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aifengcase wristlets magnetic detachable case black 로고

AIFENGCASE Wristlets Magnetic Detachable Case Black

This case is a lot bigger than I thought it would be, but it's sturdy and has room for lots of money, cards, phones and everything you need. Looks good, colors match the photos.전체 리뷰보기

doggone good train directly manufacturer 로고

Doggone Good Train Directly Manufacturer

I love this item and am currently using it on my cat. This is a great way to carry toys and treats for them. It can be attached to a belt or has loops for attaching to the included waist belt. There is a tiny zipped compartment on the back, too small for a wallet but perfect for a few bucks or maybe an ID. I'd recommend stashing around ten bucks in here for an emergency snack if you work in public places. or holiday nuggets for my (retired) service dog. Overall good quality, good size and color exactly as described for the green. IDK why there isn't a lot of greenery for dogs, but it really fits for some! I like the shadow very much!전체 리뷰보기

lucky herp fluorescent reptiles amphibian reptiles & amphibians 로고

LUCKY HERP Fluorescent Reptiles Amphibian Reptiles & Amphibians

As described

I ordered the wrong size but they were very good and I sent the right one with no problems. I'm sure it's as good as the bigger one I need전체 리뷰보기

adorrie backpack multifunctional traveling activities 로고

Adorrie Backpack Multifunctional Traveling Activities

Great everyday bag!

First off, we love this carrier. I have a 3.5 kg Chihuahua that I like to take with me everywhere. I wanted to try this product for a whole weekend before leaving a review. We have lots of bags and a stroller which I enjoy using. Despite what we have, I was still looking for an "everyday bag". I like backpack style totes but the other one I have is bulkier and I consider it a holdall because it's great for flying and such. THIS BAG WAS EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED. I also like the VERSATILITY of the bag. I am a very petite woman (only 4 inches) so many tote bags such as shoulder bags do not suit my body type and can be very uncomfortable when carrying around. I love that I can wear them face forward or on my back. my back. I also like that he has the option to sit and stick his head out or lie down and look through the pages. The bottom of the bag is also very strong so it won't fold or bend while it was in the bag. I carried this bag to the grocery store for about 8 hours a day and not once did it dig into my shoulders or make my child uncomfortably very hesitant, but just seeing this bag running to her immediately makes me can't wait to see it take them with you on camping and other trips. Also, it's small enough to put in a suitcase if you need to take it with you on a trip and you wanted another option to take with you. I would recommend this for those who have a small dog.전체 리뷰보기

zoo med laboratories azmmam 12 inch 로고

Zoo Med Laboratories AZMMAM 12 Inch

The pieces of wood that have been preserved look very attractive in my planted aquariums and give them a special character. As others have pointed out, the wood leaches the tannins into the water for quite a while, giving it various tea tones. How dark the tea's appearance will depend on how much you can pull out before sticking the piece of wood into the aquarium. I simmered and simmered small pieces all day, changing the water in between, until the "tea brew" was significantly clearer. I put a large piece, too big to put in a kettle, in a new water-filled bin and left it in the sun for a couple of weeks and it was worth the extra effort. Any tannins that were still in the wood were eventually absorbed by the charcoal in my filters when I added pieces of driftwood to my aquariums. They say that tanning agents do not harm the fish and in my case they are absolutely right. My fish didn't seem to mind the temporarily colored water at all, but the aquarium water would be quite dark if I didn't boil and/or soak the pieces first.전체 리뷰보기

happy gross bonding gliders sleeping 로고

Happy Gross Bonding Gliders Sleeping

Recently saved 2 suggestions. I am in love with her! I was looking for a discreet to-go bag and this one is perfect! Because it's so dark, people don't pay attention. Plus it has a mesh so they can breathe and see through to see the world! Just wonderful!전체 리뷰보기

fitbit inspire accessory official product 로고

Fitbit Inspire Accessory Official Product

The My One Tracker has finally given up on me and they are no longer available. I decided to try the Inspire as it can be worn with this clip. I don't like the inaccuracy of wrist trackers (my sister sat and knitted all day and walked 10,000 steps!). A great mount for the Inspire with a sleeve that completely covers the side button. Prevents welding work!전체 리뷰보기

tattle tale sonic training vibration 로고

Tattle Tale Sonic Training Vibration

We have two dogs. A big, smelly Golden Retriever and a small German Shorthaired Pointer. Both love to play outside and wallow in the mud. They are loving too, and my wife and I are wimps. We bought a new house. The woman wanted a white fabric sofa. I told my wife this is a horrible, horrible idea, our dogs are going to climb on the couch. We bought the sofa anyway. The dogs climbed onto the couch. The sofa is brown. Bought 2 packs of these bad boys. The battery is already in the device, you just have to connect it to the plug. I'm not sure I've ever seen dogs dismiss the alarm, they just are. no more on the couch. In my opinion, this is a much more elegant and sensible solution than some punch pads and such. These things are very sensitive to movement; my 200 pound steps pounding my way to the kitchen can often cause this. It's moderately annoying. I usually just turn off the calls when we're home. However, getting rid of this thing literally means just flipping a switch and stuffing it between the sofa cushions. In fact, there is nothing easier. Highly recommended as an easy solution to get pets out of beds and sofas. The noise is horrible and they are a bit too sensitive but a lot less painful on the eyes than a giant plastic mat which is AWESOME.전체 리뷰보기

choppers handlebar extension wiring 8991 01 로고

Choppers Handlebar Extension Wiring 8991 01

I bought the kit based on the fact that it matches the OEM wire colors and the terminals are already crimped to the wires. That just means soldering and replacing in the connector. But the terminals are NOT wire crimped as described. This increases the installation time as you have the tedious task of doing it yourself. I bought it to save time. I could assemble it myself.전체 리뷰보기

submersible fountain aquarium statuary hydroponics fish & aquatic pets and aquarium pumps & filters 로고

Submersible Fountain Aquarium Statuary Hydroponics Fish & Aquatic Pets and Aquarium Pumps & Filters

Nice little pump

I would recommend using this pump in medium to small aquariums. Small pump but does its job well. Also very economical. Not very suitable for a pond.전체 리뷰보기

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