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I like how broad bean allows me to post jobs quickly without having to go through other platforms such as Indeed or Craigslist where they require you to fill out forms etc. It's definitely improved my workflow! They have not yet implemented any features that would be beneficial for employers looking to advertise their open positions. This is something I'm hoping they implement in the future. But so far it doesn't seem to cater much towards employer needs aside from posting jobs. I do realize there are benefits for recruiting managers/recruiters but perhaps more could be done for that purpose. Use them if you want quick, efficient postings compared to others. If you're just starting up your career then using broadbean is going to give you some great exposure within your area. You will meet new people who may help you along your way. I really like that they have so many options when it comes to their website. It's easy to use! With so many different features, it's hard not to find something useful. I don't think there is anything I dislike about them but something small. If you're looking for a quality website builder, look no further than Broadbean. Their customer service is great too, if you need help they will respond within a day or two. They helped me set up my website because I didn't know how to do it myself. 전체 리뷰보기

shapleys no2 qt dl no 2 heavy 로고

Shapleys NO2 QT DL No 2 Heavy

Smells great, fits great. I am a professional body clipper and use it on all of my clients' horses after clipping. This helps remove excess hair and gives their coat a nice shine that is removed with a haircut.전체 리뷰보기

carolina custom cages background 36lx18wx18h 로고

Carolina Custom Cages Background 36Lx18Wx18H

Beautiful background. It was maybe half an inch shorter than the top. I have done my fault. For the price it should come with something to attach it to my glass. I used blue tape. Overall I think my boyfriend loves it, it's definitely a durable material, great print so I'm happy with my purchase!전체 리뷰보기

quick fit wire mesh north states 로고

Quick Fit Wire Mesh North States

This gate is good value for money but we didn't think it was worth the hassle and are returning it in favor of an admittedly much more expensive gate with a door. If you have a blocking entry that's on the smaller end of the size range for you and you don't need to remove/replace it frequently, this is ideal. We had one by the smaller entrance and it was perfect. However, with larger ones, they stink. They don't slide easily and the strut flexes severely when locked in a large doorway. They also make quite a noise and an enthusiastic pup will pounce on them and try to get at the cats. Also, they ruin your walls and paint.전체 리뷰보기

blazingpaws pawficer padded leather padding 로고

BlazingPaws Pawficer Padded Leather Padding

As you can see from my photos I have five (5) dogs - all rescued through mixed breed dogs. The craftsmanship and durability of this collar combined with the seller's attention and impeccable customer service make them the only supplier I will buy collars from from now on. Of course I blacked out my phone number on the left side of the collar, but the engraving is professionally done, it's evenly applied to the collar and it's clearly visible. The inside of the collar is made from the softest suede, which is important because the last leather collar we bought rubbed one of our dogs red on the neck. I bought the first collar for my deaf puppy so I had to write a message on it. The seller didn't disappoint so after a few weeks of sheer durability I bought one instead of the other four. Be sure to pay attention to how you measure your dog's neck. My larger dogs (89 and 97 pounds) only took Large (not XL). One was 17 inches and the other 18 inches. The other three are medium, where the pup has room to grow, and the other two are 15 inches and 16 inches. I have sent pictures so you can see what my dogs necks look like when they are rescued and crossbred. Support the seller and his product! Hands down are worth every penny. He even sends a note to the box telling you how to care for both the leather outside and the suede inside. Can't be happier with this purchase!전체 리뷰보기

kasan submersible explosion proof adjustable temperature 로고

KASAN Submersible Explosion Proof Adjustable Temperature

Not working

Today 12/23/2020 I checked my 20 gallon tank and found it to be freezing cold. I made sure the plug that the heater is plugged into works and the heater has already failed. 😔 I just got it last month if you guys were talking about that you know how important the heater is, luckily it's only in my QT TANK and not my main tank. I will definitely contact the seller or Amazon who can help me, maybe I just have a bad one I don't want to say don't buy yet because even the best have spoiled eggs sometimes. I will let you know soon전체 리뷰보기

navy otter silicone compatible backpack 로고

Navy Otter Silicone Compatible Backpack

Cute product and great idea - but I found it in the house or on the sidewalk 4 times in the last week. Unfortunately, it's clearly not strong enough or secure enough.전체 리뷰보기

replacement keyboard bluetooth controller programmable 로고

Replacement Keyboard Bluetooth Controller Programmable

This remote is super easy to set up with the Revain Fire Stick, but the programmable buttons (which you need to set up to use the remote with your particular TV) are VERY tricky to set up. Melody. This remote does NOT use "program codes" like virtually all programmable remotes on the market today. I assume it was developed in China. sigh. Your TV remote control MUST be pointed directly at the remote control receiver to program the button. For each programmable button, it took about 20 attempts to correctly record the button I pressed on the TV remote. In my experience, you need to keep the two remotes VERY close together - less than an inch between the transmitter on your TV's remote and the receiver on that remote. It took me about an hour to get everything working properly and to program some buttons for my audio system, but everything is working fine now. The keyboard feature was the main reason I bought these. It's a nice touch and helps with locating things in whatever app I'm using right now. My complaints: (1) The volume button (which needs to be programmed for your particular TV) only increases the volume on my TV by a tick. for now. So if I want to increase the volume from 8 to 16, I have to press the volume button 8 times. Aggravating. (2) NONE of the keys are backlit, making it impossible to use the keyboard in low light conditions. Looking at the remote control, I see that the illumination of the round pad and the buttons may have been planned by the manufacturer, but not actually implemented. Strange. (3) No "program codes" to make programming easier. Hence only three stars for poor performance/programming features, poor volume control and no backlight.전체 리뷰보기

zacro automatic fish feeder rechargeable 로고

Zacro Automatic Fish Feeder Rechargeable

I have one on my 60 gallon tank and it's working great so far! It's easy to program, it holds a lot of food, and it's easy to customize how much food you want to serve. So far I've only used flakes in it, but it handles it well. Can't comment on the battery life as I've only been using it for a few weeks, but so far it's still showing full battery life. I saw another reviewer say they have two of these in the tank. I think that's a great idea and will probably do it that way. I can have each one fed once a day but the benefit would be that if one of them got clogged or the battery died while I was out of town the fish would still be fed. I don't expect any problems, but I don't want the fish to starve if something happens. but i love it I've decided to use it as a daily feeder, and not just when I'm out of town. I like to stay consistent with the tank.전체 리뷰보기

zorbx lavender lemongrass eliminator refresher 로고

ZORBX Lavender Lemongrass Eliminator Refresher

The smell is gone!

Used a stuffy smelling product in my RV. The camper was empty for 11 years and the door was rarely opened. Product sprayed into trailer, left overnight and then vacuumed. I repeated the process and most of the smell was gone! Airing it out for a few more days eliminated any smell. Very happy with your product, I recommend to everyone전체 리뷰보기

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