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Dell Technologies Capital

Dell Technologies Capital is the venture capital arm of the renowned Dell Technologies. This area is dedicated to investing in business infrastructure and in the cloud. Based in Palo Alto, California, United States, they invest more than 200 million dollars annually in seed and venture capital investments, boosting the growth of more than 120 companies to date. One of the points of its performance that stands out the most is that within these more than 100 financed ventures, today there are 12 unicorns, companies currently valued at more than 1,000 million dollars each. Thus Dell Technologies Capital, leads investments in disruptive startups in the early stages of business infrastructure and in the cloud. World-class entrepreneurs have chosen to partner with this company because of their vast domain expertise and exclusive access to the Dell Technologies ecosystem. See the road ahead As reported on their website, they seek to determine an accurate perspective of the general situation, which they are trying to transform into an asset, based on their deep experience. They focus their investments in areas in which they find both qualities, in order to help the ventures advance, and guarantee better results. For this, their objective is to be the most active and valuable member of the board of each of the companies in which they participate, starting from the first contact with this attitude and search, whether they need guidance, are looking for a specific perspective or are in a process of expansion. Its internal experts and its network of technologists, investors and executives from industry leading companies will always ensure that startups are on the right track to achieve their goals. Notably, since 2012, Dell Technologies Capital portfolio companies have created more than $ 141 billion in market value in the cloud and enterprise infrastructure sectors. Investing in all stages with a strong focus on leading early stage startup funding rounds. 전체 리뷰보기

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TeeChip is an online store that, thanks to an excellent handling of the logistics of e-commerce, allows customers and resellers to create and produce unique clothing. With an innovative selection and production system, those who enter its website will be able to select from hundreds of models, or also let their creativity fly and develop new and exclusive models. For this, they have succeeded in making the system take into account such important factors as respect for intellectual rights, and ensure that they do not violate regulations. Additionally, they work with large suppliers in the United States and Asia, and many of the design and illustration options offered for the products are created by talented artists from around the world. With a large catalog of options, they can be selected from T-shirts, which are the main section, to mugs or cushions. The Men and Women sections are the center of the business, with options of classic, V-neck, premium fitted, unisex everywhere, classic Polo, and also with full print. These options are joined by Hoodies, Underwear, Sports pants, Light jacket, also adding footwear, among many other items. Headquartered in Indianapolis, United States, it supplies its national and international clients from there, with the Jewelery section being the spearhead of its remittances abroad. One of the limitations is the lack of physical presence in other cities in the United States, and abroad, which the company has been able to supply with excellent logistics and tracking of shipments at each stage of its journey. In order to accompany this precise distribution, they manage an efficient customer service system, with many communication channels, allowing a fluid exchange with their customers. Orders generally ship within 5-20 business days. Shipping times vary depending on the product and destination, reaching almost anywhere on the planet. Their production and shipping times become surprising: DTG and silkscreen (5-10 business days) Drawstring bag, tote bag (5-15 business days) Full printing (5-15 business days) Phone cases, mugs and posters (3-5 business days) Cut and Sew (10-20 business days) Embroidery (5-15 business days) Another salient point are the free shipping promotions that can be obtained at the end of the purchase, such as a discount of the total order. Lack of physical presence in other cities in the United States and abroad 전체 리뷰보기

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Team Aquatic Supplies

Team Aquatic Supplies is a company dedicated to the production and marketing of products for sports and entertainment in the water, focused mainly on high quality swimwear, equipment and accessories. With eight retail stores located in Canada and its online store, it is the largest marketer in its country of these types of products. To this sales platform are added three warehouses / warehouses where its wide assortment of product catalog is housed. Added to this physical structure are an experienced and trained staff numbering more than 40 members, with knowledge of a wide variety of disciplines including swimmers, divers, triathletes, coaches, instructors and lifeguards, so that customers can be sure of that they will find complete and quality advice. 100% Canadian owned and operated, Team Aquatic Supplies was founded in 1988 by Doug Perks, a former swimmer, and using his lifetime experience in the water, Doug recognized and understood from his own experience the need for high quality products and services. quality for swimmers, swim teams, swim facilities and clubs. That's why he can trust Team Aquatic Supplies to provide excellent support and only the best quality supplies - we understand the world of him. His online store has managed to position itself as a different option than its competitors, seeking to facilitate the ordering through a friendly website that allows easy navigation and selection from the comfort of your home. There you can find an immense catalog where the most demanding buyer can find the product they are looking for, and if they cannot find it, they can count on a knowledgeable customer service agent who will help them make the correct selection or suggest options. . Its customer service is one of the salient points of the company, which seeks through this tool the loyalty of its buyers. As reported on his website, "You can be sure that when you contact us, we will be there to help you place and ship your order as quickly as possible." Also in the search for customer loyalty, it offers a customer discount program, "Team Sales", designed to simplify the management of purchases of sports swimming equipment for large teams. There teams are offered significant discounts on top quality swimwear, equipment and accessories. Just by subscribing to their newsletter, you get a 10% discount on your first order. Team Aquatic Supplies has been dedicated since its inception, more than 20 years ago, to the success of Canadian swimmers, whether they are beginning swimmers or those who compete internationally. They currently sponsor nine swimming clubs in Canada and have supported more than a dozen world-class Canadian champions, demonstrating their commitment to the swimming and watersports community. 전체 리뷰보기

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Evolution Performance Sports

Evolution Performance Sports is a factory and online store of products dedicated to the exhibition and storage of sports equipment, with the majority of goods dedicated to Hockey. Founded by John Reed Jr., the company is dedicated to designing, building and manufacturing fully finished displays, and it does so both for those who market sporting goods and for those who want to have a space dedicated to sports in their homes, where their elements can be showcased. Mr. Reed, who is the founder of the company, has been constantly developing new products and playing hockey for most of his life. His focus is on quality, the search to create unique original products, trying every day to achieve greater customer satisfaction. This is how Evolution Performance Sports was created in 2013, in order to create solutions and new innovative organizational products, first thinking about hockey and lacrosse, to later incorporate some other sports, although hockey continues to be the main sport addressed by the company. His most recognized product, a multi-sport rack and organizer, is now available in more than 170 stores in the United States and Canada. This shelf allows you to easily hang, organize and order your clubs and equipment off the ground. Additionally, its offer continues to grow with exports to other countries, being today another destination for its products. They currently manufacture several different racks, including a series of aluminum, both for courts and for garages and sports facilities. Their expansion into niche markets has led them to manufacture racks for lacroose, hockey, baseball, field hockey and floorball. Evolution Performance Sports has also added to its product offering new accessories and accessories in these same sports. Although their production is currently restricted to the United States, their new commercial scheme has allowed them to direct their commercialization to different parts of the planet. Currently the company is going through a stage of search for expansion, trying to add new business partners, and on its website a specific section can be found where one can contact the company to become a distributor of its products. If you are a fan of any of these sports, or want to give it to someone who is, without a doubt a product from Evolution Performance Sports is an excellent option, which will make our sports elements look like never before. AD 전체 리뷰보기

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StartUp Health

StartUp Health is an investment management and empowerment company specialized in StarUps dedicated to Medicine and Health. Its Health Transformers area is an organized global community, which takes advantage of the current possibilities of communication through the network, to provide support to professionals from all over the world and thus enhances the collective intelligence of the group. It was born in 2011, the date on which it began to invest, with the aim of developing and strengthening this network over a period of 30 years, in order to collaborate with entrepreneurs to improve the health and well-being of people around the world. Its “Transformative Health Circles” are forums that are held monthly to provide mutual support between professionals and entrepreneurs in the sector, aimed at accelerating collaboration on health goals, recalibrating mentality and mastering resilience. With the ambitious vision of being able to transform health at a global level, its programs include: access to general medical care, reduction at zero cost for populations without resources, reduction and cure of chronic diseases, research for the eradication of cancer, among other points outgoing in the company's sights. On some specific points and lines of work, it should be noted: - Women's health - Child health, nutrition and physical condition of children - Brain health, mental health, fight against addictions - Health of the elderly and improved longevity - Response to a pandemic. Their “Health Transformers Community on Slack” is an online platform and application that brings together Health Transformers members, providing them with a simple and secure interface where they can connect, collaborate, and accelerate progress in health. Their global presence is another of the highlights, since they are present in 26 countries and on 6 continents, with almost 400 investments made in more than 360 companies making up their investment portfolio. Where these companies dedicated to health not only receive financing, but are also empowered by being able to integrate their network of associates, and be able to share their knowledge and experiences. Since 2012, StartUp Health has the support of large investors, leaders in the healthcare industry, such as Advocate Aurora Health, Chiesi, Steve Case, Mark Cuban, Esther Dyson, Brad Feld, GuideWell, among many others. 전체 리뷰보기

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Knockout Capital

With its offices based in Los Angeles, California, United States, the company is an investment fund that specializes in boutique clients, and focuses on the global market. Unlike other venture capital investment companies, Knockout Capital also offers the possibility of investing in Public Markets, something that most of its competitors do not do. Another point in which they differ is that their website provides a lot of information so that visitors can know the markets and the options they offer them before investing, promoting a kind of investor training. Thus, a potential investor can know the global situation of the market where he will invest, or the potential of the companies. Although this may not seem like an important point, it is noteworthy that most investment portals do not provide this type of reports, which positions it as a very interesting quality to take into account. The fact that they work investing in Public Markets, and also making investments in new ventures, is a plus point that allows diversifying and reducing the risk of invested capital. Something that caught my attention is that the founder and CEO of the company did not come from a financial background, but his studies began in medicine, and he says that his interest in investments began there. As stated in one of the notes posted on his website: “My nascent passion for finance began in college when I saw how a few kids in my statistics class came together to create their own $ 30,000 fund and finance their college education. . " This was the trigger for KS Osone to begin to enter the world of finance, putting aside that of medicine: “He was bewildered by such relentless passion, as they discussed the markets incessantly before class, boldly taking risks with his own capital to pursue your dreams. Finance is a field of trust, and the only way to establish trust is to have your skin in the game and establish a track record. ” Perhaps the fact of coming from another training is one of the reasons why the web provides a lot of information about the financial world, and that it will be very useful to the potential client, when choosing what to invest in. 전체 리뷰보기

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AltaIR Capital

Altair Capital is a Venture Capital investment company, with a presence in the United States, Israel and Europe. He works on a scheme that seeks to enhance the positive aspects of financed projects, using productivity tools, and his experience in the world of technology companies. Its main function is the management of funds that will be invested in the most promising companies in the world, those where Altair finds great potential for profitability and disruptive ideas. Mostly betting on new companies that are in the initial and growth stages, in different sectors of the economy, thus achieving diversification and reducing risk. Altair Capital offers venture investors and new projects and developing companies unique business opportunities, by bringing the parties together so that both benefit, which, together with Altair's experience in venture capital financing, is achieved accelerated growth of these companies. Through Business Structuring, meticulous Financial Planning, support for Technological Development, and knowledge and analysis of Projects, Altair Capital encourages innovation and works together with new ventures, to find the most efficient ways to make them grow and enhance their capabilities. Igor Ryabenkiy, General Partner of Altair Capital, says "AltaIR's experience and infrastructure allow us to invest in the best projects in the early stage, providing effective support for the founders and good performance for the partners." 전체 리뷰보기

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Global exchange, which allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies from different countries in the world. One of its salient data is that it has several programs and proposals to earn rewards in USDT, where we can highlight its referral program for which it delivers up to 15 USDT for each friend who joins and makes transactions for more than US $ 500, and the welcome program that offers 25 USDT, if we carry out transactions for more than US $ 5,000. In the latter case, it was not entirely clear to me how the process should be. They manifest themselves as a website that respects the planet in environmental terms, with its WPP Energy (WPP) program by which it proposes that we win WPP if we support the use of sustainable energy. Their website reports: "Deposit, buy or trade to unlock rewards, with a total of 1,000,000 WPP, exclusively for BitMart users" A new and ambitious proposition in a very competitive and options-laden Exchange market.전체 리뷰보기

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Revain was a crypto project that offered rewards in exchange for writing company reviews In recent months the company changed the rules of the game unilaterally, without prior notice, and harmful to the people who wrote for the platform. Those of us who wrote, receiving meager compensation, but with the expectation of leveling up and then charging slightly more worthy sums, have deceived us. Today everything written is useless, it is no longer useful to reach level 10 or be an expert because the company was lowering the reward from 1.5 Rv to 1 Rv, and then lower it to an unworthy 0.3 Rev for experts and 0.1 for those who We still haven't reached level 10. A real joke. In its last modification, it informed that later it will make rewards for the number of views, but it does not report anything else. It does not say what the scheme will be, amounts, etc. They were nurtured by those of us who wrote, and now the rules are changing. A shame.전체 리뷰보기

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Awarded with many awards, Selfridges & Co., has for sale an extensive inventory of products for sale, being chosen in the year 2020 as Best Retail Store by the Positive Luxury Awards. Arguably the biggest award this store received was being one of the Top 25 Large Companies to Work For in 2020, as determined by The Sunday Times. Harry Gordon Selfridge opened this store in the early 1900s, with a revolutionary vision of advertising in the retail trade, thus Selfridges flourished under the direction of its charismatic Boss, until today it becomes the only store globally that has been chosen 4 times as the best store in the world.전체 리뷰보기

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