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AE Price Analysis Aeternity's token has its ups and downs during last week, with a notable spike, as well as fall. At the end of May, the price remained relatively stable, fluctuating slightly around $3.15 with only few cents of differences. Then out of a sudden, AE token jumped rapidly from $3.10 to as much as $3.65 and stayed at that region for three days. On June 4th it dropped back to its previous $3 region, only to prepare for a ride that took place in last two days. AE managed to get above $3.90. The daily trading volume is around $30,000,000, which is twice more than at the end of May. The 24h price change was very positive, as AE managed to get +13.77%.전체 리뷰보기

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ICON technology ICON Blockchain technology was developed by Theloop and is a loopchain. It allows the verification of signatures without the intermediary of a third party. In addition, it serves the environment of executing smart contracts on the chain. The ICON white paper gives an example of its application in the real world: “A Korean investor should be able to trade Apple shares in real time with US equity investors. While a diabetes specialist in a Korean hospital can study patients in Sydney and London hospitals. “전체 리뷰보기

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Alongside sharding and a new programming language, Zilliqa offers some upgrades in the mining and voting protocols as well. PoW is only used to establish and perform sharding, which reduces the computational burden of each transaction and reduces the possibility of the network being exposed to a Sybil attack. Consensus reaching is handled through Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT), as opposed to other blockchains which rely on PoW algorithms for both mining and consensus achievement. Zilliqa team is currently working on the Q2 testnet 2.0 launch with smart contracts alpha (beta will be released in Q3). After that comes the actual mainnet launch which should be ready for the Q3 of 2018. Anchor dApps are planned for Q4 with a 5 million USD grant to motivate developers and further work on privacy, interoperability and storage solutions (one of the biggest issues with sharding is the amount of disk space required for it to function) in 2019. Meanwhile, preparations are being made to create a solid user base at launch by acquiring valuable partnerships and investor support. Trading volume is on a constant rise as more and more exchange platforms keep adding the coin. Venture capital interest seems to be continually evolving and rising as well.전체 리뷰보기

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2017, Apr : DigiByte Segwit signalling 2017, Apr : First major blockchain to implement SegWit support, ahead of BTC/LTC etc 2017, Apr : 1st Segwit test block on version 6.13.1 has been mined on the main DigiByte blockchain 2017, May : Developer Playground released 2917, May : DiguSign, to securely store, notarize, validate and secure documents in the DigiByte blockchain 2017, Jun : Digibyte Emma Releases the first part of the future AI aspect of DigiByte 2017, Jun : DiguSign has been selected as a finalist for the Citi bank Tech 4 integrity challenge 2017, Jun : Jared Tate speak and participate on a panel discussion Citi bank Tech 4 integrity challenge 2017, Jun : Wirex Digibyte Debit Card 2017, Jul : 1st DigiByte Transaction at Blocknet Decentralize Exchange 2017, Aug : DigiByte add by Coinpayments payment gateway 2017, Aug : DigiByte rebranding 2017, Sept : DigiByte add By Buyucoin, HitBTC 2017, Oct : Digibyte new website released 2017, Oct : Clifford Chance announces Tech for Integrity legal award recipients to DigiByte 2017, Oct : DigiByte add by Upbit, Kucoin, Barterdex, Coinspot, Coingate, HitBTC, Bit-Z Exchanges 2017, Oct : DigiByte available at Ledger Nano and Blue wallet 2017, Nov : Trezor update device firmware for Digibyte Support 2017, Nov : DigiByte Accepted at Top Airport Parking in 25 Airports & Cruises 2017, Nov : DigiByte Foundation website releases 2017, Oct : Jared Tate as speaker at Texas Bitcoin Conference 2017 2017, Dec : DigiByte add by Crypto Change, Cryptobridge, AlcurEX, OKEX, Bitotal, Changelly, EVERCOIN, IAZO Exchanges 2017, Dec : DigiByte add by Kamoney payment gateway Q1 2018: 1/ DigiByte is available for atomic swap trading on komodo platform decentralize exchange 2/ DigiByte iOS wallet has been submitted to Apple store for testing approval 3/ DigiByte add by Bittylicious exchange 4/ DigiByte add by Coindirect, Coinome, Indacoin, Bitfeks, Shiftexexchanges 5/ Update Core Protocol 6.15.3 wallet. 6/ Under active testing Core Protocol 6.16.1. First crypto wallet that allows sending segwit transaction from GUI interface 7/ Announcing the DigiByte Bounty Fund for Experienced C/C++ developer 8/ The Digibyte Foundation update 9/ Jared Tate as speaker at MIT Bitcoin Expo 10/ DigiByte add by ABRAGlobal, Sistemcoin 11/ email DMARC record active 12/ DigiByte OneClickMiner released 13/ DigiByte wallet v6.15.2 released 14/ Apple approves iOS wallet for TestFlight Beta testing 15/ DigiByte integration with Trezor 16/ DigiByte Core Wallet 6.16.1 announced 17/ Core Wallet Speed improvements over 6.14.2, now fully syncs over 6 million blocks in ~2hrs 18/ First major blockchain to support SegWit in 6.16.1 19/ Initial DigiByte Developer Bounty Fund 20/ DigiByte Core Wallet 6.16.2 released, additional minor fixes over 6.16.1 21/ DigiByte initial philanthropic venture in Venezuela completed, fed 160 orphan children for over a month 22/ Mobile (Android & iOS) redesign contest begins전체 리뷰보기

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Bitcoin Diamond

Today’s clear leader however is Bitcoin Diamond which has surged a whopping 60% in 24 hours. The spike happened a few hours ago propelling this Bitcoin offshoot to $4.70 from $2.27 in ten minutes. It has since pulled back to $3.55 which is a 64% jump from this time last weekend. OKEx currently dominates BCD trade with 18% of the total volume, followed by Huobi and Binance. Trade volume for Bitcoin Diamond has not jumped in line with the pump indicating that prices could fall back to previous levels. BCD currently sits at 28th spot with a market cap of $538 million. Total crypto market capitalization has climbed slightly by just under 2% to $283 billion on the day. Trade volume however continues to fall and is down to $11 billion from $14 billion this time yesterday. Bitcoin Diamond has been sluggish in attracting credible adoption since its fork from Bitcoin. However, its current development progress and marketing is set to endear to crypto users in the developing world through the BCD Bazaar. With fast deliveries and low transaction costs, BCD is poised to break even. With most of the audience in these countries unable to access affordable financial services, BCD Bazaar will give them an avenue to access these services not only to pay for goods and services but help them make payments for healthcare and insurance among other services.전체 리뷰보기

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