the burgundy was as bright as the picture.전체 리뷰보기

glbsunion waterproof underwater compatible protective 로고

GLBSUNION Waterproof Underwater Compatible Protective

It really works

They work very well underwater. My cell phone stayed dry. It was so much fun with him in the pool. I was very scared and skeptical.전체 리뷰보기

tozai video cassette rewinder eject 로고

Tozai Video Cassette Rewinder Eject

Unfortunately not quite as advertised. All the features won't work but hopefully won't damage the videos that are supposed to be rewound.전체 리뷰보기

under armour westward jacket concrete boys' clothing 로고

Under Armour Westward Jacket Concrete Boys' Clothing

This is a good jacket, sits on my son for a long time to keep his back closed/warm, unlined this is a good medium weight winter coat , and the lining itself is a nice lightweight fleece. However, after wearing it 5 times, it ripped at a side seam. Due to the way it was made I can't sew it without leaving visible stitching on the outside of the jacket. I'll see if I can get a replacement or a refund.전체 리뷰보기

nautica sandals athletic toddler kid aminah navy boys' shoes in sandals 로고

Nautica Sandals Athletic Toddler Kid Aminah Navy Boys' Shoes in Sandals

Very cute shoe!

Very well made sandals. I have a tan and orange and it really goes with a lot of outfits! We have received many compliments on this shoe. I love that it has an adjustable heel strap. I would say it's not designed for water due to the soft leather on the bottom (where it meets the foot). It makes my little fella's feet smell like a fraternity boy's, but I guess that's to be expected from leather. I first ordered a size up and had to return it in its normal size. I've read reviews that it's a bit shorter at the top and I had to agree,전체 리뷰보기

scosche mpdbase-2pkbp0 replacement adhesive base for magicmount pro mounts - 2-pack 로고

SCOSCHE MPDBASE-2PKBP0 Replacement Adhesive Base For MagicMount Pro Mounts - 2-Pack

I have a rose gold iPhone 7 Plus with a clear case from Casetify. So I wanted something that matched the rose gold instead of the black square on the back of my phone. The metal plate was easy to slide in between the case and the phone. I did this to test the utility. It seemed simple enough, but the color is wrong (the plate is a little purple). The large plate also does not provide enough surface area for the magnet to work effectively. Since this part of the SCOSCHE node isn't designed to hold a phone, I'm not giving it a star. with window fittings.전체 리뷰보기

appenate 로고


I like that it allows me keep my records organized in one place instead of having them scattered around different files/folders everywhere! It's very easy using this app as well because everything has been made simple so there are no issues when trying out new things about how you want your business run etc.. The only thing i dislike sometimes would be if we have too many employees working at once then they tend not wanting us to use their names but rather just numbers which can get confusing especially during meetings where everyone needs something from someone else.전체 리뷰보기

hardware security compatible stronger different 로고

Hardware Security Compatible Stronger Different

This is a great security tool, someone tried to steal my iPad from my car and it stopped them immediately. Definitely recommend this to keep items safe.전체 리뷰보기

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