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I've been using Tryyb for about 6 months now and it's been great! The UI is clean and intuitive. The price is very reasonable and the support is amazing. There have been few occasions where I had a question that was not answered right away. We're currently working on an upcoming project in which we're building out a new internal app. The UX needs some attention. Some of the buttons are too close together and it would be nice if there were more options for customizing the look and feel (e.g., colors). A good alternative for teams who are looking to build their own internal apps. Our team has been able to easily build our own CRM with Tryyb. It has given us the ability to track leads and opportunities right from within the app. 전체 리뷰보기

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RecruitiFi has an amazingly simple service offering that is fast and easy. The team are brilliant and will go out of their way to make things work, and really understand your business. RecruitiFi has been the only service I have used that can be completely hands-off. They are so flexible it is amazing. I would highly recommend them. They have a seamless API that allows us to access their service from our own applications. All of my recruitment teams can now use RecruitiFi without problems. We are solving our own onboarding. With RecruitiFi, we are looking at a shorter onboarding process, and reducing risk. I really like that they have so many different options for hiring candidates! You can use it just about anywhere but my favorite is when you're out by yourself or don't want your friends knowing what kind job/career field etc. If any friend asks me anything i will always say "I'm looking into this". It makes things easier than having them come up one day asking questions because we were talking earlier. 전체 리뷰보기

viefin approved collapsible soft sided kitten(pink) 로고

VIEFIN Approved Collapsible Soft Sided Kitten(Pink)

I ordered 2 of these pet carriers in anticipation of two cats that I recently adopted. I liked them a lot at first, but when I just pulled the grab bars out of the boxes so I could fall off the cases and put them away, I started having sharp pains on the tops of my hands. I felt tiny splinters of fiberglass on my hands but couldn't see them. I then walked over to the window to get the best light and my hands shimmered with all the tiny bits of fiberglass. There were also particles in the air. and I breathed in a little without knowing it. When I realized that, I immediately put on the mask. I don't know how to effectively cleanse him of everything he touched. This is an absolute danger. The ends of the rods snapped off and I could see sharp, shiny dust off the fiber. and as I ran my hand over the stick I saw that the fibers were loosening. This is a real nightmare. I am grateful that I noticed this before using them. it would absolutely cause pain and trouble to the animals and I had no idea why. I still don't have all the parts out of my hands.전체 리뷰보기

manna pro 1000596 refresher 40 pounds 로고

Manna Pro 1000596 Refresher 40 Pounds

My 2 little Maltese tend to pee on one of my nice big rugs. I've tried washing my hair with pet shampoo many times but never got rid of the smell. I bought some of this, scattered it on the carpet, cleaned it with a broom, left it overnight and then vacuumed it. I smelled NOTHING and it took a very, very long time. It worked great! It's a huge bag and the powder is very fine. I poured it into a large box, scooped it up with a cup, and scattered it on the carpet. That's enough for me for a LONG time. Small things have a big impact.전체 리뷰보기

recovery alternative professional surgical abdominal 로고

Recovery Alternative Professional Surgical Abdominal

This product worked great for what I needed it for! My kitten had a rough time with the cone after her incision became infected. I bought one of these to try. It fits her beautifully, love that it ties at the back so you can adjust how loose you want. It goes so deep that her slit is out of reach, but still allows her to use the litter box without soiling her jumpsuit. I liked it so much I ordered 2 more to change and wash the dirty ones. Another thing, when I first put it on her, she just leaned forward and barely moved. I gave her some time to get used to it and now she is fully mobile. I also have XS for her. She is almost 5 months old and weighs about 4.5 kg. If you are looking for an alternative to an electronic caller then this is for you!전체 리뷰보기

prorider collar leather adjustable padded dogs for training & behavior aids 로고

PRORIDER Collar Leather Adjustable Padded Dogs for Training & Behavior Aids

Beautiful carved leather collar but confused by the size. My dog (boxer) has a 16 inch neck and the collar says 13 to 17 inches but that is actually the exact length of the collar not the size of the neck. larger size Very well made collar, nice design, the colors match the collar really well. I can buy another design with the right size later.전체 리뷰보기

j tech digital extender converter jtech aet1000 로고

J Tech Digital Extender Converter JTECH AET1000

Works well for my setup. Used to connect the server's Sonos port in the basement to the stereo system upstairs. The transmitter works cool and the receiver connects on a plug and play basis with no additional electrical connection. I used the dueling jack which sent audio from the Toshlink output to the Schiit Modi DAC on the main stereo and digital coax to another system via a coax connection in the wall. Allows me to have Sonos in multiple rooms with one port. My Cat6 mileage is probably around 50 feet and the sound sounds great to my ear.전체 리뷰보기

horze pattern insect detachable protection 로고

HORZE Pattern Insect Detachable Protection

Good Product

Good fly mask. He has been on my horse for almost a month now and everything is fine. It's very light which is nice, it's too early to tell how durable it will be.전체 리뷰보기

angry orange ready citrus eliminator small animals 로고

ANGRY ORANGE Ready Citrus Eliminator Small Animals

My cat had a terrible reaction to this supposedly "non-toxic" product. I emailed the company about my situation a week ago with no response so far. So why NOT write a review telling my story and saving someone else's pet from life threatening circumstances? Last week I had to take my healthy four and a half year old cat to the vet at 4:00 am due to the nature of this product. The product was sprayed into the carpet in the guest room of my apartment and rubbed in well. The vacuum cleaner was thoroughly air dried for about two hours before my pet came into contact with it. Shortly thereafter he was found listless and tired under my couch with a bloody nose and squinting eyes. His claws were brown, his white, furry cheeks were turning red, and he had a high fever. He was in intensive care all night and had to take baths twice in a row because the product got on his face and irritated his fur and left eye. The vet said he still smelled like the product after both baths. He has been on 5 different medications for most of the week, only medical eye drops at the moment. He has received blood donations twice since the incident, and the day after tomorrow he has to visit the ophthalmologist. There is a small red line running through his left eye and the vet isn't sure if and when it will go away. display the ingredients list publicly on their own website. Suspiciously many? Pet Poison Control was not even able to identify this product due to lack of information, which is the biggest RED FLAG of all. I wish I could NEVER buy this product and just stick to safe natural cleaning products that I know and trust. To say that this product may be sensitive to cats is an understatement. Shame about this company.전체 리뷰보기

majestic pet stretch large rectangle 로고

Majestic Pet Stretch Large Rectangle

I have two other Majestic et beds, one medium sized and the other donut style. Both are BEST! My dog has grown and I have switched to a very large one - the cover is wonderful - excellent fabric, washes well. The problem is the padding, it's like semi material and my dog doesn't get the support or padding that he gets with other beds. I was planning on going back but it's so huge and chunky I'll keep it and try to make changes (for extra money). I hope my bed is an accident. I strongly recommend other sizes, just NOT Xlarge전체 리뷰보기

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